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  1. What happen to my brain.
  2. Just annoyed and need a place to vent
  3. DH, why can't you fold a towel or make a bed?
  4. My turn.
  5. Tired of being stressed over the election
  6. I have a feeling sleep tonight is not happening!
  7. Why can't I sleep?
  8. I'm so bored...
  9. Ridiculous bus situation for ds
  10. Sorry, I am not putting my kid on the bus 3 hours
  11. The things that annoy me lately.
  12. I'm five weeks pregnant
  13. My Anniversary & somone I know is buring her DH
  14. Pet Peeves...
  15. Overwhelmed
  16. Grrrr......do I actaully let my child rule my life???
  17. Sometimes it sucks to have a tall toddler. :(
  18. I just busted SIL!
  19. So ready for this long weekend to be OVER!
  20. AF already? Seriously?!?
  21. DD2 will you please eat!!!
  22. Childcare IS an educational expense....
  23. I just snapped at an old lady in the Costco bathroom!
  24. %[email protected]#&! pga tour!
  25. I've dropped the ball with my kids.
  26. Kindergartener sick on 1st day of school :(
  27. I'm so tired!
  28. Do you really have to do that here?
  29. Motherhood Maternity sucks
  30. The Nursery
  31. Friend Troubles
  32. She's DYING!!! Can we not fight about $$$?
  33. The conventions are over...
  34. Don't leave a child unattended in a car in a parking lot
  35. Did you ever just want to be lazy...
  36. An X-Large Cookie Does Not Equal Breakfast!!!
  37. My Dog Bit Me.
  38. To Dad's wife...
  39. 1st day of preschool and DD comes home sick...arghhh!
  40. Didn't think this happened anymore...
  41. Is it natural?
  42. And this is why I will be moving to a desert island
  43. Family Algebra Equation
  44. My 1st BP "Vent"
  45. Preschool starts tomorrow- freaking out! (ME!)
  46. Why does "good baby" = sleeps all night?
  47. Dear DH......
  48. SICK of people falling asleep while driving
  49. Dear DS - Please just wear jeans!
  50. DD has to miss half a day of school to get her flu mist ?
  51. Self Righteousness Gets On My Nerves!
  52. Carseats: Forget RF & FF, just go SF
  53. DH- it is time.
  54. Dear Bedroom Smoke Alarm,
  55. I thought the list was pretty clear DH
  56. dh-just pick a movie already!!!
  57. I.am.absolutely.livid!
  58. Dear DH...
  59. "What's Wrong?" AHHH!!! (long)
  60. Feeding issues!!!
  61. No you may *not* hold my baby!
  62. Why always on Monday Mornings....
  63. Open letter to another driver
  64. Don't make a joke about a tragedy idiot!
  65. Why Do All Toys Have To Talk, Sing, Make Noise, etc???
  66. 800 thread count sheets should be SOFT
  67. You're on a web cam, I can see you.
  68. Disapointed with Family "support" with baby/young kids??
  69. School Schedules
  70. bummed out that DH doesn't try harder when i am sick
  71. It's not me buying the clothes...
  72. Ugh- rude Craigslist buyer!
  73. DS-please let me take one step before you
  74. I wonder if "the teacher said" will work on *DH*!
  75. Dear Graco,
  76. Boden - out of stock letdown.
  77. It's that time of year again . . .
  78. Seriously...Hand Surgery and AF
  79. I was up with the kids 3x last night, and HE is complaining about sleep
  80. Clean up time with a 2 and 3 year old
  81. How do you deal with the eternal pessimist?!
  82. Who are you, the parking lot police?
  83. Uuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
  84. I've managed to lose 3 important things this week
  85. Why I Avoid Social Events With DH's Friend - UGH!
  86. stupid old ladies
  87. Tilt!!
  88. It's not "combined shipping" without a discount!
  89. Toddler for sale! (joking, of course!)
  90. I wish I hadn't read that
  91. i am being VERY POSTIVE these days...
  92. Honda CR-V turning onto 6 lane road with toddler on Mommy's lap
  93. If I have to hear...
  94. Stop the yelling!
  95. Something with a tail just scurried under the bed!
  96. my kid, my outfit!
  97. YUK Another I don't want to go to
  98. My 2 closest friends don't like each other
  99. How am I supposed to feed my family...
  100. #@/*& Ebay
  101. Mother in law!!!
  102. DS, why must you fight me on everything?!?
  103. Get someone else to buy your $%!#
  104. Just watched season premiere of ER...
  105. Barebabies.com and Mutsy (crossposted from strollers)
  106. Why can't my 7 1/2 month JUST SLEEP
  107. Why is DD SO GROSS?!?
  108. Why am I so frustrated?
  109. holy guacamole
  110. Dear family-check out this new invention!
  111. Watch your mouth...DH!
  112. Knock it off ovaries (says DH)
  113. PSA: about 3 year olds
  114. Wanna swap houses?!
  115. Argh....that's why I wanted a bigger emergency fund
  116. We have Mice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  117. Update:Pity Party at My House
  118. took my home biz wares to a "home show"...
  119. I {heart} my bed
  120. DH makes me so mad again.
  121. I hate waiting and uncertainty
  122. What do I have to do!?!?
  123. Stupid lady at the store!
  124. How Hard Is It To Close Escrow?
  125. Why come home 2 hrs late w/no call?
  126. How many freaking interviews is it going to take?
  127. DH, do I look like an alarm clock?
  128. DH makes no sense sometimes
  129. My favorite sheep is now dinner
  130. *NOT* the reaction I was expecting
  131. Our Tx job offer just fell through
  132. No snacks!
  133. Petty bitch -- LL Bean boots sold out
  134. NOW is when I need the help!
  135. names
  136. Annoying hospital behaviors
  137. There is a special place in hell
  138. Got him back
  139. Sigh....
  140. My house is trashed...
  141. Well THAT was uncomfortable...
  142. Don't cut off the tags!
  143. Hannah Rant
  144. I really need this warm weather to break!
  145. Why can't DH do the simplest "guy" things
  146. DH, 4:54AM is NOT the time to play with the baby!!
  147. Wow! I must really be irritated!
  148. Howard Stern - interviews of Obama supporters in Harlem
  149. Rant about birthday party and opinions wanted
  150. Petty Bitch about my mother
  151. DH STOP telling your co-workers I'd "love" to attend their event!
  152. Mom, you are not cooperating!
  153. This mama's last nerve is shot!
  154. Sigh - no sleep!
  155. I can't give what I want to give.
  156. I'm glad your child is a genius - really!
  157. It's psychological....
  158. A Classic Parenting Story...
  159. UPDATE!!! Guess what's up with the Joneses?
  160. I Just Shipped Something That Wasn't Paid For
  161. Gotta, Gotta, Gotta
  162. I want my carbs!!!
  163. Happiness is.....
  164. Why do I have teenage acne?!
  165. You have a babysitter for 1 child but not the other?
  166. I am going insane!
  167. DD's 'Roid Rage Tantrum of the Day! (oops, LONG!)
  168. Angry about Church Sign -So tired of politics of fear!
  169. Will someone please tell my mom I'm 34, not 3 or 4!
  170. DUMBUTT Sis-in-law has her baby on a diet.
  171. AHH! How many bad car related things can happen in the span of 2 minutes?!?!
  172. Late RSVPs
  173. You better not ruin this, DH!
  174. Craiglist Beef and Advice??? OOOps put in wrong section
  175. Mommy drive by
  176. I want a vacation
  177. What the heck is going on with my body?
  178. Worth it to complain about customer service?
  179. Weird interaction with a Once Upon a Child employee
  180. Eh, not really a B!tch about bake sale
  181. I don't know what I want
  182. No Changing Station at Arby's?!?!
  183. "No!"
  184. Argh! What to do with all the clutter?!
  185. Misleading ad:Highchair with dishwasher safe trays that don't fit in the dishwasher!
  186. Shutterfly site down
  187. Smithsonian Halloween party serving peanuts bitch
  188. Really - are you TRYING to kill my DS?
  189. Crib shopping sucks!
  190. Stupid driver backs up without looking in preschool parking lot!
  191. rant about myself
  192. Please tell me what is the point...
  193. Ewwwww...
  194. Is this SO unreasonable?
  195. Petty bitch...little girls and tights...
  196. mamabargains.com
  197. I *knew* I was right!!!
  198. Should I report her? Irresponsible mother made me go psycho on her @$$
  199. what is it with pickup trucks on the highway?
  200. Holy C#%@!
  201. sick day
  202. Lost luggage
  203. I Just Want My Old Body Back
  204. I just spilled pumped milk all over the place!
  205. DH and money
  206. Babies cry, I'm not a bad mom
  207. I thought this would be a bit slower...
  208. OMG I'm about to lose my mind!!
  209. When you see a pregnant person...
  210. Ugh...This is why I didn't want to join FB!
  211. Why do people try to pull into the parking space next to me...
  212. Fruit Flies!!!
  213. Maybe someplaces
  214. Can I have a do-over on today?
  215. HELLO- I put a date to RSVP by for a REASON!!!!
  216. I Look SO Old!
  217. Ok so now I find macy's just annoying.
  218. How dare you Pottery Barn Kids!
  219. What a day- and it's only 9AM!
  220. I'm already ready for a nap!!
  221. Halloween Party bitch
  222. Frakkin' Flu Shot!!!
  223. mobile electronics war
  224. Can't keep eyes open.
  225. Do antibiotics mess with your AF cycle?
  226. Maybe I'm a bit slow...but I just don't get it!
  227. 2 petty complaints
  228. Dont you just hate this?
  229. Dear DH,
  230. Grocery stores' scanning system not scanning "on sale" items
  231. A Story about DH and the Laundry
  232. Offer on our house
  233. Today on Facebook I have learned...
  234. V-Tech stinks
  235. moving fog
  236. It is starting already...
  237. I'm tired of paying HA shipping!
  238. I am so flippin' tired of
  239. DDs reprimanded at local bookstore!
  240. END internal bitching.
  241. Bad Day
  242. What *can* you say to this?
  243. Annoyed and not sure how I should have dealt with this
  244. I lost it this morning over CA prop 8
  245. Hello? Say 'Bless You!'
  246. Dumb things your DH said recently -- post 'em here!
  247. You know what sucks?
  248. Note to self...
  249. Not a vacation for me!
  250. I SAID I didn't want any food, lady.