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West Nile Virus: 3D’s for protection

Mosquitoes are having the time of their lives this summer. And, in 22 states thus far, they are spreading West Nile Virus (WNV). With over 240 cases and a few deaths, this year may be the worst epidemic of WNV we have ever seen. This is pretty scary. But, the reality is that very few […]

Kindle, Nook ebooks of Toddler 411 4th edition now out!

Got a Kindle? Nook? Toddler 411 4e is now available as an ebook for both of these e-readers! Click here for: Amazon Kindle version of Toddler 411 ebook. Barnes & Noble Nook version of Toddler 411 ebook. Apple iBooks version of Toddler 411. Perfect for the iPad   A tip for Kindle users: consider reading the Kindle ebook in LANDSCAPE orientation (where […]