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Q of the Day: My toddler is a crib jumper

Q. My 2 year old figured out how to climb out of his crib, so we moved him to a big boy bed. Now he routinely gets out of bed at night and goes to bother his 5 year old sister. Is it cruel to lock him in his room at night? A. Your child’s […]

Q of the day: My baby won't nap

One of our readers wrote in today with a question that many parents ponder…. Q. “My baby is four months old and remarkably, she falls asleep on her own in her crib and sleeps through the night. I know I shouldn’t complain, but I can’t get her to do the same at naptime. The only […]

Toddlers who roam at night: Question of the Day

Q. I have 2 year old who is sleeping in a twin size bed and was doing great up until a couple of weeks ago. Now he gets out of his bed 4-5 times during the night and he makes a beeline for my bedroom.  I do not want him to sleep in our bed […]