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Yahoo Answers

Hi All,If you aren’t familiar with this already, Yahoo! has an interesting Answers feature that allows people to post and respond to intriguing and thought provoking questions. Go to for details and click on "Answers". In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve been asked to post a thing or two. So, if you’re browsing the […]

What happened after the show?

For those of you who saw the Dr. Phil show today, I helped a family with two young girls improve their sleep habits. I advised them to follow the SLEEP plan: Set up a routine, Less intervention=more sleep, Empower the child, Earlier bedtime, and Plan together and stick to it. Well, the family followed up […]

Dr Phil Show

Hi All,Hope you all have a chance to watch the Dr Phil Show today. Since it hasn’t aired yet in several cities, I won’t spoil the fun by telling you details of the show content, but stay tuned and I will post a ‘what happened with the family’ after the show. I think you will […]

Dr. Brown on Rachael Ray—AGAIN!

Set your Tivo for another fun and helpful episode as “Dr. Ari” advises parents with kids who don’t listen to them (do you know any kids like that?) The show will air on Thursday, November 30. Check here to see when the show airs in your local area.  

Boo! Dr. Brown talks scary toddlers on Rachael Ray show Oct 31

Wake the neighbors! Set the TiVo! Baby 411 and Toddler 411 co-author Dr. Ari Brown will discuss quirky toddler behaviors on Rachael Ray’s new daytime talk show Tuesday October 31. Yes, that’s tomorrow, Halloween! Dr. Brown will discuss all the bizarre stuff kids do—what’s normal and when you should be worried. To see when the […]