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Does parenthood ruin your sex life?

Umm, yes. A new survey from BabyTalk Magazine proves what most of us already know. In fact, three-fourths of parents who responded preferred sleep over sex. Read the details at Expecting 411 blog.

New iPhone app tracks feedings, diaper changes

If you have an iPhone and are looking for an affordable way to track those feedings, diaper changes and how much (or little) sleep your baby is getting, check out the Baby Activity Logger from two San Diego-based dads who go by the name Nerdtown. We’ve been playing with a demo version of the app […]

Blog revival

Thanks for everyone's feedback. I will definitely try to increase the number and frequency of posts to the blog. We'll continue to send out periodic enewsletters for breaking news items. As I up the amount of blogging, here are few thoughts: 1. I can't get to the blog everyday, so don't please post any urgent […]