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Infant cough and cold med recall

The major manufacturers of infant cough and cold preparations have voluntarily recalled 14 products from the market today, saying that there is too much risk of misuse or overdose of these products. They should be applauded for being proactive on this one. This comes shortly before the Food and Drug Administration is scheduled to release […]

Reader Email: How do we give up swaddling?

Reader Joshua S. writes today: I do have a question though that was not in the book, unless I missed it.  We have been swaddling our two month old son with one of those halo swaddles – the one that you put the baby in, zip it up, then there are wings that swaddle around […]

Breastflow and Avent Tempo liners

Sorry for the delay in responding (on vacation this week!). The Breastflow bottles DO contain BPA. However, the Avent Tempo disposable drop-in liners will fit into the bottle and do not seem to leak, and those are BPA-free.

Baby bottle alternatives

Many of the Dr. Brown bottle fans are wondering if there is an BPA free alternative that has a similar flow system. One thing we discovered is that Breastflow bottles (also very popular for their flow system) are compatible with the Avent tempo bottle liner drop-ins. You may want to give one a try and […]

RECALL: Vinyl bibs sold at Babies R Us, Toys R Us

Toys R Us and Babies R Us are recalling vinyl baby bibs from their stores when testing revealed that bibs from one supplier (from guess where–China) contained lead. These bibs were marketed under the names Koala Baby, Especially for Baby, and Disney Baby labels. Here are the details: TOYS “R” US, INC. ANNOUNCES PRECAUTIONARY STOP […]

New FDA Warning: Codeine and breastfeeding

Codeine is a popular pain medication that has been used routinely for moms who have had C-sections or pain after childbirth. It’s not news that some of the medication passes through breastmilk in small amounts. But, new findings suggest that some women have a genetic predisposition to being "ultra-rapid metabolizers" of the medicine. In those […]

Toy Recalls: Get the lead out!

Yes, first it was a toxic Thomas and dangerous Dora, now its bad Batman. As you may have heard, there was another major toy recall for toys manufactured in China. Today’s alert instructs families to throw away some 9 million Mattel toys due to loose magnets and lead paint: http://www.cpsc.gov/ (click on Recent Recalls) Given […]

Plastic Baby Bottles: Are they safe?

Are certain plastic baby bottles dangerous? Readers of our new 3rd edition (out in stores now) may remember our discussion of the safety of polycarbonate baby bottles—and how a federal panel studying the issue was about to weigh in on the issue. Well, the results are in. Here’s the scoop: An independent review panel assigned […]

Infant TV and language skills

A study published in the August issue of Journal of Pediatrics reports that children under 16 months of age who watch at least one hour a day of baby-geared DVD’s have poorer language skills than those who don’t. As we’ve pointed out in both Baby 411 and Toddler 411, the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages […]