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  1. Ready to cry or scream (or both)!
  2. wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide awake
  3. Why did I say yes.....
  4. Are people insane???
  5. CVS screws up my RX AGAIN!
  6. p*ssed at Hanna Andersson
  7. Babysitter Flaked on Me!
  8. Help me get a better attitude!
  9. I can't admit this to anyone in my real life ....
  10. Having two sick kids SUCKS!
  11. What am I doing wrong?
  12. I'm sorry mom, I don't know WHEN the baby will come!
  13. Step yer bitchin DH. You had all freaking week to do this!
  14. Shouldn't the cleaner do a more thorough job cleaning than I would?
  15. Thanks for letting me vent!
  16. just when i felt good again, i got sick
  17. She ate poop.
  18. ILs coming a-freakin'-gain
  19. I HATE scary movie trailers on TV
  20. Something weird with my computer
  21. @(*&(*@&)! Time Change
  22. Nerve of my SIL
  23. Nurses always measure or chart DS wrong
  24. Silly bitch...
  25. UGH! i messed up a work thing and i am SO embarrassed
  26. I think this whine is a merlot-do people on craigslist have no manners?
  27. Truly petty
  28. He ate the last of it. He didn't replace it or tell me it was gone.
  29. Bad experience with online flowers (FromYouFlowers.com & ProFlowers)
  30. DH: if you are going to yell at me
  31. Am I the only one who has trouble with Avent bottles leaking on them?
  32. Why does everything happen all at once? (aka bad timing sucks)
  33. DD threw up all over everything!!!!!
  34. I am ON LEAVE.
  35. soggy undercooked bacon
  36. Ouch! I woke up with a terrible toothache.
  37. I hate the #@!$ medical system!
  38. Stupid Target.
  39. Things I hate about being a mom and wife.
  40. I love ya DH but....(warning long)
  41. DH is an a$$.
  42. it is 4:09 am and i am sitting here listening to my EASY child scream
  43. Birthday party cancelations
  44. Annoyed at our FREE Parenting Class...
  45. just a bother
  46. WWWAAAHHHH!!!! (Warning: TMI)
  47. Please don't tell me..... (TMI)
  48. I HATE when people judge me based on our financial situation..(warning long)..
  49. And my tax dollars paid for this?!
  50. What the heck is going on?! (long!)
  51. Throwing myself a pity party!
  52. grrrr.... get some manners girl!
  54. The only question I hate more than, "Is she sleeping through the night?"....
  55. ugh, grafitti on our garge door.
  56. Need help/advice! (warning long one)
  57. Can someone please locate my abs for me?!
  58. GRRRRRRR..Long Long Vent/Rant about $$
  59. An only child........yeah right
  60. "Oh, you're so big/small for 6 months"...SHUT UP!!!
  61. A Mother-in-Law Problem
  62. When is the baby due..........:(
  63. A bad day! Just bad
  64. I HATE our Hanna store - they stalk everyone and won't shush!
  65. Dear Leave Replacement:
  66. USPS 24/7 frustration
  67. Why is DH always sick, make it more sick, whenever I am?
  68. Absent parents
  69. Health insurance - It's unfair...
  70. Somebody stole almost $2000 using my paypal account/UPDATE
  71. What has happened to pride in quality products?
  72. Hate still being pregnant, but dreading labor with DH
  73. Big bitch about toys r us!!
  74. The Feminine Mistake
  75. Apparently the top of the fridge is not the place
  76. I missed a heck of a deal on a double stroller on Amazon.com....
  77. I'm tired of low-quality products. Where can I buy kids clothes that are U.S made?
  78. DS..you want to nap you need to nap!
  79. Rate the New Baby Bargains Book
  80. Rude people
  81. stupid furnace
  82. so silly but...
  83. Dear Neighor's Dog,
  85. Just need to vent!
  86. No DH, Easter is NOT just about the candy!
  87. Just because they are baby size doesn't mean they aren't sharp
  88. Buy Buy Baby Rant
  89. Is it too much to ask for some Mini Eggs?
  90. No.more.bodily.fluids.please.
  91. First Day back at work
  92. *UPDATE* Why Do Stores Have Their Music So [email protected] Loud?!?!?!
  93. Dear DH,
  94. Well intentioned gift givers - STOP sending me BABY CLOTHES!
  95. He falls asleep in his crib for the first time in a week...
  96. Why did I join the gym???
  97. I know you're not supposed to give ultimatums
  98. I am a giant procrastinator !!
  99. Why am I Not in Bed??
  100. Stupid doctor!
  101. Stay AWAY from my son you itchy itchy witch
  102. How do you not know where your kid is at 1 am?!? (long)
  103. I should not be allowed to have a bleach pen!
  104. potty training stinks. literally.
  105. Supermarkets aren't very baby-friendly! ;(
  106. Just feeling grumpy.
  107. Ugh! DH takes carseats out of car AGAIN!
  108. I want to wage a one-woman war against UPS. Where should I start?!
  109. Why does this seem unfair? DH rant
  110. Small Gap vent
  111. *sigh* i feel fat.
  112. So, MIL, you wanna "help"? (Long)
  113. OMG, I am a moron.
  114. Stupid Park District website!
  115. I wish Huggies made unisex diapers
  116. feeling terribly guilty - worst mom of the year
  117. Why is my son's penis any of your business?!?
  118. *UPDATE* Whose Garage Sale Is This Anyway?
