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  1. I am on the Republican mailing lists again!
  2. Sit Down In The Grocery Cart!!!
  3. My playgroup dissolved!
  4. I am so tired of carrying stuff
  5. Do you care where your child is?
  6. People selling gross used stuff on craigslist
  7. Could someone be happy about this baby!
  8. Ughgh, Bitch about myself and lack of motivation
  9. Why do there have to be so many June birthdays?
  10. question about kids and newborns
  11. oops- duplicate post
  12. Is the grass truly greener for some?
  13. It's really sad when 93 degrees...
  14. Not fair: DH bitch
  15. My One and Only Friend Is Moving
  16. Target vent
  17. DH and My Tools
  18. I'm so tired of this.
  19. Is it a Monday?
  20. 5.5 week old wants to party after late night feeding
  21. RUDE! Just RSVP!
  22. My mom is driving me crazy!
  23. I feel like such an idiot!
  24. Those poor boys in Iowa....
  25. what to do?
  26. Gas prices
  27. Got rear-ended. AGAIN.
  28. stop please!!!
  29. meat from super wal-mart
  30. I hope that this guy burns in hades forever...
  31. FIL's fav. John Deere mailbox stolen!
  32. My DIY disaster
  33. $&#^ing Dryer!!!
  34. Childcare interviews
  35. let's talk about velcro
  36. Pi**ed @ myself and my Palm
  37. A message for leap frog
  38. A Jones Teaser
  39. "Are you sure you're only having one?!?"
  40. Like I don't already feel like a failure
  41. I'm supposed to get a haircut today
  42. Gym class "cliques"
  43. And the pounds are creeping on!!!
  44. First Mommy confrontation
  45. Playgroup update! :-)
  46. Chaos
  47. Can someone please offer to take my DD?!
  48. Teen pregnancy pact
  49. Why can't stupid people wear a sign?
  50. Um, who gave you permission to pick up my son?
  51. Got brave..put a profile on Match..ugh
  52. Saturday bitch
  53. I am having back labor
  54. WTF does that mean!?
  55. Spiders
  56. Neighbors at it Again!!!--Sorry Long!
  57. Argh! I am so angry right now.
  58. Lesson learned
  59. I can't believe...
  60. Why is it...
  61. Ugh!!! Men!!
  62. Don't Ya Just Hate It When.....
  63. Do you even just want to get back in bed...
  64. Birthday Messages
  65. Cleaning!!
  66. Why do i put this stuff off until it's so late..
  67. WTH are all the computer cords the same color?
  68. Don't want to drive so far in parade traffic?
  69. It's 12:55 am & the music is still blasting!
  70. Fuel Efficiency?
  71. ARGH! Ceiling fans! Updated...
  72. Stop wasting my gas Ricky Bobby
  73. Gummy fruit snack things
  74. I think our real estate agent just broke up with us!
  75. GRRRR...... MY DS had to go through this for nothing???!!!!?????
  76. I've eaten way too much the last few days!
  77. It's been 3 1/2 years
  78. Rude grocery shoppers!
  79. I still an idiot, but I found my GPS! (update)
  80. You know you are tired when...
  81. Telemarketers are awful
  82. Preschool sent DS home in a swim diaper!
  83. DH said he'll do everything for the BBQ..yeah right.
  84. Why are we so disorganized?!?
  85. Pettiest Bitch Ever
  86. DH's SUCKS at expectation setting
  87. Mr. Jones' Birthday Party??
  88. Dear Parker:
  89. SAH or WAH or go back to work?
  90. Sympathy eating
  91. I am SO SO frustrated right now! Insurance related.
  92. Okay, okay! Here it is...
  93. No coffee!!!!
  94. Please tell me this isn't a trend
  95. AF, why are you doing this to me????
  96. Why are Popsicle brand popsicles hermetically sealed?
  97. DH away = I don't sleep
  98. Wishin' for a Trader Joe's
  99. Is this horrible or hilarious?
  100. Baby Mattress and Target Disappointment
  101. Lesson learned about monsters inc.
  102. My Friend Died
  103. I hate migraines.
  104. Tell me we're not starting a pattern here
  105. It's not even 9AM!!
  106. Why do some people think small children don't have feelings?
  107. Uh oh. feeling sick
  108. Don't bring toys and then not share
  109. Showing the @*^$ing House
  110. I got a cordless hand vac for BD!!
  111. BabyJones' First Birthday... party?
  112. Friggin DIY projects...grrh
  113. Bible Camp Solicitation - Need Advice
  114. Stupid Crib Recall
  115. Here's Your Sign..
  116. stupid stinky stomach aching dog...
  117. feeling so CHUBBY
  118. You know what's super fun?
  119. Unhelpful Clerk...
  120. Stupid Secret commercial
  121. Almost a full moon
  122. Getting the house ready to show is going to s&!k!
  123. Seriously. COME ON!
  124. I'm Bored
  125. I HATE change.
  126. I think my washing machine is breaking
  127. My STUPID Ebay Carseat Purchase Mistake
  128. Why does everyone look at me funny...
  129. Please tell me things will get better after the baby!
  130. EWWW...boys are so gross!
  131. my terrible horrible no good very bad day.
