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  1. Not really a bitch but more of vent...
  2. 3 week old coughing
  3. Inlaws are constantly causing problems with DH - Looong
  4. The Gem & Jewelry Show Sucked
  5. Ebay Decisions: UGH
  6. Yet another petty DH issue...
  7. DON'T rile the baby!
  8. Playdate rejection
  9. DH is on a roll lately
  10. Uniforms for 2 year olds? Really?
  11. Rain rain go away, come again some other MONTH!
  12. Okay, I know it's petty
  13. DD--Stop Peeing on the floor!!!!!
  14. Worst.Day.Ever.
  15. Please just make a decision!
  16. No, cancer is not...
  17. Sigh. I fell in love with $170 shoes (out of my budget)
  18. I'm a Little Hurt by this...
  19. WTH?!?!? I'm GAINING weight?!?
  20. CL vent
  21. Ticks!
  22. Please make me feel better!
  23. I just need to unload...
  24. Well then why did you ask? (petty MIL vent)
  25. Perpetually late BIL and MIL's response
  26. Please, someone take my sister, please....long
  27. Do NOT give my children sparklers!
  28. I could kick myself for eating that piece of strawberry pie!
  29. Don't you know it's dangerous??? Kids under age 6 + rope + slide = BAD
  30. So disappointed.....(house sale vent)
  31. An anti-vent...
  32. Wierd Post-Sale Responses
  33. Because we don't have enough to juggle right now
  34. Thank you for cutting your tree down at 7:15 this morning.
  35. I want new appliances
  36. fisher price and hex wrench
  37. Grossed out.
  38. I don't know why I bother...
  39. MIL forgot my birthday...
  40. Seriously?
  41. Another "seriously DH?"
  42. Just let us visit the school....
  43. You've got be kidding me, another plugged duct??
  44. DH!
  45. For the first time in my life, my chest is too big
  46. Why doesn't anyone have classes for toddlers on Friday's over the summer?!
  47. Feeling so alone
  48. I lost the phones.
  49. I hate feeling guilty for enjoying mat leave
  50. K teacher rant re: allergies
  51. new papasan motor is BROKEN!!!
  52. Radio Flyer Wagon needs this Warning on Box!!
  53. Huge Bitch.
  54. open letter to DH
  55. Seriously - it's a candy bar!
  56. Yes we're poor, but you are annoyingly rich!
  57. How can I make him understand?
  58. Another one
  59. Baby Jogger....
  60. DH, Alcohol...wwyd
  61. Aeriodite
  62. Here goes my cumulative post for the day....
  63. having more kids.....
  64. Leave the baby ALONE!!!!!
  65. Terrible insomnia but still functioning. Thoughts?
  66. All I want is a decaf iced coffee!
  67. Grrrr!! Hipmonkey.com and Sunshine Kids
  68. SkinDeep and Sunscreen
  69. It's a girl!
  70. I am being petty
  71. Is this the norm when showing guests your home?
  72. Playgroup nag
  73. Laura's Lips: Hello Octomom! SO ugly!
  74. I Hate Dropside Cribs
  75. YES, mother DOES know best!
  76. Ikea
  77. Really?!? Really!?! Catastropic engine failure?
  78. Paralyzed
  79. Really, you got a house?
  80. Need advice on how to get family to treat me better
  81. Furniture Store Out of Business
  82. Poison Ivy...ugh!!!
  83. 46,178!!!
  84. The End of the Story
  85. Anyone done with babies and not interested in anyone else's?
  86. Tired of things being dropped on my lap at the last second
  87. 11AM-2PM party at a park
  88. My little vent...
  89. Just a phone call, is that too much to ask?
  90. Age inappropriate HUGE gift for DDs...
  91. Why is RSVPing so hard for people these days?
  92. Creditors calling ME for neighbor's bad credit!!!
  93. Petty, I kow.....fevers suck
  94. Good News (for a change) :)
  95. DH lost his credit card AGAIN!!!
  96. Why am diagnosing DS?
  97. Moving sucks!
  98. Dear Window Cleaners...
  99. My brother just doesn't get it!!!
  100. DH please empty out your pockets before I do laundry..
  101. Dear jerk in the parking lot,
  102. Migraines suck.
  103. I don't even get why he thinks that is OK.
  104. I lost my frickin' keys!
  105. Yes, people really do put sweet tea
  106. Do NOT Throw the Remotes Away.
  107. Cancel vacation??
  108. My mother is driving me insane!
  109. O.M.G. the toddler meltdowns are going to drive me to the nut house!
  110. DH's job sucks!
  111. Update: DH thanks for offering to pay a 14 yo $20/hour to babysit
  112. Nasty, sarcastic CL response
  113. Seriously, car alarms are useless
  114. Dear Dog...
  115. Holy Guacamole! Climbing before walking...
  116. I bought a bag of weeds!
  117. Forward Facing Infant Seat?
  118. A mothering paradox - never alone, yet so LONELY
  119. I hate filing!!
  120. To Whatever Creature Dropped a Deer's LEG in the Driveway...
  121. not fair - MIL and DH
  122. Do not ring my doorbell
  123. We hit a deer last night
  124. Why do I make these stupid assumptions?
  125. Dear DS3,
  126. Does it bug you when
  127. DH and the Toilet
  128. How many bitches do I get per week?
  129. Why is this so weird?
  130. Frickin' Frackin' Restaurants
  131. I swear, WTF?!
  132. Scared by a weird guy in a parking lot.
  133. I HATE heat waves!!
  134. When Polygamy Makes Sense
  135. National Mow Your Neighbor's Lawn Day???
  136. Is it exhaustion and hormones...
  137. Stupid car
  138. Puke and Poop
  139. I Hate Car Salesmen
  140. No title, just frustrated...
  141. ewwww gross!!!