  119. Oderiferous Mall Stores
  120. DH:
  121. Must learn to have neutral face expression
  122. Miracle Blanket, you ARE a miracle, but only for small babies!
  123. This is so not acceptable.
  124. A bitch about "when you know better, you do better"
  125. UPDATED: What is wrong with the Mail Man?
  126. Dear DD & DH Please be QUIET! When I tell you I'm taking a nap!
  127. Dear Mr. Boss
  128. DH: Do NOT talk to me at 5 in the morning!!!
  129. Thank you for thinking of us and sending kind thoughts!
  130. Dear PB
  131. Grrr... my body and it's workings... TMI
  132. I should have known (long vent about kindergarten admission)
  133. Amazon gripe
  134. Stupid Hanna beach pants...
  135. Maternity Clothes Gripe
  136. Bitchin 'bout Itchin
  137. I'm sick
  138. ILs want gift back years later
  139. Stupid husband left the refrigerator door partial open!
  140. Naming Disagreement
  141. DH decided to wash the whole glider seat cushion
  142. ILs coming and I JUST found out!!!
  143. Cleaning the house for playgroup!
  144. ARRGGHHH - aggravated by UPS
  145. Raccoons! UPDATE: We got him!
  146. Mom's visit / newborn = Aaaaaaahhhhh! Long
  147. No...she's not walking yet!
  148. A note to teacher
  149. yes I am ungrateful!
  150. Why am I sad about moving?
  151. Obnoxious Dog and I'm very sick... a little rant...
  152. Rant: If calculus is a prerequiste for a prerequiste for a certain
  153. Can europe be fun with children?
  154. my mountain bike got stolen last night :(
  155. Really. Bad. Week.
  156. Pageants!
  157. Such a crazy week!(long)
  158. Ticket prices out of control (Disney Playhouse Live)
  159. Anyone else waste entire days waiting for a nap?
  160. Weekend from hell! (long- sorry!)
  161. I really do love my SIL, but...
  162. Sigh...I think I want a job...
  163. This Stinks...Literally!
  164. November- seriously?!
  165. I guess it's time
  166. Why did ds have to wear his new shoes 3 times before complaining that they don't fit?
  167. Frickin' frackin' flower destroying bunnies!
  168. my selfish list of all the bad things from today
  169. Everything going WRONG before our Disney vacation
  170. Please stop forwarding emails to me!!!!!!!
  171. Can I get a freaking break?
  172. Is it so hard for everyone to follow the stupid house rules?
  173. I hate being pregnant!
  174. My own little pity party
  175. We're having an expensive day.
  176. dh f'd up mother's day---add yours here
  177. MIL is driving me crazy
  178. Stop the planet. I want to get off.
  179. Dieting is really stressing me out
  180. Mother's Day... and father get sucker punched
  181. FIL forgot DD's b-day
  182. So you can count your blessings this Mother's Day...A different sort of complaint
  183. Really tiny silly whine RE: Television
  184. Occupational Hazard
  185. Stupid Local Politics
  186. Anyone know someone who works at the NEW ORLEANS PASSPORT SERVICE?
  187. Just WHY?
  188. I really need to get this off my chest
  189. Peeing in the sandbox isn't cool (long)
  190. errrr...so mad!
  191. Why at 35 weeks PG is this happening now?
  192. Ok, why me??!!!!
  193. Gymboree rant
  194. *&%$ing DOG!!!!!
  195. why did they choose the same one??
  196. I lost my sling-WHAAAA
  197. My friend could have killed my toddler...what would you do?
  198. mother complaint - day 1
  199. Brother deployed, I'm going nuts
  200. Stupid eye glasses!
  201. I don't know how you single moms do it!!!
  202. Dd's preschool changed the week they are closed this summer
  203. This really bothers me and I'm not sure why!!
  204. To my dearest DD,
  205. Yeah so my kid's normal and yours isn't
  206. Very shy little guy! (long!)
  207. Will someone tell my 35 yr old body that I"m not a teenager anymore?
  208. This is just not working out for me...
  209. I'm really sad and upset but don't have time to wallow....
  210. mowing the grass at 9:30, what????
  211. I'm scared. Is this depression?
  212. Mum/Dad..leave me alone
  213. Along the lines of the grass mowing thread- why does the garbage truck come so early??
  214. Vomitting, Diahrrea, and Nausea....Oh My!
  215. eBay rant...
  216. mother vent again
  217. yes sis, i know your son is a little buddha and mine's starving.
  218. I never thought I would do this...
  219. Am I *supposed* to be upset...
  221. birthday bitch
  222. so
  223. I am so annoyed at DH right now. . .
  224. Petty - but why aren't 1st birthday shirts in smaller sizes?
  225. DH away for 2 weeks -- CIO with DS and pg!!
  226. Petty, but what is wrong with my freakin computer?!
  227. Thieving Service Worker...
  228. How come DS never naps when I want him to nap!?
  229. DS, why does your exersaucer make you puke? EVERY TIME?!
  230. Pet Peeve..not holding the elevator open!
  231. SO DUMB
  232. Dropped my birthday cake
  233. I'm so tired of thinking about, cleaning up, and worrying about poop
  234. Horrible birth exp, hate my healthcare, need to vent
  235. On the cusp of starting a family feud- what would you do?
  236. My 4 year old doesnt have any money and doesnt call the shots about mine!
  237. Silly Rant, But...Stupid Garbage Men!!!
  238. fricken fracken pop tarts
  239. slow board
  240. Meddling SIL
  241. Rain
  242. smoking neighbors
  243. Grrr. dial up!
  244. why would you teach your kid...
  245. I hate AF
  246. why can't he get it together?
  247. LAZY people at work
  248. My Criminally Insane Family....
  249. My poor Best Friend...
  250. No coffee in the HOUSE!