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  1. How long would you wait?
  2. Now that's just gross!
  3. We don't want your junk!!!!
  4. Never a dull moment! Edited- it gets better!
  5. Mine Mine Mine - are you a SEAGULL from FINDING NEMO???
  6. Halloween Costumes.
  7. Feel like I fell for the friendship bait and switch
  8. I could maybe get motivated, if it weren't SWELTERING in here!!!
  9. I just need to vent...
  10. Darn it! Why am I such a slob?
  11. the good, the bad and the ugly
  12. daycare PTO raising money for the daycare?
  13. Don't order from Breakout Bras!!!!
  14. Just once
  15. ENOUGH with the John McEnroe commercial!
  16. so we've decided to start looking for a house and I think I just need to cry.
  17. First Soccer Practice
  18. I screwed up
  19. Reflux s**ks!
  20. USA baby -registry question
  21. My friend is a bigot.
  22. Alek mauled by a sweet little thing at the playground
  23. They just don't get it.....
  24. Stupid Ebay auction
  25. so i do custom work for my "work" and it takes time
  26. Am I just being too sensitive?
  27. It's only Sept. 14 and I got my 1st CHRISTMAS catalog today!
  28. Silly Bitches
  29. Oh, the Joneses...
  30. I want it to be me....
  31. ugly people
  32. Why don't the bicyclists here obey the traffic laws?
  33. I hate ragweed!
  34. So many health issues.....
  35. holy carp, kid, what the HECK do you want??????
  36. Stupid potty....
  37. I HATE Love Bugs!
  38. Stupid Stupid Stupid
  39. everything is going wrong today update
  40. Sister Vent
  41. Gymboree Stinks!
  42. I feel uncomfortable about this...probably just need to vent.
  43. So long, Big Girls! (TMI)
  44. $2600
  45. I couldn't access this website all day...grrr.
  46. OK Now Southwest has pissed me off!!!!
  47. L-I-C-E
  48. health complaints....(feel free to ignore)
  49. Should Airlines Show Kids Violent Films?
  50. HATE our health insurance - denying every claim
  51. Sigh...just sigh
  52. $&*#ing DOG!!!!!
  53. Why is that just when I can cross one thing off my list, I have to add 2 more?
  54. I hate moving
  55. Jinglebell nightmare and a round of worries...
  56. Now this is ridiculous!
  57. Cost of Mrs. Jones' New Kitchen...
  58. I'm sad for my DH
  59. Little brother, if you have a splint on your hand do not play football!
  60. Stupid rant!
  61. Public Education....sigh....
  62. Double bitch... mommy drive-by and broken computer (not unrelated)
  63. And My Supervisor Wants To Know Why I Get Only 6 Hours of Sleep!
  64. Dear DH... and don't I deserve to just be sick on a sick day???
  65. ready to put an ad for a wetnurse on craigslist!
  66. Grrr... Target Portraits
  67. Rotten Day (Very long and very self-absorbed)
  68. i must be in a mood....
  69. My Advance Bitch:
  70. i screwed up my daughter's first name on her birth announcement
  71. Laptop Broke
  72. I am SOOOO ANGRY- What would you do?
  73. Ticket Prices!
  74. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood...
  75. Trust Me.
  76. Yes, Really!
  78. hello, my name is liza
  79. Sigh...
  80. Where does it end?
  81. I've had it
  82. I gotta vent again...
  83. ABC "family"
  84. "I don't have time for this now"
  85. UPDATE! Stupid, insensitive a-hole DH
  86. "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
  87. do you have ANY idea how NOT funny it is that i don't have ANY
  88. i quit.
