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AAP Advises Against Retail Clinics. Why We Agree.

Have you noticed the abundance of convenience care clinics? Also called retail-based clinics, these mini health sites are popping up inside of supermarkets and pharmacies in towns and cities across the U.S. It’s big business. While they offer conveniences, like an easy way to get the flu shot or other vaccines, they are not a […]

RECALL: Playtex Recalls Pacifier Holder Clips Due to Choking Hazard

Playtex is recalling 1.4 million pacifier holders because of concern that a small child could choke if a part of the clip were to break off.  Message to consumers: Consumers should stop using this product unless otherwise instructed. Recall date: JANUARY 22, 2014 Recall number: 14-084 Recall Summary Name of product: Playtex pacifier holder clips Hazard: The pacifier holder clips […]

Baby educational TV. An oxymoron?

Today was a busy day as the lead author (I think I drew the short straw!) on a newly released American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement regarding media use in children under age two. The news reports are everywhere, but I thought it would be helpful to provide additional insight here. The AAP has discouraged […]

Toddler moments

Question of the day from a very tired mom of a toddler: Q. Dear Toddler 411 authors, I am really struggling with my 22 month old’s behaviors. He is very defiant and says “no” to every choice I give him. He hits and bites me as well as some of his friends in daycare. His […]

"Hot saucing" is for Tex Mex food, not discipline

Dr Phil, The View, Today Show…everyone seems to be talking about the Hot Sauce Mom. Frankly, I am disgusted by this parent who has resorted to bullying her child into submission. So, it’s time for me to pull out my Discipline 411 lecture and share it on this blog post. Every once in a while, […]

Closely spaced pregnancies: a risk for autism?

A study published today in the journal, Pediatrics, examines the interval between pregnancies and the odds of a child having autism. Researchers looked at the birth records of 660,000 second-born children born in California and the timing of their conception after the oldest sibling was born. The results? Compared to children who were conceived at […]

Does your child have NDD? That wasn't a typo

NDD stands for Nature Deficit Disorder and it's on the rise in American kids who are glued to screens of all kinds. Remember the good old days when our parents told us to "go play outside" and we didn't see them until dinner was on the table? What happened? Are we so afraid of stranger […]

Q of the day: Bedwetting, how much longer?!

Q. My 6 year old son has been toilet trained since he was 3, but he still wears pull-ups at night. We’ve tried to limit how much he drinks at night and all kinds of bribes, but nothing has worked. I’m considering taking the pull-up away to see if this will motivate him. Any suggestions? […]