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AAP Advises Against Retail Clinics. Why We Agree.

Have you noticed the abundance of convenience care clinics? Also called retail-based clinics, these mini health sites are popping up inside of supermarkets and pharmacies in towns and cities across the U.S. It’s big business. While they offer conveniences, like an easy way to get the flu shot or other vaccines, they are not a […]

Reader Question: The Private Stuff: Treating & Cleaning

My daughter is almost 5 years old and toilet trained, and still wearing easy-up diapers at night.  She has been complaining about pains in her genital area, and the skin inside the lips are red.  She does not have a fever. Our pediatrician said that she has a yeast inflection, so he asked me to […]

The 12 Worst Baby Gifts Ever!

Today we’re reprinting a post from our sister blog, Baby Bargains. This was inspired by a thread on the Baby Bargains message boards!  Baby Shower season is upon us once again, so it’s time for gift givers to ponder that perfect baby gift. As a public service, we polled the readers of our Baby Bargains […]

Happy Parents, Happy Children

Usually for the 411 blogs, I provide health advice or commentary on pregnancy, babies or children. But, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day (add red heart here) today’s post is a different kind of health wisdom. Happy parents have happy children (studies show this, too.) You don’t have to do-it-all for some sort of Parent […]

The ‘Day Care’ Stomach Sickness

It’s confirmed. The recent sickness that prematurely ended the Royal Caribbean cruise two weeks ago was the norovirus. Last week there was another cruise ship (this one operated by Princess Cruise) that also ended early due to a widespread stomach sickness…possibly the norovirus. While all the buzz is about the norovirus on cruise ships, it’s […]

Avoiding Snow Day Boredom Syndrome

While kids are usually overjoyed about snow days, having the kids stuck at home can often be dreadfully dull and tough for parents…especially when the days pile up. This winter season is turning out to be one of the worst in years. EVERYwhere has received a lot of snow and/or cold. A lot. Even my […]