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  1. Just wanted to say that I bought a Morigeau crib, which is made in Canada
  2. Robeez baby shoes
  3. Mother Hubbard crib
  4. Not many good online stores in Canada
  5. Mother-ease diapers
  6. Heard of Concord Furniture in Ontario for cribs?
  7. What's a better alternative to snowsuits (to use in infant car seats)
  8. Kushies/Kooshies
  9. Warning about Baby Furniture Outlet in London, ON
  10. Going to Canada - Any Recommendations
  11. Maura, I am starting a new post for you re. Where to shop in Ontario
  12. Dreft detergent
  13. Going to Montreal in July-Looking for stores
  14. Britax in Montreal?
  15. Robeez at Canadian prices?
  16. BabyWorld in Canada
  17. Ingelsina Zippy in Vancouver, BC area?
  18. Discount Stores in Vancouver, British Columbia
  19. Canadian merchants shipping furniture to US?
  20. modestyle bedding
  21. pali crib from canadian store?
  22. Canada/US DVD problem
  23. Delivery to the US
  24. New name for this forum! Contest
  25. EG Furniture from E-children online
  26. Sweet Kyla bedding?
  27. Robeez!!!
  28. sleep sack
  30. Maclaren strollers?
  31. Anyone have the Kiwi E3 stroller in Canada?
  32. Bugaboo stroller in winter
  33. Good Night Ben
  34. My friend is moving to Toronto and needs recommendations
  35. 2004 Inglesina Zippy - availability in Canada
  36. Baby w/ coat fit in PP Viaggio?
  37. Woohoo - Stollers in Canada
  38. Can I use US Graco car seats in Canada?
  39. Colgate Matress in Canada
  40. Hello folks!
  41. Diaper Services in GTA
  42. Great baby product review website!
  43. Britax Marathon Canadian vs USA
  44. The Baby's Room Factory Outlet
  45. Chariot Cavalier jogging stroller?
  46. Crib sheets (not bedding) in Canada?
  47. Shipping to Canada
  48. Feedback on StorkCraft cribs
  49. Anybody seen any good deals here in the great white north/
  50. Canadian Marathons
  51. Sorelle cribs - anyone know where to find them?
  52. Installing carseats
  53. Bugaboo in Calgary!!
  54. Talk to me about Gripe Water
  55. tethering rear facing Britax Canadian marathon
  56. anyone ever gone to those indoor playgrounds?
  57. Pottery Barn Kids & Boppy Pillow
  58. free samples for canadians....?
  59. Convertible car seat recommendation for Canada
  60. Where to Find Natart in Canada
  61. Nursing Clothes
  62. Toddler Nap Mats
  63. diaper bags
  64. Kiwi E2 Ewplorer
  65. Philips ultra compact baby monitor for $24.99
  66. Gymboree Maple Leaf line?
  67. Crib bedding in T.O.
  68. Pampers
  69. BRIO strollers?
  70. Baby formula in Canada
  71. Dreft in Canada?
  72. Instep Safari TT double or Schwinn double SC900 in Ontario?
  73. Traveling to Calgary/Edmonton/Banff/Jasper - Ideas?
  74. Why is it so hard to find strollers up here?!?!?!?!?!?!
  75. Winners - Baby Event
  76. Kettler bikes in Toronto, Ontario???
  77. Question about Europeann Sizing????
  78. Ignore - Checking the signiture
  79. Evenflo Triumph
  80. MBUS on clearance in Calgary (and Kiwi E3 available too)
  81. Westjet is SOOOOOO family-friendly!!!
  82. Diaperbag Backpack find at MEC (APO on Diaperbag forum)
  83. Prices so different in Canada and States
  84. Walmart's Fleurville knock-offs
  85. A Canadian roll call
  86. Canadian Deals
  87. Car seat standards
  88. Online Baby Stuff Store
  89. Sears - Family First Club
  90. Great deals at Roots outlet
  91. Peg Pereggo Viaggio car seat?
  92. Free shipping to Canada
  93. Q: Custom car seat cover?
  94. Concord Cribs
  95. britax canadian marathon
  96. combo booster seat opinions?
  97. Cdn disposable diaper brands
  98. Zooper shipping to Canada?
  99. Toys "R" Us Savings
  100. Free Stuff for Baby
  101. Anyone have luck shipping stroller from US to Canada?
  102. Where is the stuff?
  103. Baby Sherpa/Short Haul Sherpa
  104. Bugaboo in GTA?
  105. PUL for cloth diapers
  106. Coupons online
  107. Maternity/Nursing Bras (not Bravado) in Canada
  108. iso canadian online retailer of playmobil
  109. Where to get/see Valco stroller in Canada?
  110. ISO Maternity Parka
  111. visiting Toronto with 13mo old
  112. Great customer service at Peg Perego Canada!
  113. Any websites (Canada or USA) that ship to Canada
  114. Richmond, BC, TJs Kidies Sale!
  115. Mulberribush Childrens Clothing
  116. Fixing an Older Maclaren Hood in Toronto - will Macklems do it?
  117. Good Shopping in Toronto?
  118. Graco Ultra/Platinum CarGo with EPS foam in Canada?
  119. Where to find Baby Ugg Boots in Canada?
  120. Brownie Fairy request
  121. Peg Perego 2005 -- when?
  122. Peg Perego 2005 -- when?
  123. Maclarens 30% off at Bo Bebe (Calgary)
  124. Baby Registry
  125. An Update on the 2005 Peg Perego P3s
  126. Sears Has a Combi Soho Sport
  127. EPS Graco CarGo sited at Sears.
  128. Kind of a non-baby topic...does anyone have experience with/own Shermag furniture?
  129. MB warranty issues
  130. Kelowna Children's Clothing Store
  131. Girl Bedding
  132. Britax Roundabout not available in Canada?
  133. Combi Soho Sport at Sears
  134. Doll Stroller in Toronto / GTA?
  135. "I hated living in Canada gotta go back again!"
