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  1. Wedding as Fundraiser?
  2. Dear cleaning lady- I can understand you!
  3. Feeling dissed by DH
  4. Now MY throat hurts and I don't even GET strep!
  5. The bad thing about slow cookers...
  6. I'm supposed to be RELAXING!!!
  7. Big Nasty Fight with DH...
  8. Posting pet peeve -anyone else peeved by this?
  9. Good news and bad news
  10. Question about the Bitching...
  11. Dear DH
  12. Gortons fish-
  13. I hate growing old.
  14. Ugh..DH and money
  15. Dear So-And-So...
  16. This is my 5th upper respiratory infection of the season
  17. Why Do You Get to Sleep In?
  18. This is NOT Spring!!!
  19. Dear new pediatrician in the practice...
  20. New to this but have plenty to b*tch about. Here's the first :MIL
  21. Nanny Tax
  22. Is human decency and compassion gone?
  23. Falling apart here just a little
  24. I hate my backup car
  25. Sorry Dh...but ds is turning 5
  26. So tired of being SO tired!
  27. i just want some freakin' pizza.
  28. I wet my pants today...
  29. Frickin-fracking LC....
  30. Going to scream
  31. I can't even eat a Lean Cuisine in peace
  32. Thanks for selling me a worm infested puppy....LIAR
  33. Feeling totally overwhelmed....will it get any better?
  34. I hate filing!!!
  35. That does it!
  36. Why set me up for failure, mom?
  37. Verizon..you sneaky jerks
  38. Why does everything fun...
  39. Today sucked
  40. Babies under 1 on bikes - WHY?
  41. Hey, who took the "Worst Mom of the Year" Award last?
  42. F&%@ing crabby old bag......
  43. Pinkeye, or not? $67 prescription
  44. To the ladies at the zoo
  45. I hate my daycare provider
  46. DH stop pouting and being such a baby
  47. Wtf
  48. Ugh, so sick of the neighbors...
  49. a HOLE right in the MIDDLE of my ON maternity shirt
  50. She will sleep when she is ready
  51. Please, Use Your Hearing Aid Already!
  52. SERIOUS muffin top
  53. I am so D.O.N.E. with my brother
  54. I finally figured out why DH refuses to have any more DC
  55. UGH, just my luck! Swingset rant!
  56. What is wrong with people?
  57. The big V appointment
  58. Impulse buy regret--update~it's on sale now!
  59. Please watch your children
  61. Ok Boss Man
  62. Dear Other Mother at the park,
  63. PG Movie in 1st Grade Class?
  64. No heat since Sunday...in Chicago! (long!)
  65. Insomnia...
  66. Of course...
  67. Didn't make the lottery cut for our zone public elementary school. Aaargh!
  68. It's a High Anxiety Day (for me!)
  69. They cancelled our health insurance.
  70. I suck.
  71. Annoyed at myself
  72. She hates the Ergo
  73. No mofo...
  74. MIL, please don't tell the WHOLE mall my DC's names!
  75. MIL is coming and so is AF
  76. OMG... she didn't...
  77. White uniform pants for t-ball
  78. Should have used the caller ID technology this morning - crazy IL rant
  79. Dear DH- if you aren't consistent, the kids won't listen.
  80. No, private school, you CANNOT have DD's SSN!
  81. i have the flu
  82. I'd like to meet the person who coined "Terrible Twos"...
  83. Why I Currently Hate BRU
  84. Dear Target...
  85. Calgon, take me away!
  86. So this is what I get for being responsible
  87. Ethan Allen, my rear....
  88. Dear DH - Smarten UP!
  89. Thanks everyone!
  90. give me strength...
  91. Doing the dishes is not HALF of the housework!!!!!!!!!
  92. DH and MIL your loan arrangement sucks!
  93. Dear FIL
  94. Annoying mom @ DD's class! WWYD?
  95. SIL/ MIL Bitch
  96. DH- Do your expense report!
  97. OMG Medela. sheesh.
  98. When do I get to stop worrying?
  99. Cat Love -NOT!
  100. I HATE when I can't find stuff!
  101. Lost new sunglasses about a week after I got them **UPDATE**
  102. Redeeming Crazy8 Crazy Cash...
  103. I feel like Goldilocks
  104. Confetti Eggs?
  105. The inevitable MIL Bit*h
  106. 5 a day!?!?!
  107. Boo to Amazon.com (warning- political bitch)
  108. Wash your effing hands!!!
  109. Never have your Mother and MIL visit at the same time!
  110. Sick of Being Sick!!!!!!!!!!!
  111. You know what seriously PISSES me off????
  112. He!! is... (warning gross TMI, but kinda funny after the fact)
  113. @#!$% sinus infection/bronchitis
  114. Consignment Sales
  115. Dear Body
  116. Deprogramming after spending 4 days with grandma
  117. I am having a bad day, and I just need to complain about it.
  118. I've said it before...
  119. Why don't you just let him wipe his butt with them?
  120. Could kill DH...
  121. Phooey on you DH
  122. WHERE is my Moby wrap.
  123. Why are they still giving visas?
  124. Aaauuuugggghhhhhh!!!!!!!
  125. Guess what's worse than twins running around getting into everything?
  126. How do I contact someone on an old post??
  127. How in the world did we break ANOTHER coffee pot?!?!?
  128. Darn you, dh!!
  129. Can I borrow someone's twisty straw?
  130. Stupid, stupid me
  131. Dear Playdate's Mom
  132. Dear Ballet Studio
  133. the mall on a saturday night plus jean shopping. What was i thinking?
