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  1. Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones
  2. A reverse bitch... someone remind me when I'm complaining about my mom
  3. Stupid *itch but I have to get it out
  4. I am a bad mommy.
  5. My House Is A Complete Wreck And I Have No Motivation!
  6. Avery Truitt!
  7. Arghh!!!! Now is not the time for it to die on me.......
  8. It's all Fairy's fault!!!
  9. DD could you just get well already..........
  10. Costco screwed up our Christmas Cards!
  11. Bank error just made me lose my mind for a minute
  12. Dear photographer,
  13. My petty bitch of the day
  14. I am NOT crafty!
  15. Why are people at the car dealership not helpful?!?!
  16. Seriously rude peds office staff
  17. Oh, why oh why
  18. Enough with the evaluations! Now a no-show
  19. DD#1 can unlock the baby gates....
  20. kohls.com
  21. I thought second babies were supposed to come earlier!
  22. If it's MY car, why do YOU have veto power?
  23. Note to self...
  24. Need a friend
  25. Please tell your child to "Be Quiet!"
  26. Too much snow!!!!
  27. Insomnia and I can't stop sneezing.
  28. I think this is my first bitch about my children.
  29. Urggh ~ really irked at selling baby clothes
  30. I hesitate to post this
  31. A shiner for Christmas- eek!
  32. Stop Calling Us!!!
  33. Here's a funny one:
  34. An upper resp. infection isn't what I wanted.
  35. You know it's a good day when...
  36. SON OF A &*&#! Xmas gift handpainted in china
  37. Preschool, Teething, Vaccines, and now DH!
  38. Blast You Hanna Anderson!
  39. See, this is WRONG for so many reasons
  40. Why does Amazon (for lack of a better word) SUCK?
  41. my mom started to cry when I told her about the house we bought
  42. I feel sick! Blech
  43. Need some advice.
  44. Anyone else need a MIL vent yet?
  45. Boundaries!
  46. Sandra Boynton, WHAT are you doing?
  47. I just need to find a cave to hide in for a while.
  48. Silly complaint for a pre-Christmas Eve afternoon...
  49. Uch! Mold!
  50. Boo hoo, she doesn't want to hold my hand anymore
  51. Ewww! Propositional text from wrong number Ewww!
  52. Falling apart and need to vent
  53. So Irritated With Myself Right Now!!!
  54. Why do people come to work when they are sick?
  55. Talk about a grinch, mail theft!
  56. Asking for gas money??
  57. How come...
  58. Packing Peanuts
  59. Thank goodness the worst is OVER!
  60. Xmas presents
  61. UGH...I have to stop romanticizing about the holidays!!!
  62. Mother Vent
  63. Cross post-Viva Terra order never arrived!
  64. *****james!!!*****
  65. Man, I sound cold
  66. Toys toys everywhere!!!!
  67. Don't you just hate it when...
  68. why are they always crying??? need to vent..
  69. a 5 year old just told me that my house is disgusting.
  70. My son plays with dolls. SO???
  71. I believe I am raising an ex-con.
  72. Inappropriate Jones Talk
  73. DS is obsessed with Jay Jay!
  74. cookies
  75. Random petty stuff vent
  76. Elaine Katherine Go To B E D!!!
  77. I'm just so dang tired. soo very tired..
  78. I'm sorry I'm skinny!
  79. Tell me I'm not alone, even if I am.
  80. Spin off from skinny thread...my skinny story
  81. My sister sucks.
  82. family & shower issues
  83. Dieting Bitch
  84. The honeymoon is so over....I have not slept in 3 days!!!-WARNING LONG
  85. Freakin' s*x of*ender
  86. sleep issues are the worst - long & self-pitying
  87. Please stop giving me "friendly advice"
  88. Why is weight watchers so expensive?
  89. What is wrong with these people
  90. Manners.
  91. He is a BOY!
  92. Post your kitchen crimes here!
  93. My heart is just broken for my DS
  94. Ugh...I can't win!
  95. Baby Catalog Not being Honest
  96. DS and big boy bed
  97. Grrrrrrrrr POTTERY BARN!!!!!
  98. I just want to cry.
  99. Stupid flat!!
  100. Subtle racism...don't you just hate it
  101. Kicked out of house and in with the parents (long)
  102. Stupid TV..why did you decide to break now?
  103. Shouldn't farting be a fun thing to do?
  104. Feeling awful for my friend
  105. My outlets are now all mommy proof
  106. DS1 has a job
  107. Why didn't they call me?
  108. It's really happening...
  109. Need advice: My personal info was shared
  110. Support and advice needed
  111. Eating healthy costs too much money
  112. So.tired.of.politics!!!
  113. sleep, again
  114. I want to go back to bed.
  115. Can you say ewww?
  116. Buyers remorse
  117. a bunch of random things - long
  118. DS It's Time For You to PT!!!!!!--A B..ch and a question
  119. I am POed at my Dr. office
  120. DH, I am not psychic
  121. I hate researching purchases
  122. Stupid pullups!
  123. Updated: DS's birthday party has gotten out of control
  124. another ped's office gripe
  125. My parents are dating.
  126. Stupid stubborn doctor
  127. is this not unusual?
