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The ‘Day Care’ Stomach Sickness

It’s confirmed. The recent sickness that prematurely ended the Royal Caribbean cruise two weeks ago was the norovirus. Last week there was another cruise ship (this one operated by Princess Cruise) that also ended early due to a widespread stomach sickness…possibly the norovirus. While all the buzz is about the norovirus on cruise ships, it’s […]

CDC Says Flu is ‘Widespread’. Now What?

If you turned on the news this week, you likely saw the big headlines about flu. It’s here and, according to the Centers for Disease Control, it’s widespread in 25 states. If this is any indication of what to expect this year, it’s going to be a long flu season. So, what should you do? […]

Kids & Fevers: When to Worry, When to Stay Calm

As much as you try to wash your kid’s hands, it’s inevitable…your little one will get a fever. The questions I’m most often asked from parents: How should we measure a fever? When should we call the doctor? I recently shared tips with the Austin American-Statesman and thought I’d pass them on to you. How should […]

Dr Ari Brown on Dr Oz's Autism show today Thursday Feb 17

Set those DVR’s for the Dr. Oz show TODAY (Thursday Feb 17). Dr Ari Brown will be one of the panelists speaking about autism—what we know and don’t know—for Thursday’s show. Also appearing is Alison Singer, President of the Autism Science Foundation, and mom of a child with autism. She shares her experience and wisdom, […]

The scoop on baby poop

Admit it. You spend too much of your day staring at baby poop…and thus, you are probably an expert by now. But when your baby isn't pooping like he's supposed to, or he looks pretty uncomfortable when he's trying to "drop a deuce" (my teenager's new phrase after summer camp), you need some advice. What's […]

Think raising a toddler is hard? Try raising six at once!

One of the most difficult parenting challenges is surviving life with a strong willed, independent minded toddler. (Yes, this is the toddler mission statement and these are positive qualities later in life!) But, can you imagine living and caring for six of them at once?! I had an opportunity to witness this firsthand recently as […]

Parent of the Year? Or maybe not.

Have you ever done anything as a parent that might disqualify you from receiving the Parent of the Year award? Fortunately, most of those infractions are minor and our kids are very forgiving! Here’s a great story by Julie Deardorff of the Chicago Tribune that I helped with. Enjoy!

Good Morning America: autism special

Hey everyone, Just wanted to give you a head's up that I will be appearing on Good Morning America Now on Monday morning. "GMA Now" is the third hour of the show. It airs in some television markets across the country and is online everywhere at It's a special one hour show hosted by […]