Avoiding Snow Day Boredom Syndrome

While kids are usually overjoyed about snow days, having the kids stuck at home can often be dreadfully dull and tough for parents…especially when the days pile up.

Cute bored little girl lying on the bed in her room

This winter season is turning out to be one of the worst in years. EVERYwhere has received a lot of snow and/or cold. A lot. Even my hometown Austin, Texas has had a record number of school closings.

And with the wintery mess brings closures of day cares, pre-schools and the like. So, how do you fight snow day boredom?

Summer or Winter, the Same Kind of Boredom

First thing’s first, it’s okay NOT to have every minute planned. There is a value in kids learning to make their own fun. You’ve provided them toys, books, arts & crafts supplies all of which are great tools for them to entertain themselves and unlock a little imagination.

For other indoor fun away from screens, here are a few I reported on last summer. These are all applicable whatever the season…it’s the same kind of boredom.

Click here to check out the video.

1. Activity Jars. Step one, select a jar or can and have fun decorating it. Step two, write together activities and games on separate pieces of paper and fill the jar! When the moment strikes, reach into the jar for an idea.

2. Magical Goop. (You’ve got to see this on video.) Just 1 (16 ox) box of cornstarch, mixed with 1 to 1 ½ cups of water turns into a neat consistency that’s fun for young kids to dip their hands into. AND it’s easy to clean up.

3. Ice cube painting. Have your child help you fill ice cube trays with a mixture of water and food coloring. Cover the tray with plastic wrap or foil. Insert a handle such as a popsicle stick into each compartment of the tray by poking a hole in the plastic wrap or foil cover. After several hours the cubes will be ready to color with.

Good luck…spring is around the corner.

Ari Brown, MD


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