Potty Training 411: Our new "fun-size" ebook!

And now for something new!

We are launching a series of fun-size ebooks, spun off from our Baby 411 book series! First up: Potty Training 411. In this mini ebook, learn how to potty train your child in just three days! Inside you’ll discover:

  • When to start potty training: learn the key signs your child is ready to give up diapers!
  • The pros and cons of potty chairs versus inserts.
  • Real world feedback from parents who’ve done it: what works and what doesn’t.
  • The Zen of Toilet Training: Our Five Key Steps To Go Diaper Free!

BONUS: We’ve also included a chapter on more than you ever wanted to know about toddler poop and pee. We’ll solve problems like constipation, bladder infections and more.

And all that for just 99 cents! Such a deal!

This mini ebook is an excerpt from Toddler 411: if you’ve already got that book, you already have this mini ebook. But if you’ve never read Toddler 411, this fun-size ebook is an easy and affordable way to get a sneak peak at this best-seller.

The Potty Training 411 fun-size ebook is available from your favorite ebook sellers (click the images below for a link):

Amazon: amazonkindle »

Apple iBookiBookstore »

Barnes & Noble Nook 


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