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  1. man at the passport info center
  2. i unswaddled ds...night dear.
  3. I have been sick for a week and a half...
  4. DD please stop waking up in the middle of the night--looking to vent and for advice
  5. UGH - MIL agreed to watch kids for a week
  6. Dear brainless hare...
  7. OB vent- possible TMI
  8. Friend lied to me and broke my trust while watching DD
  9. I'm about to find a boarding school for my kids!!!!
  10. WTF?!?! DH is a MORON!
  11. SECOND UPDATE:Somebody slap my landlord, please.
  12. How Would He Know?
  13. Ugh
  14. Trying Not to Be Mad at DH
  15. Thanks, I needed that!
  16. Minor b*tch buit a b*tch just the same...
  17. Just got to work & I can use a glass of wine!
  18. Dear DH- please get your butt off the couch!
  19. We have 0 name ideas.
  20. Helping me with things i don't want done is not helpful
  21. Dear Stepmom,
  22. Foreign Languages
  23. Cars Cars Everywhere Cars!
  24. My kids are rotten!
  25. Dear Library,
  26. Comment sections in newspaper articles drive me insane!!!
  27. Why doesn't my almost 5 year old listen?
  28. Dang allergies- when will it end?
  29. Fed up with birth options and tired of the stress
  30. My clothes.
  31. Other people's bratty children
  32. I'm not on FB for a reason...
  33. dear horrible cheap chef's knife:
  34. Wish the vet had been up front about things with me
  35. when will i start feeling better????
  36. If I have to hear "I want my Daddy" one more time...
  37. Darn mosquitoes
  38. petrafied hair..Petty bitch
  39. WTH! Why is my toddler getting junk mail from Office Depot?!
  40. get out of my garden!
  41. I don't get it..
  42. $5 shipping on an $8 piece of Fabric (and it's going about 15 miles)
  43. I had a "scuffle" with "customer service" at BJs
  44. I could just kick myself...
  45. If you're selling a highchair...
  46. Is this not my week or something?
  47. I feel judged....(or maybe I"m being too sensitive).
  48. Who was the painter on Murphy Brown?
  49. I'm depressed.
  50. Craigslist locations
  51. Aaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!!
  52. People who argue for the sake of arguing...
  53. Is it really that hard to get a gift for your grandson yourself???
  54. Where's the stupid sling!!???
  55. DD1 has a *square* head?!? Really?!?
  56. What the @#$% were you thinking?
  57. Haircut woes
  58. DD and DS, why won't you eat anything healthy?
  59. Double post. Ignore
  60. More from my crazy neighbor...
  61. Note to my dad...
  62. Grunble for DH
  63. I just made a facebook acct and I'm so sad!
  64. WTH!!!! I'm delinquent on a FUTURE payment, according to AT&T
  65. Some kids are small
  66. I need an effing vacation from this vacation...
  67. Just don't understand my sis' priority---Carseat rant
  68. Why do women show so much cleavage?
  69. MIL Bitch #4529697B
  70. DH, please!!!!!
  71. Car trip couldn't have been much worse
  72. My Loser Cousin's Big, Fat, Wedding - how did THIS happen?
  73. Um, $800 is not a joke!
  74. Dear Lady in the Park,
  75. Excuse me for moving!
  76. I hate maternity clothes on a hot day!
  77. If one more person tells me how big I look I will scream!!!
  78. Say NO to Heinz!
  79. I'm an idiot.
  80. Just one of those days...
  81. If you know I'm having company why are you calling?
  82. Fine! I give up. Let your teeth rot.
  83. Mad at myself/ CL Seller
  84. If you were a Lilypadz where would you be hiding?
  85. Really, I can hear you.
  86. Some of us have plans...
  87. beef in the chicken?!?! (stupid food allergies!)
