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Alternating Tylenol and Motrin for fever

Many parents ask whether it is okay to alternate Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Motrin (ibuprofen) when their child has a fever. This concern usually stems from a parent who worries that the fever is dangerous. It's not. It's just the body's way of mounting an immune response. We promise your child will not self-destruct if he […]

New Cholesterol Screening Guidelines

The American Academy of Pediatrics updated its policy regarding cholesterol screening in kids in the July issue of Pediatrics. Unfortunately, many media outlets chose to highlight only the discussion of using lipid lowering medications for kids and basically missed the boat on what the new policy was really saying. Since we took the time to […]

Poop 411

WARNING: Those with weak stomachs should not read this post! Or, at least not while they are eating. Hi everyone,I was on another Dr. Phil episode recently, but didn’t get a chance to give everyone a head’s up. The family I worked with on the show had two sons with a medical disorder called encopresis. […]

Dental dilemmas: Too much or too little fluoride?

Fluoride has been a controversial subject ever since communities began adding fluoride to their water supplies (about 50 years ago). Advocates point to the benefits of fluoride in reducing cavities. Critics have concerns about bone cancer and enamel fluorosis (streaking of the enamel due to excessive fluoride intake). The latest fuel to the debate is […]

A cure for colic?

Another possible ‘cure’ for colic…probiotics. Probiotics are ‘good germs’ that can benefit people by improving intestinal function as explained by health web site PDRHealth. As most parents know, colic is excessive crying for about 3 hours a day, starting at 3 weeks of age and lasting until 3 months of life. (It’s also known to […]