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Baby Iron 411

Iron is the big news coming out of the American Academy of Pediatrics national convention this week. We know that iron is a necessary nutrient for brain development. And iron deficiency in childhood can have lifelong, irreversible effects (kinda scary, huh?) Thus, the Academy’s nutrition committee is recommending iron supplementation for babies who are born […]

Should infant formula freebies be banned?

Like attendees of the Academy Awards, new moms get bling bags after delivery. (While your labor may not have been Oscar worthy, you do deserve something for that feat!) But those goodies are coming from infant formula manufacturers who spend big marketing dollars distributing samples of their product. An op-ed piece in the LA Times […]

You need some iron, baby

It’s standard operating procedure for babies who are born prematurely to go home from the NICU taking an iron supplement. But, what about those babies who are born just a few weeks early and weigh between 4.5-5.5 pounds? New research suggests that they benefit from an iron supplement from six weeks of age until six […]

Turning one? Cow's milk 411

Once your baby becomes a toddler at his first birthday, he no longer needs to be drinking infant formula. Breast milk is fine if mom is still nursing, but if not, here's what you need to know about making the big switch to cow's milk. We helped the folks at babygooroo on this useful article. 

New Vitamin D drops

If you have been following our blog on this topic, you know that the AAP changed its recommendations for Vitamin D supplements this past fall. All breastfed babies, and babies receiving less than 32 oz a day of formula should get a Vitamin D supplement. Previously, I recommended Tri-Vi-Sol (a trio of Vitamin A,D, and […]

Whole or 2%? What's the right answer for one-year olds?

Here’s a surprise change, brought to you by the AAP Nutrition Committee again and the American Heart Association. Previously, it was recommended that all toddlers from age one to two years of age drink whole milk. The reason? Toddlers need more fat in their diets to promote their rapid brain development. However, our obesity epidemic […]

New high-allergy food guidelines

As we’ve discussed previously on our blog, researchers have found some evidence that EARLIER introduction to high-allergy foods (like peanut products) may actually REDUCE the risk of having a food allergy. This is the exact opposite of what has been accepted wisdom for many years! Based on this, the American Academy of Pediatrics Nutrition Committee […]

Soy milk before a year of age

This post is a response to Tony regarding soy milk. The recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics is that babies under one year of age receive breast milk (preferably) or infant formula so that they receive the nutrients they need. While soy milk is a fine alternative to cow’s milk after one year of […]