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Q of the day: When to ditch the binkie?

Q. My baby loves his pacifier. I’m afraid to take it away from him. When it is the ideal time to pull the “plug”? Pacifier, binkie, plug…call it what you whatever you like. After working with families for 15 years, I think the ideal time to ditch the paci is 6 months. Research shows that […]

Reader Email: How do we give up swaddling?

Reader Joshua S. writes today: I do have a question though that was not in the book, unless I missed it.  We have been swaddling our two month old son with one of those halo swaddles – the one that you put the baby in, zip it up, then there are wings that swaddle around […]

Question of the day: Is it ok to mix formula with cow's milk

Reader Amy F writes in today with question about mixing formula and cow’s milk: My daughter is 10 months old and breast fed. We started trying out cow’s milk just recently. Knowing that it does not have all the needed nutrients as breast milk, I was wondering if I can add formula to milk for […]

Question of the day: Dark circles under the eyes-

Reader Janine C. writes in today: Hi! my 7 month old daughter used to get dark circles under hereyes when she was tired. now she’s waking up with them andhas them all day. rubbing her eyes often, too. it’s troubling me. i asked my pediatrician and her reply was ‘could be allergies.’ so, whatdo i […]

Question of the day: Is Finger Sucking Bad for Baby?

Reader Charlotte S. writes today: Dear Dr. Brown and Denise: What are your thougths on finger sucking?  My 6.5 month-old son has been breastfeed since birth and continues to be breastfed in addtion to starting solids at 5.5 months.  I introduced a bottle when I went back to work when he was 9 weeks.  He’s […]