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Taming Toddler Temper Tantrums

Oh, the dreaded tantrum. While we tend to think of tantrums when kids are of pre-school age, they can actually begin much earlier. Dr. Brown spoke to to share tips about how to prevent tantrums from occurring or taming them before they become a full blown nightmare. (Read Help for Toddler Temper Tantrums) The […]

Vick's Vaporub: Placebo Effect?

A study that was published in this month's medical journal, Chest, took a look at the common practice of rubbing Vick's on a child in hopes of clearing the nasal passages. We all remember how our moms used to do this and how the darn stuff smelled. Parents today have resorted to putting Vick's on […]

Cough and Cold Meds, again

As you may recall, the Food and Drug Administration already banned the sale of cough and cold medications intended for children under age two. At the same time, concern was raised about using these products for children under age six–but no action was taken on that. In response to these concerns, manufacturers of over the […]