  136. Free bottle and stuff
  137. Canadian Baby Gear Survival Guide
  138. customs when sending stroller from Canada to US?
  139. Jumping-Jacks Perfection sandels for $17 (+tax)
  140. where to buy Valco strollers in Ontario?
  141. running/jogging stroller n Canada
  142. Toronto Mommies - Where to shop for PP - Please help!
  143. Where to shop for Chariot in Vancouver?
  144. Good price MBUS w/ fixed price shipping, taxes and duties to Canada
  145. Bad Baby Shack
  146. Anyone looking for a reasonably priced Fisher Price Healthy Care high chair?
  147. update: Welcome Kedem!
  148. Baby Registries...
  149. OT: NY Times editorial 3/21
  150. Recall: President's Choice baby food
  151. Baby Trekker in the Pacifier
  152. Toysrus.ca coupons/codes?
  153. Sergers and/or hemp?
  154. Recommendations for trip to Montreal
  155. "Earth's Best" baby food in Canada?
  156. good website for bedding
  157. Where to buy a tricycle in Toronto?
  158. Looking for an all around double stroller..HELP
  159. where can i rent a breastpump?
  160. Where do you buy your toddler's pajamas?
  161. Medela online retailer
  162. Anyone use sunscreen with Mexoryl?
  163. Concord Furniture
  164. Quebec City
  165. Any equivalent to Hanna Andersson in Canada?
  166. The Bay is selling Maclarens!
  167. Two Thumbs Up for Jamtots (in Canada)!
  168. Quinny's (Buzz and Zapp) on sale at Sears July 31st
  169. Poll -- What baby gear/products do you wish you could buy in Canada?
  170. Stokke stroller and highchair, Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags and Bugaboo
  171. Car Seat Help (X-posted in Car Seat Forum)
  172. Cheap double stroller or alternative ideas
  173. Britax Parkway is in Canada now...
  174. FPSE Question
  175. Another carseat question; the Graco eps CarGo at Sears
  176. Car Seat Musings (and a slightly cheaper price on MAs)
  177. Double Stroller Help Please
  178. Where in Canada/Toronto area to buy Poire/Pocke cellphone pouches?
  179. Ex-pat Canadian needs Help for Gifts!
  180. Do you pay duty and taxes on your Hannas?
  181. Frustrated by Transport Canada re: RF Car Seats
  182. Yet another carseat question
  183. Old/New Quinny news...
  184. We should start a thread on Canadian SALES!
  185. Baby photos - where to go in Canada?
  186. Snowsuits
  187. Free Potty-training stuff
  188. York Region Mom's - Breast feeding event....Late notice....
  189. Lands End
  190. OT: quality, not too expensive, bedding?
  191. Hubby going to Montreal-- baby shopping suggestions?
  192. Where to rent cots in GTA?
  193. Posting for my sister in law
  194. LeapPad deals
  195. Help me find these things in Canada, PLEASE!
  196. car seat recommendation
  197. Please Mum 25% today only!
  198. Anyone buys LandsEnd boots to use in S. Ontario?
  199. Does the Britax MA fit in a Zoom Airlines Seat?
  200. this sale is only at the Vaughn Mills store sorry :(
  201. Going to the US tomorrow - what should I bring home? UPDATE
  202. Calgary
  203. 20% off The Gap in Canada with this printable coupon.
  204. car seat advice
  205. OT: How to disinfect used hockey skates (x-posted in Lounge)
  206. Canadian Webstore & Huge Sale
  207. Anyone familar with St. John's?
  208. I need new winter boots!
  209. Marks Work Warehouse $10 off coupons and 20% off coupons
  210. munire cribs
  211. reminder Vancouver-ites - Stanley Park Christmas train tickets online
  212. Train tables at Costco
  213. Best place/deal to buy Robeez booties? They are $39 on the website.
  214. visiting Vancouver!!
  215. Fess up - what did you buy on Boxing Day?
  216. So what did everyone buy on Boxing Day?
  217. All of Loblaws/Superstore kids winter clothes are 50% off.
  218. 20% off EVERYTHING at Bonnie Togs
  219. Where would I find
  220. Anyone tried Cosco Regal Ride??
  221. Infinity Jogging Stroller from Costco
  222. Infant car seats
  223. Whats new and exciting at Costco
  224. Spring windbreakers on sale at Old Navy
  225. Marathon questions
  226. Where to buy a change table strap...
  227. Teether Recall - The First Years (post lost??)
  228. Baby Clothes at Cotton Ginny
  229. Which car seat do you recommend?
  231. How to find a car seat tech in Calgary??
  232. What to do?
  233. Calgary - baby fair at Roundup Centre/Big 4?
  234. Nursing bras??
  235. Sales at Old Navy and Gymboree
  236. Anyone order the free book? - Update - got my book!
  237. Banff area resorts? Specifically Falcon Crest lodge in Canmore..
  238. Fleece buntings
  239. Robeez - how many pairs is TOO many??!
  240. Trouble finding Huggies! (Calgary)
  241. Sit 'N Stand stroller by Baby Trend
  242. Sweet Cheeks shop - too cute!
  243. Had great service from Harmony Airways
  244. Anyone know about daycare subsidies??
  245. Anyone know where in GTA that sells Crocs shoes? Or on-line in Canada?
  246. UPDATE - Huggies Overnites
  247. Mom and Tots Fair??
  248. Alberta moms - RESP question
  249. Cheapest place to order shopping cart covers?
  250. FP Hedgehog - anyone seen one around??