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  1. You know the forecast for the day is bad when it starts with 2 bitches at 3am...
  2. Sad, yes, but is DH really expected to...
  3. UPDATE: Be honest, are we bad tenants?
  4. :(
  5. Skunks
  6. Overwhelmed with 'stuff'
  7. Week from Hell!!!
  8. men who are sick
  9. AT&T - "You don't have enought credit history for TV service" WTF?
  10. $$$ for toddler tennis shoes
  11. DS's Replacement Lovey's music doesn't work
  12. Thanks for taking the wind out of my sails
  13. Grrr. Well that was a waste of time
  14. Neighbor girl told me my DD is spoiled
  15. THank you DH's friend.
  16. bad doctor
  17. Pure Pettiness: Another Mom Board
  18. You've got to be kidding me!
  19. Hmmm, wondering how many IL b!tches I can roll into one post
  20. Mean kids suck
  21. assumptions about older children
  22. Well...that was no use.
  23. Can we all just pee IN THE TOILET!!!
  24. STOP giving my DC cheap, MIC crap....
  25. My first bitching post
  26. Two Bitches for the week
  27. UGH! Friends post on blog..would this piss you off? Loss of pregnancy related....
  28. Dear Mom: Stop sending pics of my kids to people I don't know!
  29. Dear Baby C,
  30. Eat what I make for you, darnit!
  31. transitions with daycare and grad school
  32. Please read the dissertation
  33. Dear boobs: I hate you.
  34. Please Answer My Email!
  35. Money pit!!!!
  36. Today is my birthday and no one remembered
  37. My friends are driving me a little nuts
  38. Please delete
  39. My morning at Brandsmart
  40. I need my mouth soaped up...
  41. Rude man at dim sum restaurant
  42. Everything is a battle!!! can't take it!
  43. Stop asking me if I'm PREGNANT!!!
  44. Alone...
  45. So Pissed
  46. Thanks, DH
  47. Not How I Wanted To Start My Week
  48. Schwan man, go away, I only wanted the free food!
  49. Why does trading in a car have to be so stressful?!
  50. DS Has Pneumonia. Great.
  51. Why of why must we be a b&%##
  52. Dear Other Mom
  53. Irritated with Humanity
  54. Why am I always the bad guy?
  55. Anyone else lose a long-time (22+ yrs) friendship over different "parenting styles"?
  56. Will someone please
  57. It's a pedestrian crosswalk, so let people cross!
  58. Stupid Voice Recognition
  59. So do you want to sell or what?
  60. My dh's depression...
  61. DD-what is so great about 2:45 am???!!!
  62. DD, Can you possibly ask for something without WHINING???
  63. Mama needs some sleep!!!
  64. UPDATED - Thanks, MIL...
  65. They can sniff out when Dad's out of town...
  66. I got a ticket today and I am so upset
  67. The relatives you love to hate: IN LAWS!!!
  68. Where is my brain?
  69. Please stop taking your children out of the country
  70. I'm sick. I finally got what DD, DS and DH had
  71. nevermind
  72. Why is it...
  73. This goes in the bitching post because I am one, apparently.
  74. Build me a house...
  75. Coke Rewards
  76. Thank you idiot buyers....
  77. DH, quit trying to "fix" me....
  78. Business & husbands=*(*^%$
  79. I don't have time for this.
  80. Do I Have "Stupid" Painted on My Forehead?
  81. The funny things fear can do to you...
  82. My flippin' hair is everywhere!
  83. I just got rid of an $865 matchbox car....
  84. Yet another issue this week already!
  85. Sometimes I'm jealous of our sibs who live far away from our parents!
  86. DS lost a $102 remote.. and the list keeps growing
  87. n/m
  88. Grrr, there's a Hanna Andersson thief at school!
  89. Lo and Behold: The missing library book
  90. Waking up to a sink full of nasty, dirty dishes!
  91. I was rear-ended yesterday
  92. Child's name isn't "black enough"
  93. this trip is going to suck.
  94. DH ate the last of the chocolate...
  95. Custody battles amongst family members suck
  96. IL's are pure evil...
  97. sick of the battles!!!! :(
  98. I just have so much to do today..................
  99. DH, please, for once, pay attention to details!
  100. Flu vaccinations
  101. Yikes ~ Just had to get this out
  102. why?
