Feeding 411! Preventing ‘Picky Eater-itis’

Feeding Baby and Picky EatersBefore jumping into your latest baby feeding questions, we posted an important Rule To Remember in our blog from last week (Feeding 411! Chewing, Swallowing: Baby’s Intro To Solid Food) that’s worth mentioning again…

Rule #1 Introducing solids foods to your baby is a process. Have patience. Babies have been learning how to eat food for generations and they don’t really need much help from us to accomplish it!

Now to the questions…

If my daughter rejects something does that mean she doesn’t like it?

Babies and toddlers often reject food. It might be the taste or the texture. Feeding is a process and it will take time to figure out likes and dislikes. Offer foods in a very low key way (patience!!) which means don’t pressure your child to eat something as it will always backfire. Keep offering her the food and let her decide if she wants to try it, and like it. On average, it takes 7 attempts at one food before a child accepts it.

Preventing the Picky Eater Toddler. After years of watching my baby patients grow up into picky eater toddlers, I can tell you that those who acquire a taste for mom and dad’s cooking early on eat a wider range of healthy foods in their toddler and pre-school years. If you’re a couple who ordered out frequently during your pre-pregnancy days, now is time to make changes in your food lifestyle. Remember, it takes a family to eat healthy.

It’ll also help your sanity if you don’t have to cook two meals.

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Ari Brown, MD

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