  134. Why can't i keep a pregnancy??
  135. Anyone know how to get a hold of Skuut bikes? They don't return messages or emails
  136. I don't need this.
  137. SERIOUSLY??? I am SICK AGAIN????
  138. Dear universe. Why is every day a full moon?
  139. Land of Nod Reviews a Sham??
  140. My Marilla Cuthbert moment
  141. I know I should be happy...
  143. I hate my neighbor! Move already!!!! Kinda long...
  144. This weight gain is getting ridiculous!!
  145. UPDATE: WANT ADVICE PLS: BIG gap between the agreed to sale price and the appraisal!
  146. What a &%$&#!!!
  147. DO NOT buy anything from Rocker World in Chandler Arizona
  148. Bed, bed, more, more, juice, juice... ARGH!
  149. I think DD has a cold sore. Thanks DH!
  150. OMG! Help! P&PTs Please!!!
  151. For the love of all that's holy-just sleep grace!
  152. All I want is to purchase size 6 huggies overnights at a B&M store!
  153. Stop blaming your child's bad behavior on other kids!
  154. My mother is the least sensitive person on the planet!
  155. obligatory mother rant ;)
  156. EDIT: I found it!!! :where is it where is it where is it where is it where is it
  157. We lost it.
  158. I am not a bill collecter!
  159. OMG!!! Soooo skeeved out.............
  160. Sil!!!!!
  161. The Gap let me down today
  162. Fricken Fracken Sellers!!!!
  163. Ugh- here come the bugs.
  164. All I need to do is look at or smell food and gain weight.
  165. Thanks DH!
  166. @$#%$ Bolt!
  167. Just don't love anything out there...
  168. Foul, Noggin! FOUL!
  169. Random Bitching
  170. OMG! Dance Competition
  171. OMG, I just can't believe it
  172. Clearing out room for Friends..Who wants these?
  173. Mom and MIL are now tied!
  174. Fetal monitoring sucks! UPDATE
  175. Stupid Ebay Bidder!
  176. I hate not being able to find something!!!!!!aggggggh
  177. how to deal with a bully?
  178. Airlines changing seats!
  179. I think I am in trouble.
  180. And today's spider is . . .
  181. Not the best start to my day
  182. Stupid Swine Flu...
  183. Stabbing myself with a fork
  184. Why can I not find any clothes that fit me in the stores!!!
  185. I should have just stayed home today!
  186. A silly complaint about shopping with kids
  187. Am I *that* selfish...?
  188. I've discovered a new level...
  189. another ebay bidder rant
  190. bitch/vent mil, brother, etc.
  191. Summer Programs
  192. ARGHHHH....the peds office!!!
  193. Ask me about my day dh..go ahead...dare ya.
  194. The recovering housing market in my area is moving faster than I can
  195. I know I'm being totally stupid...
  196. Really dh?
  197. Thumbs down to complainers
  198. Anyone know if WhiteOut comes off furniture?
  199. WWYD regarding Mother's Day?
  200. I thought the year was 2009
  201. This hurt my feelings
  202. Just once could you make an attempt for Mother's Day?
  203. Dear lady with the out of control child in the library...
  204. DH, you suck
  205. I can't handle my dad's attitude towards DH! A really dumb, unnecessarily long rant.
  206. Dear Idiot at the Zoo ...
  207. What a @#$!%!!!!!
  208. Anyone else want to just do away with mother's day?
  209. Just tacky!
  210. DH, you are to trusting!!!!
  211. Son of a Nutcracker...
  212. sil-weight obsession
  213. Dear Lady in my Apt Complex...
  214. I am so happy to hear that YOUR baby sleeps through the night
  215. angst over group mother's day gift - argh!
  216. Dear Daycare,
  217. Dang Yearbook
  218. Please sweet baby, go to sleep...
  219. Phone Co...Are you kidding me?!?!
  220. Rsvp by....
  221. $18 for a kid's haircut, and now we can't go out without a hat
  222. 'what a bummer'
  223. Must you smoke AT the entrance to a store?
  224. Petty B**** about DH
  225. My Loser Cousin's Big, Fat Wedding
  226. Need to vent about ... wait for it ... my MIL!!
  227. MORE fricken' fracken fraudulent charges on my VISA
  228. DH I do love you BUT WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?
  229. Stupid dog!!!
  230. Dear DH
  231. DH, total ingrate, ideas for retribution requested!
  232. "Just remember what blessings they are..."
  233. I was not giving you a dirty glare for bfeeding in public...
  234. I am not sure how to title this
  235. There are not enough....
  236. Oh gosh, I'm dreading this...
  237. I'm having a pity-party kind of day
  238. Was there a full moon last night-or one tonight?
  239. I think my baby is insane! WTF is this???
  240. I hate my mattress...long vent!!!!
  241. Must EVERYTHING go in your mouth?
  242. I've had a bad week. Need to vent.
  243. Why must we all be sick at the same time?
  244. I suck at this parenting gig
  245. At the ped. this morning for 3 hours!
  246. Ok, that's 4!!!
  247. Dammit DH!
  248. Approx how long will it take
  249. ugh, swimming lessons.
  250. I love you sweet baby girl...