Taming Toddler Temper Tantrums

Oh, the dreaded tantrum. While we tend to think of tantrums when kids are of pre-school age, they can actually begin much earlier.

Dr. Brown spoke to NewParent.com to share tips about how to prevent tantrums from occurring or taming them before they become a full blown nightmare.

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The average age for temper tantrums is between 1-4 years old. During this period, children are not only trying to exert their independence, they also have a limited vocabulary and aren’t able to express their wants, needs and frustrations very well.

The good news…a few tips will help you get past the public tantrum.

Walk away. Try to put a few feet between yourself and your screaming toddler in full melt-down mode. (Be prepared for well-meaning adults who think your child needs to be comforted.)

Leave. Even if it means you won’t have anything for dinner, if your child throws a tantrum in the grocery store, you simply might need to leave. Often pulling the pin is the best course.

An ounce of prevention. Sometimes even you can push things over the edge. For example…doing too many errands. It might be tempting to make just one more stop to pick up the dry cleaning yet, the fuse on your toddler who may be hungry/tired/bored is short. So, get the cranky toddler home and do that last errand tomorrow.

– Dr. Ari Brown, MD


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