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Ebook update: Nook, Kindle are here! Apple iPad coming soon!

Got a Kindle? Nook? Now you can download the latest, 5th edition of BABY 411 as a Kindle or Nook ebook! Here are the links: Kindle version of BABY 411 5th edition Nook version of BABY 411 5th edition How about the Apple iPad? Visit the Apple iPad App store for Baby 411 that is enhanced with […]

How to get a free audio book for our 411 books!

Reader Brian L. called in today to find out if we had an audio book for the TODDLER 411. Seems reading a book and having a toddler is a bit of a challenge. We feel your pain. The bad news: we don’t have separate audio books for the 411 books. But here’s the good news: […]

Expecting 411 in People Magazine

People Magazine interviewed Expecting 411 author and OB/GYN Dr Michele Hakakha about issues pregnant women face today. Is it okay if you drank 3 martinis before you knew you were pregnant? Is it safe to fly during pregnancy? Will you ever have sex again? Is there really a pregnancy book out there that won’t scare […]

Baby 411 series now available as Nook ebook!

Got a Nook, the e-reader from Barnes & Noble? Good news! Now, the entire Baby 411 series is available as ebooks on the Nook! For Baby 411, click here. For Toddler 411, click here. For Expecting 411, click here. Now the Baby 411 series is available in three ebook flavors: Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBook and […]

Dr Ari Brown & Bethenny Frankel on the Doctors today

Hey everyone, I’m chatting with Real Housewife and new mom, Bethenny Frankel, on today’s episode of The Doctors. We’re talking pregnancy, babies, and girl stuff (so, you might want to watch when there isn’t a kiddo in the room…fair warning for my patients who like to see me on TV)! Have a great weekend, Dr […]

Rachel Zoe fan? Watch the season finale tonight!

We love Rachel Zoe (and wish she would lend us a few pairs of shoes and a handbag or two). But we are particularly excited about tonight’s season finale that airs on Bravo at 10pm EST/9 Central. That’s because our own Dr Michele Hakakha of Expecting 411 makes a guest appearance! Tune in tonight and […]

Toddler 411 is the #1 Toilet training book in US!

We have some exciting news! The new 3rd edition of Toddler 411 has hit the bookstores and it is the #1 bestselling toilet training book in the US, according to Okay, it’s not on the New York Times Bestseller List, but this is about as good as it gets in the world of toddler […]