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  1. Too many germs...
  3. Being sick sucks...
  4. "Needs to lose some belly fat" WTF???
  5. Why is it...
  6. Mil taught ds a new word.
  7. Shanamama...
  8. Are DH and I the only sane ones?
  9. super skinny friend complaining she's fat!
  10. The High Maintenance Playdate
  11. I Hate Cl
  12. Mean comments to a pregnant lady
  13. Strange!
  14. My first gray hair pity party
  15. Could this get any worse?
  16. #@$(@&# BANK. A Novel.
  17. You know it's Monday when...
  18. "You better prepare for a big gay wedding"
  19. This kinda bugged me
  20. Girlscout cookies.
  21. dear neighbor-turn down the stereo!
  22. DS + roll of toilet paper = clogged toilet and ...
  23. Oh for the love of...
  24. Preschool staffing changes
  25. Would you do this?
  26. I want an upgrade!!!
  27. Thanks for your 'advice'
  28. And I was so looking forward to my hair appt. today!
  29. What's wrong with people nowdays? *SEE UPDATE*
  30. stuck hosting a come buy something "party"
  31. I just have to get this out of my system
  32. My own stupidity....
  33. My friends are out of control!
  34. stressed
  35. AAAUUUGGGHH - major meltdown yesterday
  36. Broken washing machine!!!!!!!!!
  37. SAHMing is a hard job
  38. OB Gripe...
  39. Dear DH
  40. @#$%* chicken from Whole Foods- twice now!
  41. Funny CL ad
  42. Can't I just have my share of down days?
  43. Mucked up a question on my final
  44. Family and frigging snow
  45. I hate the View.
  46. Portrait Innovations - I don't get it
  47. Why does my new counter height table look so bad in the kitchen?
  48. Why can't they just make more??
  49. we OWE this year!
  50. Never buying from babyage again...
  51. why can't I just go back to sleep? sigh
  52. I knew it, I just knew it. 48 degrees for easter!
  53. I forgot DDs Easter Event
  54. These Things Always Happen On The Weekends
  55. Ugh, the RUDEness
  56. Can somebody please tell me...
  57. Grumble Grumble.... Target
  58. family stuff...
  59. wheelchair - i don't think so
  60. thanks for sharing..
  61. Why do I even try?
  62. You CANNOT tell the gender of my baby by "how I'm carrying"
  63. Too much cleaning is a bad thing
  64. teething sucks.
  65. Waking up every hour is not acceptable!
  66. Sometimes I HATE the military
  67. Because I can only say it here, I have to say it...
  68. My sister is useless
  69. Sleeping sucks in pregnancy!
  70. Dontcha just love family?
  71. No Pay Raises
  72. Zantac is peppermint flavoured
  73. Tacky invitation wording?
  74. I guess newly poured concrete is just asking for it
  75. TSA annoying!
  76. Pregnant grad student could use a little sympathy...
  77. i am NOT hungry! it is ALL in my head! I do NOT need to eat right now!!!
  78. Why is your child blowing out my kid's birthday candles?
  79. My mom is a terrible patient
  80. I need to vent about dh
  81. I am so sore
  82. Just cancel my baby shower!
  83. freaking out
  84. My nerves are shot...
  85. Why was my 6 year old niece on Zoloft?
  86. I hate Comcast!
  87. I hate it when DH does not pick up his cell phone...
  88. Unwanted advice
  89. Disappearing eBay sellers!
  90. Have HAD IT w/ the MIL (long vent)
  91. DD And The Stinkin' TV!
  92. Rough afternoon at the park
  93. My house is a complete disaster.
  94. DH... talk about crazy
  95. Do Not Use the Target Baby Registry
  96. So frustrated w/cat problem in our neighborhood
  97. Dear MonsterBaby,
  98. OMG I can NOT believe this is happening! **Warning TMI**
  99. Can't you give me specific info?
  100. The Name Game
  101. Stupid doctor's office!
  102. Just got rear-ended.
  103. No DH, you cannot lock the bedroom door & shower with me!
  104. I have no right to complain... but...
  105. I hate those plastic hangers for baby clothes
  106. Do you ever feel like...
  107. Beyond Gross, Beyond TMI
  108. stupid rotten state park website
  109. update on "stuck hosting a come buy something "party"
  110. mowing lawn at 6:45 AM - what???
  111. DO we speak the same language?
  112. friends "destination wedding" - ARGH!
  113. The Joneses Never Cease To Amaze Me
  114. I do the dirty work, DH doesn't
  115. Get over it sister
  116. DN is a hood ornament don't you know......
  117. My 5 year old NEEDS a nap
  118. Never-ending Nausea - AARRGGH
  119. I have a kidney stone. Owww!
  120. Petty: How the heck to some people's kids PJs match?
  121. How messy can a person be in a week?
  122. Saga of the SIL continues
  123. I'm going BALD!
  124. Make It Stop!! I Can't Take It Anymore!!!
  125. SAHM Occupational hazards
  126. STILL sick and none too happy about it
  127. AUGH - the NERVE of some people
  128. *Helpful* parenting tips!