  128. for the love of god son, stop crying!
  129. Beware the "convenience" of ordering maternity clothing from Motherhood.com!
  130. my kids are in the playroom SCREAMING at each other
  131. I am 26 years old
  132. No one naps in my house
  133. Time, I need more time...Please give me more hours in a day to get everything done!!
  134. Ugh- rude lady @ Target- would you have said anything?
  135. Oh- Gross!!!
  136. Kind of silly and petty baby shower bitch...
  137. I hate Travelocity and Delta - Never again.
  138. UGH! The RN at my OB's office!
  139. Why do Dr.s think it takes me 5 minutes to change clothes?
  140. UPS just ticks me off.
  141. I didn't get the job...and I'm so sad. And MAD!
  142. Sauve says babies make breasts flat
  143. *We're* going on vacation - why am I doing all the work?!
  144. Mall Train Display Meanies
  145. don't help me cook dh, just don't help.
  146. Crib order canceled
  147. Stupid T.Rowe Price
  148. so inconsiderate!
  149. It's not funny, I can't talk
  150. Boycott Ty products (Beanie Babies, etc.)
  151. DS on nap strike!
  152. Dh and the TV
  153. Um, it's none of your business how long I b/f my child!
  154. I'm so dang hungry ALL THE TIME!
  155. My diamond fell out again!
  156. *sigh* My babysitter has quit, but did it by just not showing up
  157. Babycenter.com embarrassing registry problems
  158. Will I ever feel rested again??
  159. I'm so tired of hearing, "why mom?"
  160. Mother Nature is against me!!!!!
  161. Daycare in D.C. I want to curl up in a ball and cry.
  162. I crashed my van into a guardrail.
  163. I'm so sad...daycare issues
  164. Childcare issues
  165. I really need to stop looking at realtor.com.
  166. Would this upset you?
  167. I'm the 8 month pregnant one & my DH is alseep
  168. going back to work tomorrow and I want to cry
  169. WHY does feeding DD have to be such a messy affair?
  170. Can you divorce your SIL?
  171. I think I have gestational diabetes...
  172. Dh making me so angry!
  173. I should be reading my book...
  174. Does Kegeling Really Work? (Warning:TMI)
  175. Thanks Dh!
  176. Morons driving in a blizzard with no lights on
  177. The JOYS of Family
  178. People who post things on Craigslist...
  179. I have a meeting, DH has a course and DD#1 is puking.
  180. I'm sick again!
  181. KBecks - any update?
  182. Amazon is annoying me today
  183. ugh...tuition increases
  184. So sick of Wal-Mart
  185. Superbowl with the Joneses
  186. I hate Huggies
  187. Men!!!
  188. Adults with bad theater etiquette
  189. Nothing good you can say to a pregnant woman!
  190. Knacker or rendering plant
  191. The opposite of Domestic Goddess would be?
  192. Why I hate talking politics!
  193. Don't change/discontinue Lovies
  194. Stupid Gymboree.....
  195. When is this stupid, friggin, winter going to end?
  196. Why must my mother call me every day during nap time
  197. TG it's naptime!
  198. Valentine's Day Exhaustion
  199. Why now?!?!
  200. Next year I'm hiding under the covers on val. day.
  201. not listening
  202. Toby is sicker than he has ever been CROUP sucks
  203. Valentines and hearts.
  204. when to wonder about wedding thank-yous?
  205. Shower Crankiness... and my cattiness
  206. Stop With The Toy Car!!!!!
  207. I just had to say something
  208. Would this annoy you??
  209. Rain, rain, go away
  210. Charmin Ultra Soft
  211. No I didn't steal your freakin' gas!
  212. @#$% people at the zoo bathroom
  213. WTH is wrong with parents?
  214. The things you see in ER waiting rooms
  215. They're conspiring against me
  216. Having a hard time being a sympathetic friend
  217. Lesson 459
  218. Why won't the websites for the local hospital link?
  219. Not easy being green!
  220. It's hard to meet new people
  221. AF is here and i am "off" of all sugar
  222. Craigslist whine
  223. I don't fit in....
  224. Please no more snow
  225. I hate everything...there I feel better
  226. Stupid stupid GI doctor!
  227. Heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach...etc.
  228. I have a deadline = DS doesn't sleep/sick
  229. Shut UP Mrs. Jones!
  230. Skirt lengths
  231. Memo to DH for next time DS is sick
  232. Just an exhausted vent...
  233. Time to part ways with our pooch
  234. Kindergarten Application is Evil!
  235. Grief SUCKS!!
  236. Yes you pay the babysitter when the kid is asleep
  237. I have/ have not come to terms with the snow
  238. Pink Eye. 2 Birthday Parties. Oh my
  239. I hate work!!!
  240. Men! Again!
  241. stupid work people
  242. Baby, 5:30am is TOO EARLY!
  243. Yo, picking up the garbage is not optional.
  244. uggg...dr. office won't fax school excuse!
  245. Target baby registry is more hassle than convenience!
  246. Waiting for my MNI to begin...
  247. Infertility Pity Party
  248. Laundry is not optional
  249. Our sewer is backed up AGAIN!
  250. There is a pox upon my house