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Reader Question: Getting to the Bowel of It

Dear Baby 411, My 20 month old screams in pain every time she has a bowel movement. This has been happening for a while. Her doctor hasn’t told me anything that I haven’t tried. I heard that goat milk may help her problem. I’m not familiar with goat milk as I grew up with cows milk. […]

New healthy heart guidelines, starting at birth

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the American Academy of Pediatrics have joined forces to create new recommendations to reduce heart disease…starting on Day 1 of life and going through adulthood. Although the advice to screen all preteens and teenagers for high cholesterol levels grabbed the headlines, there is quite a bit more […]

Torticollis: What is it and what to do about it.

If your baby’s doctor tells you that your baby has torticollis, you will, undoubtedly have many questions about it. First of all, what is it?? This term literally means “twisted neck.” It is caused by a tightening of a neck muscle on one side of the neck. This tightening occurs while the baby is still […]

Diaper Rash 411

I sat down with my friends at DadLabs and shot a piece on diaper rash. Check out the show and then take a look at our Rash-O-Rama in the bonus material of our website to see what I'm talking about!

Nickie's helmet question

Reader Nickie writes in today: Wondering if you can clear up the questions over helmeting? Why is helmeting only reccommended for severe plagiocephaly? Does mild or moderate plagiocephaly correct itself as a child approaches adulthood? Please clarify this!! There is such different advice from doctors vs. the internet. More and more babies have flat heads […]