  103. Broken knob on my kitchen aid :(
  104. Can I have a do-over on this week?
  105. Thanks for the 62 pg fax.
  106. I know I should try to be understanding...BUT
  107. Overdrawn Checking Account Gone Crazy
  108. I'm SICK and I need help!
  109. kissing boys comment
  110. Okay, now it's a bitch! (and a long one!)
  111. Where did this appetite come from??
  112. Feeling scared
  113. Men's Warehouse
  114. Why, Why, WHY?!
  115. UGH I am stressed
  116. Alzheimer's Sucks
  117. All the work for vacation ....
  118. Coping strategies for horrible MIL? (sorry, long!)
  119. Stephenie Meyer's site is down - can't read Midnight Sun tonight
  120. UGH! My dang parents...
  121. Is this ethical?
  122. Really DH, really?
  123. I have fallen= twice in 4 days!
  124. My anti-bitch. :)
  125. Nigerian Scam Emailers, Leave Me Alone!!
  126. My Well Earned Bitch
  127. My parents suck!
  128. This just sucks....
  129. Not sure who to be PO'd at
  130. I thought I had dealt with these emotions
  131. Ugh, so embarrassed and sad, yet also ANNOYED...
  132. Self-centered much?
  133. Dear Mom: You make me sad.
  134. Please don't send your clearly sick kids to school!
  135. I just hate shopping for health insurance
  136. DS please wipe your own nose!
  137. I want my van back!
  138. CHASE customer service HORRIBLE!!!
  139. Citifinancial auto sucks!!!
  140. Sometimes, Mama needs a break.
  141. Stupid frickin' frackin' van...
  142. Head lice
  143. Grammar/Punctuation Snobs: Which is correct?
  144. I needed the SHOT not the MIST
  145. Just poop in the potty!
  146. I am so fwerkin mad at him
  147. Here's a tip for all you coffee lovers...
  148. Stupid, lazy *grumble grumble*
  149. dear neighbors...
  150. Just found out that the H1N1 vac from the ped DOES contain preservatives
  151. Mary Poppins! Where are you????
  152. Fantastic end to a crappy couple of days...
  153. Vacation's over, buddy
  154. Eat!!!!!!
  155. To the People Having the Party...
  156. Now what am I going to do?
  157. Apparently I'm just a ditz.
  158. I really need to just ignore it...
  159. DS is driving me INSANE!
  160. What about DS's birthday???
  161. Why did I promise to do this ALONE????
  162. My mom on FB...
  163. Old Navy Pricing on Halloween Costume
  164. So I slept with my boss...
  165. Just take the (%$*(&% medicine!
  166. DH-thanks for the heads-up that this is going to be another sh!tty week
  167. Oh no you didn't just say that (snap fingers)
  168. Vomit Day
  169. Why did this have to happen on camera?
  170. Doctor's office filed to old insurance -- wanted to collect from me.
  171. How old is too old to tell on your sister?
  172. H1N1 Vax and Drs.
  173. update in #83 MIL just issued a condition on T'giving invite
  174. Can my employer do this?
  175. Why do I even bother tracking packages?
  176. I feel fat today/Update: my kitty died :(
  177. Got turned down for another job!
  178. Ugh...have credit on my credit account
  179. Ugh!!!!! I just want to SCREAM!!!!!
  180. men! need I say more?
  181. Grrrrr!
  182. GRRRR work crap
  183. Pick up the phone MIL!
  184. DH: Stop over-stuffing the washing machine!!!
  185. No. I don't want to print up pictures for your mom.
  186. Dear DH,
  187. Why doesn't anyone use soap to wash their hands?!!
  188. Bobbing for apples in H1N1 season??
  189. Blogger/website Haters
  190. Handmade vs commerically made clothing...
  191. DH is related to the Energizer Bunny...
  192. 2:30 during the week is a bad time for a family event
  193. @#%! Car Salesman
  194. Share the shopping aisle!
  195. FIL again - but really just want advice!
  196. The "New Parent" Look
  197. DS friend's mother has medical situation at our home..Update Post 23
  198. Bad Haircut!
  199. Why did I keep ds1 home today?
  200. Really bad day
  201. Observation + Bitch
  202. Differences about money
  203. Language issues
  204. Got Chewed out about tip--was I wrong?
  205. I don't want to hear this, don't tell me this now.
  206. Rent.com sucks!
  207. I want to talk to a human being.
  208. Dear Craigslist Buyers....
  209. Just spoke to the rudest Verizon tech ever
  210. Stupid Barbie!!
  211. OMG!!! My DH failed the CA Drivers Test....
  212. Dh is in there destroying the DVD player!
  213. Nickels in the car cd player
  214. I am so ticked off at my future ex-BIL!!!
  215. Just checked Facebook....
  216. Why do some teachers
  217. Am I overreacting? - Update in #28
  218. My dang DH and money
  219. What do you think about this e-mail?
  220. Puke.Carseat.UGH!
  221. UPDATE! SIL (rant)... just friended me on FB
  222. Deleted
  223. Very Petty Blog Comment Gripe
  224. Can people just stay home when they are sick?
  225. Why can't DH EVER get it right?
  226. Dear Mice....
  227. Facebook "Friends" @#$
  228. Dear Tastefully Simple lady,
  229. DD is only 2.5 and already knows how to get revenge....
  230. @#$%^& Play-doh!!!
  231. Argh Radio Flyer
  232. Dear health dept,
  233. A POX ON YOUR HOUSE! (I know this makes me a horrible, horrible person...)
  234. UPDATED: STUPID Baby shower trend! (see post #47)
  235. I so don't get why DH doesn't like DD and DS to have toys
  236. Dear DH.
  237. How is this "helping" us out?!
  238. Job Conflicts! Or Would you Take a Job that will Hurt your Spouse's Career?
  239. If you're a SAHM, do you get a sick day?
  240. Ugh...Dandruff...Help!
  241. "Get a free code for following us on Twitter"
  242. Dentists
  243. HEY- you in the denali.
  244. I want my stuff! (tantrum~mine!)
  245. You didn't invent love and one other petty bitch.
  246. Today is my birthday and it sucks
  247. Can we just let it drop? (sorry, long)
  248. Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair...
  249. Dear School:
  250. My Smart Snacks got stolen..