Kindle, Nook ebooks of Toddler 411 4th edition now out!

Got a Kindle? Nook? Toddler 411 4e is now available as an ebook for both of these e-readers!

Click here for:

Amazon Kindle version of Toddler 411 ebook.

Barnes & Noble Nook version of Toddler 411 ebook.

Apple iBooks version of Toddler 411. Perfect for the iPad


A tip for Kindle users: consider reading the Kindle ebook in LANDSCAPE orientation (where the screen is sideways or horizontal). That’s because the graphics, tables and charts in this ebook look better when the screen is in that presentation.

Here are specific tips on how to change your screen orientation, depending on the type of Kindle you have:

1. Kindle Fire.If you have a Kindle Fire, the screen automatically turns when you rotate the Fire. Note: be sure you haven’t locked the screen! Tap the lock icon at the top of the Kindle Fire screen to unlock.

2. Kindles without keyboards (Kindle Touch, etc), go to the Home screen, press the MENU button and select Screen Rotation.

3. Kindles with keyboards: Hit the “Aa” button near the space bar. Navigate to SCREEN ROTATION and change to landscape.

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