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WARNING: Those with weak stomachs should not read this post! Or, at least not while they are eating. Hi everyone,I was on another Dr. Phil episode recently, but didn’t get a chance to give everyone a head’s up. The family I worked with on the show had two sons with a medical disorder called encopresis. […]

Soy milk before a year of age

This post is a response to Tony regarding soy milk. The recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics is that babies under one year of age receive breast milk (preferably) or infant formula so that they receive the nutrients they need. While soy milk is a fine alternative to cow’s milk after one year of […]

Question of the day: Is it ok to mix formula with cow's milk

Reader Amy F writes in today with question about mixing formula and cow’s milk: My daughter is 10 months old and breast fed. We started trying out cow’s milk just recently. Knowing that it does not have all the needed nutrients as breast milk, I was wondering if I can add formula to milk for […]

Question of the day: Dark circles under the eyes-

Reader Janine C. writes in today: Hi! my 7 month old daughter used to get dark circles under hereyes when she was tired. now she’s waking up with them andhas them all day. rubbing her eyes often, too. it’s troubling me. i asked my pediatrician and her reply was ‘could be allergies.’ so, whatdo i […]

Yahoo Answers

Hi All,If you aren’t familiar with this already, Yahoo! has an interesting Answers feature that allows people to post and respond to intriguing and thought provoking questions. Go to www.yahoo.com for details and click on "Answers". In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve been asked to post a thing or two. So, if you’re browsing the […]

What happened after the show?

For those of you who saw the Dr. Phil show today, I helped a family with two young girls improve their sleep habits. I advised them to follow the SLEEP plan: Set up a routine, Less intervention=more sleep, Empower the child, Earlier bedtime, and Plan together and stick to it. Well, the family followed up […]

Dr Phil Show

Hi All,Hope you all have a chance to watch the Dr Phil Show today. Since it hasn’t aired yet in several cities, I won’t spoil the fun by telling you details of the show content, but stay tuned and I will post a ‘what happened with the family’ after the show. I think you will […]

Rotavirus vaccine, adverse events

Hi All,For those of you who have infants 6 months old or younger: You may have heard that the FDA has made a statement regarding 28 cases of bowel twisting (intussusception) and potential link to the rotavirus vaccine (Rotateq) Now, before anyone panics….There have been 3.5 million doses of the vaccine distributed since its approval […]

Cough and cold meds: BEWARE

The Centers for Disease Control is investigating the deaths of three babies under six months of age who died after taking cough and cold medication. According to the CDC, “because of the risks for toxicity, absence of dosing recommendations, and limited published evidence of effectiveness of these medications in children aged <2 years, parents and […]

Dental dilemmas: Too much or too little fluoride?

Fluoride has been a controversial subject ever since communities began adding fluoride to their water supplies (about 50 years ago). Advocates point to the benefits of fluoride in reducing cavities. Critics have concerns about bone cancer and enamel fluorosis (streaking of the enamel due to excessive fluoride intake). The latest fuel to the debate is […]