Potty Training 411: New mini ebook for just 99 cents!

Kiss those diaper changes goodbye!

Our new fun-size ebook Potty Training 411 shows you how to potty train your toddler in just three days! And it’s just 99 cents. Potty Training 411 is available from your favorite ebook sellers, including Amazon/Kindle, Barnes & Noble/Nook and Apple/iBook! See below for links.

FYI: This mini ebook is an excerpt from TODDLER 411! If you already have TODDLER 411, you already have this material.

Click here to order:

Amazon Kindle  Amazon Kindle version of Potty Training 411 ebook.
Barnes & Noble Nook version of Potty Training 411 ebook.
Apple iBooks Apple iBooks version of Potty Training 411 ebook.


Here’s a look inside Potty Training 411:

Toilet Training

Potty Training
When is the right time?
Which happens first—poop or pee?
The Zen of Toilet Training: 5 Steps
What is Infant Potty Training?
Should I use a potty chair or insert?
Toilet Tantrums: When Things Go Wrong
Fear of Pooping
Regression & Accidents
4 Types of Late Potty Trainers

The Other End

How Often, Blue Poop, Blood in the Poop
Special Section: Solving Constipation
Three Steps: Clean, Maintain, Toilet Train
Red Flags: Worrisome Poops
How Often Should My Child Pee?
Signs of A Bladder Infection
Red Flags: Worrisome Pee
Bed Wetting Concerns
Spit-up & Vomit
Acid Reflux & Wheezing
Red Flags: Worrisome Vomiting

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