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  1. Oil slick and damn BP will cancel my vacation?
  2. a proactive bitch
  3. How Do you "Forget" to call your children for 2 days?
  4. Updated-Poor dh has shingles, we think
  5. Darn water main break
  6. Dieting is hard.
  7. Seriously???
  8. Lake Michigan is big and full of water!
  9. goodness gracious... update in post 33
  10. I am starting to dislike going to the park
  11. I can finally admit that I'm depressed. (random, crazy thoughts)
  12. Heard this weekend
  13. Seriously? You couldn't give me more notice?
  14. I am so frustrated with my mom
  15. Se frustrated with vacation plans
  16. Smoking Neighbors!!!
  17. Just put him to bed.
  18. Dear America, Nashville is Under Water, Please Take Notice
  19. Please actually get the facts right DH!
  20. My house has turned on me.
  21. Excuse Me? An Advance Notice Would've Been Nice
  22. Can't believe how bad my kids are behaving
  23. I'm pregnant and my sisters are annoying.
  24. C is still SO little! :(
  25. ARGH! DS's tantrums are starting to physically hurt me
  26. I forgot teacher appreciation week at ds2's school
  27. They are bouncing off the walls!
  28. Product information label
  29. I hate my job!!!
  30. bday/m-day
  31. DH .. are you here??
  32. Rabits in my Garden
  33. I want more wine...
  34. I'm in a bad mood
  35. Sick kid
  36. Ugh! Why did I let him do that?
  37. Turn down the fing music, you jerks
  38. Thanks You inconsiderate a-hole excuse for a husband
  39. It's Mother's Day
  40. DH why can't you get the kids out the door?
  41. Why?
  42. Pretty Please????
  43. Stolen truck
  44. Mother's Day Bitch
  45. Stupid BIKE
  46. Mother's Day...not even sure if I am bitching, just disappointed
  47. annoyed with birthday gifts!!!