  129. DS tracks sand home every day after preschool
  130. I.am.tired
  131. Are You Kidding Me?!?!
  132. Enough, please!
  133. Great idea...
  134. Why>?
  135. Grrr....
  136. The stupid and embarrassing things I have done this week
  137. 2 am.... are you kidding me?
  138. My BIL is coming to visit
  139. petty complaint
  140. Ugh...I lost my credit card!
  141. How would you react to this?
  142. DH got a job offer (yay and nay!)
  143. UPDATE! Yick! FIL needs better aim!
  144. I really hate my family
  145. rent hike :(
  146. Medical Records request not complete
  147. Will this child EVER get well?
  148. "The Sunny Side of the Truth" ad campaign
  149. I can't believe I'm sick again!
  150. my 'oh [email protected]' moment and the $300 dent
  151. Well that sucked!
  152. I almost did a mommy drive by
  153. Don't lecture my 2 yo because you're too passive-aggressive to talk to me
  154. I can't move again
  155. Where did DD#1's dress GO????
  156. I can't stand TRU!!!
  157. Gas Prices & Record Profits for Oil Companies!!!
  158. Completely selfish whine...
  159. Omg - Totally Grossed Out!
  160. I don't want my kids to grow up! (long)
  161. Evil boy at Picture People! How would you react? (semi-long)
  162. Missing Shoes
  163. neighbors really hacking me off and it's only may!
  164. SIL, what a b!tch!!!!
  165. I'm an idiot
  166. So you WANT her to be anorexic?? -- had the conversation with mom
  167. Ugh!!! Why don't men get it?
  168. DS refuses to go into the sea
  169. Our 6 month old TV blew up!
  170. Ever have one of those days?
  171. I just had a nightmare...
  172. Have had it w my Moronic LL
  173. Diaper surprise in van
  174. Trying to figure out how to Work from Home...
  175. I've had it with DH. Long. Sorry.
  176. Clogged kitchen sink...
  177. A Wail of Grief
  178. I hate washing my hair
  179. Big ole' whiny post about my grandfather dying
  180. B!tches!
  181. swimsuit shopping
  182. FIL does it again!
  183. DH, why can't we just do it my way?
  184. my DH's Mother's day gift to me...
  185. AUGH! Who DOES that?!
  186. Minor Complaint & PSA!!
  187. What does "too smart for his own good" mean anyways?
  188. Can I just say I hate shopping for patio furniture!
  189. "Well, we ARE peanut free"
  190. DH's bad habits...Argh!
  191. This shouldn't be a b!tch but....
  192. the BF strikes again!
  193. Flower delivery(or not)
  194. There was a time not too long ago...
  195. Dear DH are you stupid?
  196. Why is DH so useless in the middle of the night?!?!
  197. I am ready to tear my hair out...
  198. OK, Mom, you are supposed to gain weight when pregnant!
  199. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh!
  200. The invasion of the neighborhood children (long story)
  201. I'm tired
  202. My Undermining Husband
  203. Seriously, who made this decision?
  204. why do i still feel like i am going to hurl every time i eat anything?
  205. Am I the only one?
  206. Lousy Pottery Barn Rug!
  207. Normal 2 year old... learning bad habits
  208. Please tell me there is hope for a 34 year old single mom of 2..
  209. WTF? LL Bean VISA card discontinued...
  210. Birthday Party Bitch
  211. on the flip side... otherwise known as the cosmic unfairness of the universe...
  212. UGH....So Tired of STUCK UP SIL!
  213. Toddler for sale...
  214. My DH went to bed at 10pm tonight . . .
  215. baby nurse is driving me insane.
  216. *&%$!!! American Idol Tivo recording!
  217. I'm sick again -- join my pity party
  218. Some minor complaints- care to add yours?
  219. minor bitches that are building up
  220. "Just watch, DD1 is going to be in for a shock!"
  221. smaller ice cream containers - again
  222. Only 4 more school days left
  223. If you are 36.....
  224. AHH!! I made her mullet worse!
  225. Why am I the only one who...
  226. Stinging nettles
  227. I HATE humidity!!
  228. Nerves!!!
  229. I hate ticks.
  230. Can I please have a conversation
  231. Disappointed with Mother's Milk Breastfeeding Supplies
  232. How much sleep does my DH need???
  233. ANOTHER sinus infection
  234. Why I &*^%&%# my in-laws!
  235. Nasal irrigation -- who's idea was this anyway?
  236. Carpenter Bees !!
  237. Aaarrgh! Not cooperating at all....
  238. My DH has no compassion or sympathy.
  239. Angelina Jolie stole my baby name!
  240. Things I learned decorating DS's birthday cake...
  241. yes babies cry
  242. I wish DH didn't care
  243. We may have been a little overzealous...
  244. So unbelievably tired...
  245. No more party invitations
  246. question about feeding 4 week old
  247. Why are strangers acting like THEY'RE in charge?
  248. Am I the only parent who has ever been tempted...
  249. I am soooo f**ing tired of Severe Weather!!
  250. My DD has no friends!