Table of contents

Toddler Ball

So what issues does Toddler 411 really cover? We’re glad you asked. Toddler 411 contains over 500+ pages of detailed info about your toddler. Here is an overview. Then click below to download a detailed table of contents:

Part One: Tantrums, Picky Eaters & What’s Normal?

How do you plant the seeds of discipline with a toddler? This part of the book explores the nuts and bolts of toddler discipline, including picking your battles, surviving the public tantrum and more. Next, it is milestones: is your toddler hitting his milestones? Learn how a toddler grows, physically, socially and emotionally. What behaviors are normal? And what things should concern you?

How can you stimulate your child’s development with play? We’ve got the low-down on play, enrichment programs, preschool and other activities.

What is Attention Deficit Disorder? We’ll discuss this, plus explore the other challenges parents might face with their toddlers, including autism, sensory integration dysfunction and more.

Then it’s on to toilet training—can you really toilet train your child in one day? Which day? We’ll give the inside scoop on how to leave those diapers behind forever.

What about sleep? We’ll discuss what’s normal when it comes to toddler sleep—and when to move a toddler to a big kid bed. Plus learn how to deal with sleep disruptions and fix bad habits.

Finally, we’ll talk about picky eaters—how do you introduce a new food to a toddler? What should a toddler be eating anyway? We’ll discuss the food tricks and treats to make sure your toddler is getting all the nutrients she needs.

Part Two: Toddler HealthWatch

How do you care for your toddler’s skin and hair? This section of the book explores basic toddler hygiene as well as everything you wanted to know about your toddler’s poop and pee! Exciting, we know.

Learn the tricks to avoiding the wait at your doctor’s office—and what regular visits you’ll be making to your toddler’s doctor. We’ll also discuss which vaccines your toddler needs.

In this part of the book, we’ll explore what can make your toddler sick: both infections and diseases. You’ll get the 411 on strep throat, rashes, allergies and more!

Finally, it’s time for first aid—learn how to handle the top 10 toddler emergencies, from vomiting to broken bones.

Part Three: The Reference Library

This section includes detailed information on medicines, alternative therapies, lab tests, more info on infections, the glossary, references and footnotes.