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What you need to know about this year’s flu

As you have probably heard, this year’s flu season is here and it’s gonna be ugly. The predominant “A” strain circulating is a mutant strain for which the current vaccine provides little protection. But here are five things you may not know: 1. Flu symptoms start with high fever (often 102 F or above), fatigue, and […]

Flu is here.

It’s that time again. The influenza viruses (both A and B strains) are making their cross country tour. Unlike last year’s really strange H1N1, this year is shaping up to be a pretty typical flu season. The southern states and atlantic states are in full flu swing with Alabama and Louisiana having the highest number […]

Flu vaccine during pregnancy provides dual protection

Flu shots have been recommmended during pregnancy because pregnant women are at greater risk of getting really sick with the flu. That’s what happens when you are living as an immune compromised pregnant person! (Don’t worry, it’s the body’s way of accepting your little growing baby inside you that contains foreign DNA —so it’s not […]

Flu vaccine…it's that time again.

Medical offices and pharmacies usually receive their flu vaccine shipments in October. This year, we got a pleasant surprise: early shipments of flu vaccine are here and ready to go. My office already has plenty of the nasal spray version (Flumist)—we are still waiting on the flu shots. So, here are 10 things you need […]

Flu shot update and AAP vax website

What's going around? The U.S. has seen a steady drop in H1N1 infections in the past few weeks. In fact, I have not diagnosed a child with H1N1 in about 10 days. Yippee!!! Of course, the usual germ suspects have made their annual trek into town— viral croup, RSV bronchiolitis, and Strep throat. And oddly, […]