  132. Vent and seeking your thoughts on this (re.affairs)
  133. Why are some people so mean to children?
  134. WTH are these people thinking?
  135. Wth Dh??
  136. So why do I feel this way........
  137. Agh! My father is too darn old for this.
  138. Do not buy Morigeau furniture
  139. House Memo
  140. And So The Jones Weekend Fun Begins.
  141. So bummed...
  142. My PSA of the day...
  143. How to Give Yourself a Migraine
  144. My mother is driving me nuts! Long...
  145. This is not a hotel
  146. We may have pink eye
  147. The Childrens Place
  148. Deleted - double post
  149. Please, DS2, please take the pacifier!
  150. A Teensie Bit of Jones Karma
  151. @#$% Charter School
  152. Where the heck are those dang shoes?!
  153. i am under SO much stress and all i want to do...
  154. My MIL's picture taking...
  155. Update: 2 Bed Saga. Maybe I need to lose my temper more often
  156. I hate it when I
  157. Do I really need superhuman strength to...
  158. Dear DH, is it too much to ask for...
  159. Dear DH: Arriving home on time is not optional
  160. Ouch.
  161. Dog- shape up or ship out!
  162. DS is at preschool all day = ??
  163. This week will be better- right?!
  164. I've had enough....
  165. I hate all these "Mommy" decisions!
  166. Dear DS1...
  167. I'm sooooo tired! DS, you're on notice.
  168. DH please don't throw out my BM!!!
  169. DD--You will go to sleep before 11 pm tonight!!
  170. Ever Been In The Middle Of A Project And Get Stuck?
  171. Five has to be better....right????
  172. TMI and a low pregnancy point.
  173. so STUPID cell phone woke up DS
  174. WTH?!?! Stupid Renters - Ugh! (Long)
  175. When will DS listen?
  176. Just once...
  177. gift receipts
  178. Good riddance
  179. It's nice to be excluded...again
  180. Flies
  181. Maybe I'm Being Oversensitive...
  182. DS' constipation issues **Update**
  183. My mom and money
  184. Are DH and I the only ones supposed to change dipes?
  185. BIL and SIL again **with update**
  186. Post-partum hair loss
  187. I just ruined an entire load of laundry.
  188. Cleaning Car Seats
  189. 110 degrees tomorrow and the downstairs ac busts.UPDATE
  190. teething is the worst.
  191. DS' Potty is the Worst! - LONG
  192. I'm Tired of Being Tired
  193. I'm so sad
  194. No vision or dental coverage anymore!
  195. Why do I do this????
  196. All I do all day long is pick things up...
  197. Freeze dried strawberries/Honeyville Grain
  198. Hey Catalog mailers... wrong person!
  199. Why bother signing up for "Wife Swap" if you aren't going to try?
  200. go back to sleep!
  201. Poor customer service policy
  202. I am a BAD SIL
  203. teething
  204. Apparently
  205. Hey, rude yoga chick...
  206. Why am I the bad guy???
  207. No more little gym for DD!
  208. No, I am not bulimic, you judgmental nut.
  209. I am a DOULA, not a NANNY.
  210. Lil' Bratz Club for 6-9 Year Olds..
  211. Calico Critters + dog who eats toys = very sad mommy.
  212. EEEWWWW, Gross - Take It To Your Room!
  213. China... that is so sad... not "cute enought"
  214. i have decided i hate water
  215. Kindergarten supply list
  216. How come
  217. Racist, "ad" from Spain
  218. Please Tell me To Buy This!
  219. "I'm all done"
  220. I'm mortified!! I actually cried in front of my boss today
  221. Would it bug you, if...
  222. We're not funny...
  223. DH - you're a moron
  224. my favorite Olympic events come on WAY TOO LATE
  225. I'm not sure this is a complaint
  226. Mrs. Jones in the Hamptons.
  227. Less mess please!
  228. "Sticker Club" chain letter.
  229. The sucky housing market (a little long)
  230. First bitching post, and the subject is...
  231. can't believe I'm gonna bitch about this
  232. I stay home to clean, and I'm the bad guy?
  233. Procrastinating costs money!!
  234. Wouldn't you just know it???
  235. ugh- why am I so awkward around people?
  236. UGH have to wake up DS
  237. people being crazy!
  238. Biting Tongue and Shaking Head - Parenting Choices of Friends
  239. Birthday Party Gripe
  240. Stop calling me. PLEASE.
  241. No more plugged ducts!
  242. My kids and their faces
  243. Frustrated with people - "friends"
  244. Giving up on natural deodorant and no-poo
  245. My shaking head and biting my tongue moment of the day
  246. Maternity PJs - sizing
  247. I may very well just scream!!
  248. Proving that "organic" does not mean "good for the environment"
  249. Why can't my mom remember my birthday?
  250. Ugh, bought a wagon on CL and it's missing the pull bar!