Potty Training Prep

potty trainingIt’s one of the most monumental milestones of a toddler…potty training. Most parents are thrilled with the idea of not spending a small fortune each month on diapers. But the idea of preparing for potty training can also seem daunting.

Before you dive into it, make sure your child is ready and most importantly, make sure you’re ready. You’ll need to devote up to three months of daily encouragement for your little one.  And there’s no age set in stone to start potty training, but most children show an interest between the ages of two to four years old.  I’ve talked about this topic quite a bit in 411 Toddler, as well as in Parent’s Magazine and Parents.com. This short video I did gives a great overview.

Potty Training Tips:

Here are some suggestions to help with the training:

  • Offer plenty of praise and be very positive, even for the smallest progress.
  • Create consistent expectations and communicate them clearly to your child.
  • Understand that you may need to change tactics as your child’s needs, skills and behaviors change. Stay involved and pay attention to techniques that are no longer working.
  • Enjoy moments with your child that are funny and sweet, rather than feeling frustrated. Take heart knowing that your child will eventually learn to use the potty.

This can be a frustrating time for parents, but remember that being patient and consistent will help with your child’s success in potty training.

Ari Brown, MD
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