New! Revised 4th edition of TODDLER 411 to debut August 1!

Yes, we have a brand new edition of TODDLER 411 on the way!

As always, we’ve updated and revised the book with the latest research on toddlers. Here’s a peek at what’s new:

1. Toddler Tech 411: Yes, your toddler can navigate your iPad better than you, but does it boost his brain? Screens off all shapes and sizes are everywhere. Learn if they help or hurt your child’s development and how to manage media use in your family.

2. Does your preschooler have ADD? New guidelines for diagnosis and treatment for kids as young as age four.

3. Food allergies on the rise. What tests and evaluations are useful and which ones aren’t. Plus the latest advice on treatment for food allergies.

4. More on toddler sleep problems. How to reach sleep nirvana in your house!

Pre-order a print copy today! We will ship the new book the week of August 1. Please allow 5-7 days delivery.

Prefer an ebook? We will post a notice to our blog when the ebooks are available, which should be early August. Watch this space for news!

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