  142. Get out of my yard!!!
  143. It's official.
  144. To the kids at the end of the driveway
  145. The dog stinks
  146. It's JUNE TWENTYfourth NOT JULY 4th!
  147. Would you be mad if someone painted DS' toenails?
  148. I paid for pink eye
  149. Perfectly able people playing the system/WIC
  150. BBQ Aggravations
  151. sick of the heat
  152. I got a $30 parking ticket while visiting MIL!
  153. I want a toy-free space!!!!
  154. Grumpy people suck!
  155. DD, give mommy the doorknob!
  156. I know you're sick but...
  157. GRRR....I need to vent about this again. Please help.
  158. Really, DH?
  159. When I ask for an honest opinion...
  160. OK, if this were an IQ test, I would have failed.
  161. UPDATE & Q? Wanna hear how I (didn't quite) tell off the ABA therapist? (Super long)
  162. Don't judge!!!!!!!!!
  163. Dh, dh, dh!
  164. I will NEVER use those Target carts designed for two children to sit up front!!!!!
  165. Petty moving b**tch
  166. STOP whining already!!!
  167. Not a nice mom at the zoo today
  168. Pushy!? Thanks dh!
  169. Argh, my first late fee ever...
  170. Stinky Carpet
  171. Building a custom home, not good for stress levels
  172. Is there a separate board to discuss the board?
  173. For the "love" of AF! *may be TMI*
  174. We just found out where we are going to next...
  175. Dog, I thank you for getting sprayed by a skunk at 3am
  176. This drives me nuts: people "rating" my kids looks
  177. Daycamp Issues.....LONG
  178. What a day.
  179. 2 Timeouts before 8:30!!!
  180. Gosh Boden!
  181. Swine Flu x2--Just Shoot Me!!
  182. Why, Sonic Extra-Long Chili Cheese Dog? Why?
  183. When one side of the family is cheap! (WAY LONG)
  184. I'm the momma!!!
  185. Lost My Envelope Of Coupons - Sooo Aggravated
  186. I'll tie both their little destructive hands behind their backs with duct tape!
  187. Dear BIL...
  188. Dear Mother Nature, it's July...
  189. I am sick of always being the one to say "no" to DD.
  190. Because I said so!
  191. Frustrated with Health Insurance
  192. I HATE the fact that my DC don't know how to loose
  193. I love my dog, but I don't LIKE her
  194. If you're going to drag your dog along while he's pooping...
  195. When Pottying is a Spectator Sport...
  196. Self checkout at the supermarket is NOT for...
  197. Obviously potty training isn't happening soon.
  198. A Honda Pilot or a Highlander are NOT compact cars
  199. How are we supposed to survive?
  200. Why does my 4 yr old insist I take him to the bathroom?
  201. Can't you remove my email when you forward?
  202. Does anyone else hate this time of day?
  203. Why bother?
  204. Thanks a bunch, mil! Grrrrrrrr!!!
  205. Dear DS, WHY!?
  206. I knew it would happen eventually...
  207. No. You are two. You may not have soda
  208. Having difficulty with financial dependency on DH (sorry this is long!)
  209. Dear Sweet DS:
  210. Whiffleball
  211. Seriously! Flour and Sugar are not the same!
  212. What I wouldn't give
  213. Max and Ruby...Ruby and Max!!! Pls, make it stop!
  214. Please stop asking me to spell words for 1 hour.
  215. It's an old b!tch
  216. Did you know...?
  217. Do All Dog Rescues Hate Kids?
  218. Reply to all has a purpose, and this is not it
  219. Burt's Bees chemical free sunscreen
  221. Preemtive Bitch...
  222. Women should know better!
  223. Why, oh why
  224. Neighbors.
  225. How is this surgery?
  226. When did formula equal hurting your child?
  227. Tomorrow I will not ask....
  228. DD, Your 2, please, I beg you..STOP waking up at midnight...
  229. I hate fruit flies
  230. DD, Please make up your mind!
  231. Dear Mom,
  232. [email protected]$$ Target Advertisment
  233. Go to bed.
  234. Money down the toilet
  235. so how do you react when you aren't invited?
  236. stupid stupid DVR!!!!
  237. Whyyyyyyy NOOOWWWWW?
  238. Another "look how cute Junior is in his new carseat" photo
  239. Ha!
  240. People need to grow up~!
  241. This weeks samples of writing from my college students
  242. ARGH. What happened to my cute and sweet DS?
  243. It gets better and better...
  244. I have no energy...
  245. My DH let the baby break my laptop. WTF?
  246. vacation massacre disaster with inlaws!
  247. Just sad
  248. Really none of your business
  249. It's like a magnet....
  250. When so you know you can't handle any more responsibilities?