  89. I'm going to do something drastic
  90. I like marching bands and all, but NOT before 8 am!!!
  91. Apparently I am now his personal chef
  92. It's sunday,they've both been up since 5.
  93. I'm so tired of clogged toilets...
  94. The word war is what you see
  95. SO GLAD I obey the law - NOT !!! GRRRRRR
  96. Peeve of the day...
  97. Update! Not thrush, yay! I
  98. I am just so incredibly hurt.
  99. Why did my brother marry her?!?!?
  100. Oh, and by the way...
  101. night time sickness
  102. My four year old is a stubborn,stubborn child
  103. Nasty Barium Swallow/Esophagram
  104. Ever feel like your just juggling way to much and your losing it?
  105. Ack - DD got bit!
  106. MIL rant over shopping trip and 1st Bday (long)
  107. Chuck E. Cheese's
  108. Agh, I still hate my bedroom - petty rant
  109. Who likes the smell of rotten shrimp in their house?
  110. My boobs are leaking milk...
  111. What is my password
  112. My classroom STINKS
  113. What was I thinking?
  114. Is it worth it?
  115. Pushy, obnoxious Hanna saleswoman
  116. So annoyed! Totally taken advantage of by another mom
  117. i need to talk so much and have no one to talk to right now
  118. Grrrr, my Paypal account was compromised.
  119. I'm getting ANGRY now...
  120. Realistic movies
  121. nevermind
  122. Dear children's underwear makers...
  123. Humor for the bitching post! Laugh AND cry at the same time!
  124. I think I am a halloween Scrooge
  125. Please let me cross the street
  126. Scary Halloween decorations in yards
  127. Our families suck - no gifts for our DDs 1st birthday
  128. Why is it...
  129. So now I have to nag DH about this too???? Insane!!!
  130. I spoke to soon
  131. TRU is AWFUL (but Fisher Price CS is great)
  132. Yeah, I guess this is really bothering me and I need to vent!
  133. stupid fax machine
  134. Working opposite shifts sucks.
  135. Verizon and the FIOS conspiracy
  136. WTF?! Stealing waitress.
  137. Bday party at 1pm and no lunch to be served.....grrrr
  138. Meineke stole our money!
  139. Yes, DH, diaper rash does suck
  140. Updated Winkflash ordering sucks
  141. Upstairs Downstairs
  142. How did he do this?!?
  143. World Series ticket [email protected]
  144. They started our bathroom remodel today.
  145. "Stray" cats in the neighborhood
  146. my 7 week old has yet to be put down to sleep
  147. Would you be hurt if this happened to you?
  148. Missed DD's first school trip b/c of her teacher
  149. Why oh why do I put myself through this?
  150. DH and potty training
  152. Halloween candy - you are evil
  153. Parents that judge other parents
  154. Why would you make the adult bathroom in your preschool TINY?
  155. Velcro is the bane of my existance
  156. Is it too much to ask for a little sunshine?
  157. ghosts?
  158. I have officially been snubbed!!!
  159. OH MY WHINING!!!!!
  160. stupid doc-in-the-box doc
  161. I love my kid but...
  162. Stupid DH - venting
  163. A Squirrel ATE the face off our jack-o-lantern!
  164. What else can happen?
  165. I hate the news: Child sweatshop shame threatens Gap's ethical image
  166. I had a Dr appointment this evening and DH did not even ask how it went...
  167. You know what, I'm done...just done.
  168. Good Times.
  169. Dear MIL,
  170. Trick or Treating Bitch
  171. What the heck... I am RAVENOUS today
  172. Daahhh Deeeeeee - my tale of woe
  173. I hate Pot-Stirrers.
  174. Sneaky woman with questionable intentions!
  175. Please go away
  176. DH has the life!
  177. Daylight Savings Time and up an hour earlier as a result.
  178. UPDATE: All is well! -- Clarification from Boogiemom/Boogiemom2
  179. Abusive language from our neighbor!!
  180. It is still the beginning of November right??
  181. Can't believe we're doing this again!
  182. Sigh. It's going to be 93 degrees today.
  183. It's a Christmas tree, just say it!
  184. 4 weeks 5 days
  185. Now God isn't even a Word?!?!?!
  186. Blah nannies at Music Class
  187. My Grumpy, Ungrateful Bitch
  188. sigh
  189. 2 totaled cars in one year
  190. Triple Coupon Shoppers!
  191. You have to be kidding me.
  192. I fell down in a restaurant last night.
  193. OUCH!
  194. So NICE that my DH get's to sleep until 10:00
  195. Stupid shows that have commercials in the last 10 minutes
  196. Still warm in SoCal?
  197. Can I say I hate my mom?
  198. Now I'm Barbie's hairdresser
  199. Maisy is off the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH
  200. Choices, choices....
  201. Had my first run in with a mom who thought I was nuts for extended RF
  202. I am paying for preschool.... not playschool
  203. I Gave Away SOme Clothes That I Think Would Still Fit DD - AAAHHH!!
  204. How much you love someone = $$ of present
  205. Will the mold fairy please go sit on a different house? I'm so sick of allergies.
  206. Petty Petty Petty Bitch (you have been warned)...
  207. GRRR...stupid money!
  208. TARGET - Baby Registry Warning
  209. Is anyone else's cat completely not right in the head?
  210. I know what causes post- partum depression...
  211. 89 Degrees here!
  212. For the love of flying monkeys
  213. I hate shopping for jeans...
  214. Thanks DH... so glad you can fall asleep early...
  215. My dad sucks.
  216. Stupid Honey Bee, you shouldn't sting babies.
  217. Having "why didn't I buy it?" remorse
  218. Can I please get a break?!?!?
  219. Tired of being so sick!
  220. I'm feeling kind of blue....
  221. UPDATE - I'm so angry I can't see straight. Ungh!
  222. Mother or MIL vent
  223. UPDATE DD really sick and I ruined her bedroom with humidifier
  224. Unwelcome Visitor
  225. it's not getting easier- it's getting harder
  226. Ok, seriously? My *fat* pants don't fit, really?
  227. Ah, The Joneses
  228. I need some shoulders.....
  229. ohmigosh, everyone and everything just needs to GO AWAY
  230. Okay, guy at the invitation store...
  231. Am I being unreasonable?
  232. Blech....
  233. I'm going to let this out, OK, again.
  234. My PSA of the day...Update
  235. So grouchy... everyone just needs to do what they promised... GAH!!!!!
  236. I Know I Am Pregnant
  237. Agh! Dentist just made my life a lot harder
  238. *Stop Biting Mama!!!*
  239. Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelburg
  240. Why is my little guy still throwing up?
  241. We're not cancelling Christmas just because you're having a baby!
  242. Hospital Bitch
  243. Just go to sleep!
  244. Santa beliefs
  245. Santa beliefs, on the other side
  246. What's up with me????
  247. I hate tights.
  248. all week dh says...my throat hurts. i getting a cold. i am so tired...
  249. Observations
  250. I know this is petty and stupid...