  88. Am I The ONLY One Who Takes DD's Safety Seriously?!!!!!
  89. DH--I need a break
  90. If you look at the road you might avoid killing yourself and everyone around you!
  92. My Sister and Carseats
  93. Stop telling me you hate me!
  94. I never want to see my kids again!
  95. Whine--care to join my pity party?
  96. And so it begins...NIP after the first birthday...
  97. I really want to disown my mother
  98. Thanks, Ikea.
  99. Such a screw up!
  100. What part of MILK ALLERGY do you not understand??
  101. I hate bathtime
  102. No more ABA
  103. I'd like my medal now, please.
  104. Just go to the basement and don't give me a hard time!!!
  105. WWYD? (Long, sorry)
  106. worst summer of my life
  107. Irritated that my sister STILL thinks it's okay for her 6 yo ride upfront!
  108. Broken foot!
  109. I'm over my life
  110. This is why I NEVER go to the Doctors...
  111. Thanks for the notice - ILs and b-day planning
  112. To be 13 or not to be 13?
  113. Dear DH
  114. Nesting Instinct Broke. Just wanna nap.
  115. So upset I am sick
  116. Poor DH.
  117. Parenting differences...
  118. Can I really not drink coffee for 48 hours after doing the teeth whitening?!
  119. Do I have to lose all my friends?
  120. Just SAY something!!
  121. Onestepahead dragging me along... backordered cosleeper... grrrr.
  122. I want Daddy to do it!
  123. Dear DH, you are NOT a doctor...
  124. A fellow board member committed a mommy drive-by and is proud of it
  125. Potty training, day one...
  126. A pox upon their house
  127. We're all busy; thanks for backing out
  128. Dear Neighbors... ***UPDATED on 2nd page***
  129. Why do people take their dogs everywhere?
  130. My @$$ hurts so bad!
  131. Clueless
  132. Worst way to job hunt
  133. Maybe I"m being too sensitive.
  134. I'm spreading myself too thin.
  135. Adults only wedding...
  136. Are you illiterate??
  137. DH sucks
  138. Stop, ds1!!
  139. Dear shmucky creepy high school stalker guy,
  140. Another IL gripe ~ small update post #8
  141. I Am Having A Bad Puppy Day
  142. I'm the MAMA!!!
  143. When do vacations become relaxing again?
  144. DH grumble
  145. MIL Strikes Again
  146. Annoyed with my guy friend - petty and lame
  147. Back to School BBQ was trashtastic!
  148. DH get a move on!!
  149. I'm being eaten alive by bugs this summer...
  150. Dream House
  151. Dear DH--move your stuff or it will disappear
  152. You don't make a left turn from the far right lane!
  153. Cabin situation--Update
  154. He NEEDS a NAP!!! So, don't get him out!
  155. Minor B#@ch--shrinking cereal boxes.
  156. Latest installment: My house search saga
  157. DH, get out of my kitchen!!!
  158. bitch and need advice
  159. Tiny Facebook Bitch
  160. Stupid Gas Company
  161. DH - thanks for ruining my day
  162. Grumpy Coworkers
  163. Don't you hate when...
  164. Now a DH vent
  165. What happened to quality control?
  166. grrr, grrr, grrr....
  167. Some medical office practices are terrible!
  168. Migraine!!!!!
  169. Dept store checkout encounter -WWYD?
  170. Dear Johnny Boden,
  171. Would you block your mom's phone number in this situation?
  172. Seriously DH?
  173. Dear DD, just b/c daddy is away doesn't mean
  174. Post-pregnancy weight loss
  175. Is it still a Mommy drive-by when...
  176. I hate it when people stop by unannounced!
  177. Dear DH: I want to kill you when...
  178. Crab Legs!!!
  179. Wth dh!?
  180. Yes, They Really Do Need a Snack
  181. Children with autism. . .
  182. Dear MIL
  183. Dog Poop Woman
  184. Bad buffet manners.
  185. Another DH vent
  186. My very irritating experience at Target
  187. An Unexpected Visitor
  188. Don't stare at me lady
  189. My turn to complain about ILs (DH's b-day related!)
  190. I hate moving
  191. My baby isn't a baby anymore
  192. Dear MIL
  193. Please don't bring your obviously sick kid to the playground
  194. Preschool-day 3. DS wakes up with a nasty cough and a runny nose
  195. Know it all neighbors
  196. Dear MIL
  197. Stupid Craigslist seller
  198. Always make a list
  199. I honestly think
  200. The week from he11
  201. and so it begins.....
  202. I hate packing, I hate packing...
  203. Ack! Fever + MSG.
  204. Why when you need your child to be healthy & NOT cranky...
  205. Retraction... This subject became too touchy.
  206. Pettiest Bitch of the Week (or month? or ever?)
  207. Stupid fly
  208. Deleted
  209. DS starts school on Tuesday
  210. Oh crap!
  211. Mrs. Jones: Recent horrible remarks.
  212. This is petty, I know
  213. For the love of Pete...
  214. Seriously?
  215. I just feel bad
  216. Conversation with DH
  217. The incredible timing of children.
  218. Beyond PO'd with DH & his flying phobia
  219. I need a real office!
  220. Neighbors painted my fence!!!
  221. Waiting room at the Ped's office
  222. Supposed to be more chewy, not crunchy
  223. Fed up of my huge feet!
  224. my morning
  225. DD found my green sharpie and went to town!
  226. Body chemistry working against me today!
  227. I read something disturbing today
  228. Dryer -- stop ruining DD's clothes!!!!
  229. My son, the shredder!
  230. SNL Fired Casey Wilson. I don't get it.
  231. Remember the people who wanted us to "vacation in their home"
  232. Here we go again... I am officially a football widow
  233. Tomorrow is my anniversarry and I totally forgot!
  234. Soaking pots and pans
  235. I hate U-Haul!!!
  236. What's the point of having a cell phone...
  237. Little more faith in the B'feeding, pls
  238. Cranky?
  239. I'm SOOO frustrated!!!
  240. work and financial vent (long)
  241. Pregnancy is not a disease
  242. I'm planning a b'day party for SIL? Seriously?
  243. I'm in bday party planning HELL
  244. XM Radio sucks!!!!
  245. Medical bill for $.01
  246. Another IL rant
  247. SIL, Really?!?!?!? LONG
  248. I hate where we live!!!
  249. Dear DD, LONG a$$ RANT!!!!!!!
  250. I can only hope I don't cause this kind of grief on my children.