  48. Passport for Toddler: Been asking for months now we have an appt 3 days before trip!
  49. B*tch with a happy ending! (shopping)
  50. $50 per family for end of year preschool gift
  51. THIS is an excuse for not participating?
  52. I have some nerve.
  53. i emotionally ate all day
  54. Just for a Laugh-- Bridezilla on Facebook
  55. Stupid food manufacturers- quit trying to trick me!
  56. I hate writing cover letters
  57. It's times like this when I hate being a WOHM
  58. Just Because You Survived Breast Cancer
  59. Counting calories is madness
  60. If the office door is closed and no one answers when you knock...
  61. Short-notice deployment: I feel a collective tantrum coming on...
  62. Uggg way to ruin it
  63. BRU and Walmart...You are Not My Friends!
  64. Just had to write it all out....
  65. How is it possible to be this p*ssed off at 10:10 a.m.?
  66. Problem dump
  67. I cannot believe British Airways
  68. My friends suck...maybe its me
  69. Downtime? What downtime?
  70. Why can you not change DS's diapers more often?? He's been at your school 1.5 yrs!!
  71. ()#$#(*$ Craigslist Too-Late Buyer
  72. At what point do you consider your DH's social activities "excessive"?
  73. Puppy, you are wearing out your welcome...
  74. Owww!!
  75. Dear SIL
  76. DH, it shouldn't be a shock I'm stressed
  77. I'm a paunchy middle-aged woman. There, I said it.
  78. We live like pigs and I'm tired of it.
  79. My teeth hurt
  80. I think I have poison ivy.
  81. HS Reunion Drama
  82. Please start talking!
  83. Shower etiquette
  84. Response to my letter to Delta (very long)
  85. Thanks for returning my gift Step-Mom
  86. No fair tag teaming mama
  87. To whoever stole my son.......
  88. DS1 is being nasty
  89. Why can't I choose where I lose?
  90. I Fired EI today.
  91. Have massive headache--headed towards migraine...
  92. Insurance BS
  93. Why is the world ok with rude?
  94. Registry Blues
  95. I hate clothes shopping for myself!
  96. Dear ILs, You Never Cease to Disappoint!!
  97. UPDATE in #11: She's Baaaaaaaaaaaack!
  98. DH canceled my LOST and AI DVR schedule!
  99. Neighbor painted my fence, part II
  100. DH, I kind of hate you right now
  101. To be nice to dh when the strep throat gets to him next?
  102. Really mother?
  103. Hate to say this, but DS has ruined our 'vacation'
  104. I'm on a roll x3!
  105. Eff you, SIL
  106. Anything you can do, I can do better! (Kid parties at school)
  107. pizza hut you suck
  108. Please feed me if party is at meal time
  109. Travelling with dogs
  110. Feeling Cheated...
  111. I've apoligized but he's still mad...
  112. When sending links, type carefully!!
  113. I'm an idiot!
  114. I'm shaking I'm so pissed right now!
  115. Whoo, hormones!
  116. Feeling horrible (IL-related)
  117. Still allergic to milk
  118. UGH, pool party!!
  119. Dropped my Blackberry in the toilet.
  120. I live submerged in drama I can't control (caution: long)
  121. Totsy!
  122. Dear Body,
  123. Sensitive-Don't understand why siblings haven't been to Mothers gravesite/gravest....
  124. Breyers chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream I hate you
  125. Dear Sir
  126. You have got to be kidding me!
  127. No "Sex" for the mom
  128. CA Baby sunscreen $20 at Target!
  129. Dear Mosquitos,
  130. Beyond belief, Why oh why?
  131. Dear World,
  132. Need your perspective: Joint ownership of cottage w/siblings
  133. Dear MIL
  134. I hate you migraine
  135. Let's turn this around...
  136. Gross!!!!!
  137. Dear DH: the mower is not your enemy
  138. just.sooooo.tired
  139. No good pictures.....
  140. UPDATE IN #8!! Feel no connection w/ my siblings, got no invite to family gathering
  141. DS ruined my birthday dinner
  142. I was told to go nurse in the bathroom!
  143. Not liking life right now (long)
  144. MIL Woes - WWYD? (Sorry, it got long!)
  145. I wish they would stop inviting my son places
  146. To whomever I pi$$ed off in a former life...
  147. Daycare lost DDs shoes
  148. Thanks for lecturing me on my manners lady...
  149. No one to cover your patients?!
  150. I specified a brand name for a reason!
  151. Fully aware of the stupidity of this b!tch...
  152. Horrible awful rotten boss day
  153. Not again!
  154. Terrible experience with UPS- Update
  155. Have you ever just felt like beating the crap out of someone?
  156. Bad Mom confession
  157. You Try It & See How You Do!
  158. Saw someone pregnant and smoking. Brought up many emotions.
  159. YOU go somewhere else!
  160. Relative Rant
  161. Dog, did u have to do that in my
  162. More family drama
  163. DH would you please stop sabotaging DD's sleep training!
  164. "Try to gain only 1/2 lb a week"
  165. Feeling kind of sorry for myself today...
  166. My freecycle group has turned into a wish list!
  167. Enough already AF!
  168. To the rude lady that parked next to me this morning
  169. Ugh, we were THAT family at Target today!
  170. I hate insomnia
  171. I know I'm going to regret this, but what can I do??
  172. Craigslist Flakes!!!
  173. Measure your kids BEFORE you get in line!
  174. My coworker - what a jerk
  175. Don't agree to playdate when you knew your house is a PIT!
  176. Anniversary Trip from He!!
  177. I swear DH has PMS
  178. Just be honest about how long it will take!
  179. limiting the stuff coming in
  180. Update: ANOTHER ear infection?!
  181. Not to self: do not use DH's electric shaver on underarms
  182. BRU furniture order still not fulfilled!!!
  183. Tell me I'm paranoid & people really are just nice
  184. Insight into my county and EI for a K child--YUCK
  185. UPDATE in OP: The sickest I've ever been in my life...
  186. Dr. Chief Pharmacist
  187. DANG squirrel
  188. H and Home Repair
  189. To my co-worker who just seems to need to power struggle
  190. Hell is brushing your 3 y.o. Teeth!!!
  191. Venting about vents (bottles that is)!
  192. Buh bye cleaning lady!
  193. Dear MIL -
  194. Thanks DH, aka jerk.
  195. My kid just can't catch a break
  196. Perhaps some duct tape would help...
  197. I want out
  198. Paxil, no sleep and stress= a bad combo!
  199. Stupid body
  200. Another MIL issue and advice needed
  201. My 6 month old is not ADHD
  202. Everyone I know....
  203. Fricken Fracken COMCAST
  204. Ugh, you know it's going to be a challenging day when...
  205. Don't understand yard sale pricing...
  206. Grow the beard back
  207. I suck at boycotting J&J!
  208. I feel fat and disgusting. That's all.
  209. DH is at the top of my "I don't like you right now" list!
  210. my marriage and life....
  211. DH you, are the nickname for Richard...
  212. Text messages are not for...
  213. I could just kick myself!
  214. Bitch #1 My Uncle SUCKS
  215. Bitch #2 My parents suck
  216. Dyson, I hate you today
  217. Tell me your crazy/ annoying neighbor stories!
  218. I'm the world's most annoying mother
  219. *facepalm*
  220. RN advice line...
  221. Sister sadness...
  222. Update and Happy Ending!: Guerilla Reciprocity -- Sibling Issue (long!)
  223. SEARS service stinks!!
  224. I bombed it.
  225. Verizon is on my **** list today!
  226. When did I become a yeller?
  227. Isn't cold & flu season over?!?! Chronic Ear Infections, et. al. are Exhausting!
  228. i. hate. moving.
  229. Mommy is not a pro-wrestler
  230. An anti-bitch...
  231. Hanna Andersson...you make me mad
  232. