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  1. STUPID Petty Snobby Facebook Bitch
  2. I have to be a drill sergeant
  3. Tgif!!!!
  4. deleted post
  5. Why did I agree to this.
  6. Why Is It........
  7. Can I please just have one dull moment?!
  8. Stupid dog
  9. I just don't get it.......long
  10. Bloomingdale's should be ashamed of themselves
  11. Family Drama
  12. poor DH... he is boring me to tears..
  13. Back to the rat race?!
  14. Has anyone been "dumped" by a friend?
  15. Enough with the colds!
  16. Why do people think taking care of a baby means having fun?
  17. Why do I bother?
  18. I need a ticket for that positive train!!
  19. Really cool....
  20. NEXUS you are dead to me!!!
  21. my anti-bitch
  22. Exhaustion is the new anesthetic
  23. Why is DH even here??
  24. Would this bother you (MIL issue)
  25. Sister "smack down"
  26. That does it! I've had it with our cable provider!
  27. Pregnancy Leave is not vacation (ETA on OP)
  28. Does anyone have a halfway decent MIL or SIL?
  29. No we don't have a name yet!
  30. Snickers doesn't really satisfy you....
  31. No! You can NOT watch DD
  32. DH, if you continue to act like a child, I will treat you like one. (knife safety)
  33. If men had to give birth we would be extinct!
  34. Gymboree & Gymbucks vent
  35. After dealing with my ex... A pregnant woman's rant
  36. Taking a quick moment to throw myself a pity party...
  37. Not.eating.more.beef.right.now.just.can't.do.it...
  38. Bonavita Peyton Lifestyle Crib Vent
  39. Pretty annoyed with my OB's office
  40. So annoyed with OB's office
  41. Why is Cablevision closed today?
  42. Dear Neighbor
  43. To the woman who ran into my car at the mall....
  44. Oh for the sweet love of...could we possibly have less screaming in the morning?
  45. Babies R' Us' clearance section
  46. "Postmaster please deliver 1/12-1/14"
  47. Don't have a birthday party and only invite half of the preschool class!
  48. What kind of a friend are you????
  49. B#$tch Withdrawal
  50. Someone hurt my baby :(
  51. So. Done.
  52. NO DH That is Not Coming Home Early
  53. Nose picking. But scratching. Nail biting.
  54. I'm happy my kids are playing nicely...
  55. Why we hate staying at most hotels....
  56. I need a vacation from my life.
  57. Dear Neighbor, YOU make your own problems!
  58. Small bitch--"know-it-all" Trader Joe's customer
  59. Just go to bed
  60. An open letter to the lady on the trail today
  61. DD2 called me stupid!
  62. Stop blowing me off.
  63. Is it a boy or a girl?
  64. Dear Cousin - you do NOT have to pay for your loser son's wedding
  65. Ugh, Crib can't be put together...
  66. Ummmm I can't find my resume.
  67. "Flushable" Cottonelle Wipes
  68. DD, You piss me off SO bad when you...
  69. My Best Friend will not stop buying me things...Petty, but annoying!
  70. DH is driving me insane!
  71. I hate being pregnant!
  72. UPDATE! DH, you've got to be kidding me!
  73. Car Insurance is such a rip-off!!!
  74. Dear Husband, do you think you could pay the bill ON TIME?
  75. Why does my street never get treated in the snow and ice?????
  76. DD is sick AGAIN. Ugh.
  77. Oh, DH!
  78. Why oh why
  79. Thank you, School District Administration
  80. I'm so disgusted with "Simply Ming" (warning: lobster killed in making of this bitch)
  81. Just go peepee
  82. I'm going to curl up in the corner now and cry...
  83. Doesn't my patronage hold any value?
  84. Put on some [email protected] clothes!!
  85. I'm exhausted
  86. I need a...
  87. Beyonce's "If I were a boy"
  88. Thanks a lot, "Friend" on Facebook
  89. Would you be so callous with your money?
  90. Ickiest "people you may know" suggestion on facebook
  91. I got Ikeaed today
  92. I'm so annoyed with myself right now.
  93. I need one of those big foam bats...
  94. Look at the ad that was at the top of my gmail
  95. What's the big deal anyway? Seriously...
  96. I've forgotten how much contractions hurt.
  97. Carrie from sex and the city
  98. WTH--the crocs online store only takes Visa or Mastercard!!!!
  99. I wish I could just give up...
  100. No, DDS, you cannot cut your own hair!
  101. @#$%^&* Insurance Companies!!!!
  102. I am a fun sponge
  103. Pants with lycra are annoying
  104. Cell phone spam....ugh!
  105. Effing Right Start
  106. Junkfood Coma
  107. I think I might cry!
  108. Why do some healthcare professionals remain in the dark about breastfeeding?
  109. *&#*& Insurance. Why does everything have to be so complicated?!
  110. Lost my favourite jeans
  111. School tuition increase
  112. Why not American?
  113. 2005 Kia Sedonas
  114. Baby Jogger Double
  115. Refridgerator Delivery Delayed 10 Days...to 2/20!!
  116. Out Twenty Bucks
  117. Keep your sick kid over there!
  118. When it rains it pours!
  119. There is nothing worse....
  120. Wth?!
  121. List of DH vents
  122. Just feeling sad
  123. Eff bronchitis. Eff losing my voice. Eff fevers that attack my kids.
  124. kind of don't want my mother to visit....
  125. I have a love/hate relationship with...
  126. We didn't get into preschool. :-(
  127. Tiny Ride and stride right
  128. Going back to work tomorrow
  129. I'm hungry.
  130. WTF? School issues.
  131. WTF. Passport services didn't return original documents
  132. Flu :(- update...maybe not!
  133. Ugh, don't wake me
  134. Where did you go, Max and Ruby?!?!
  135. USABaby Orlando screwed us!!
  136. Dear "experts": no, my libido is NOT back....
  137. Just got verbally accosted by another mom...
  138. Has anyone run into this problem before?
  139. Stop asking how we spend our money
  140. Fortunoff is no longer taking GCs--vent and FYI!
  141. It's okay to be sad about DD's birthday, right?
  142. Why do people lie?
  143. DH you also have a phone
  144. Why Should Kindergarten Registration be Worse Than Taxes?
  145. Hello sun damage..you suck
  146. i am alone with dylan. and i threw up. twice.
  147. the changeling with angelia jolie
  148. Please don't be the flu, please please!!!!
  149. Where the $*@% is my Chinese Food?!
  150. Ok, I know this is silly....
  151. You know, I thought I qualified for a get out of barf free card or something
  152. Bigger only equals better with things like...
  153. I'm so tired of pee everywhere
  154. Just Mad!
  155. Mr.Murphy, I presume
  156. We get to name the baby
  157. Thanks for a great 48, DH!
  158. My least favorite part of a grocery shopping trip
  159. Nasty Old Woman on the Bus
  160. I know he's sick...
  161. Why does my Sears' have no lost and found?
  162. Just Burdened.
  163. *&$%! Head cold
  164. soooo tired of hat or no hat debate!
  165. 3 hours to get a prescription
  166. Why do I procrastinate so much?
  167. my MIL keeps touching my belly
  168. Sick is no fun.
  169. "Part-Time Job" Compensation
  170. I should have been a College Men's Basketball Coach (or College Football Coach )
  171. Just feeling sorry for myself....
  172. MIL and Mother both coming for a visit at the same time OYE
  173. Top Chef - (warning - spoilers)
  174. Why is it every time I'm pregnant...
  175. DH must be feeling guilty.
  176. Curse you, JC
  177. Just venting now...
  178. No Mexico trip for me this time. Wah!
  179. Dear Mom:
  180. CD+DS2=Diaper Rash, WTH!?!
  181. I am SO EFFING tired of being DIZZY!
  182. Thrush :(
  183. If wine had ANYTHING to do with the conception...
  184. I would really appreciate it if you would all PLEASE stop giving my children CRACK.
  185. J&K+8 grrr...
  186. Hats shaped like giant cheeseburgers can't just disappear!
  187. Really, ANOTHER snow day?
  188. Dh Works Mother!
  189. I sat on an airport runway for SEVEN HOURS yesterday
  190. I am just so done
  191. Bummed
  192. Woot! Woot! Here come the fashion police!
  193. It's just more comfortable being fat.
  194. Pleeeese sleep little baby.
  195. as DH put it... if you are puking every day...
  196. Crying Baby in the Coffee Shop
  197. These guys are killing me with the food throwing.
  198. I HATE throwing up
  199. I [email protected] my property managers ***UPDATED***
  200. SHE is a girl!
  201. 53 minutes
  202. 7th month and sick
  203. I am qualified...
  204. A Target run-in - spinoff of 'SHE is a girl' thread.
  205. My mother is driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  206. So sick of jeans that are baggy by 10am!!
  207. Radio station DJ change sucks.
  208. grrrr recommender-UPDATE
  209. Sh*tty Birthday
  210. Grrrr, I'm 0.2 pounds away from...
  211. Don't cook at 450 dh!
  212. My DH just told me.....
  213. Stop having Diahrea, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  214. Are my expectations of DH too high?
  215. DH can be an utter and complete JERK sometimes
  216. I'm turning our family room into a jungle gym.
  217. fetal movement is great...
  218. Cutting off family?
  219. Dear sister
  220. OMG, will this ever end?
  221. How am I supposed to be happy for you?!?!
  222. what is up with commercial volumes
  223. "Please Enclose $5 In The Envelope Provided..."
  224. frickin' frackin' housing market!
  225. What do you do in this situation. . .
  226. With an open house schedule for Sun.
  227. Mother Issues
  228. He's born on the 14th!!
  229. You bid for it, now just pay me!
  230. If I had known you weren't going to nap, I would have...
  231. That's the way to crush her spirits.....
  232. I opened the 401K statement
  233. When a DCs behavior gets to be too much, what do you do?
  234. &*%$ Womens Hiking Shorts
  235. You are suppose to be in bed!
  236. ElizabethKott: Could I get a Jones update?
  237. DD#1, Pullups at night are for accidents, not when you're awake!
  238. oooh...not cool!
  239. I don't even know what to say when he comes home
  240. Am I wrong?
  241. ugh tired crying baby a lot lately
  242. I am scared to eat
  243. The ILs are coming today
  244. DH what are you thinking???
  245. Do NOT call it a birthday playdate
  246. That's GREAT that more people cancelled for today's party
  247. I am so tired of MIL's "competition" to be the favorite grandma
  248. I CAN'T BELIEVE this....
  249. No DD you cannot wake up for the day at 4:20 am!!
  250. Now hear this ds...i am no longer a short order cook!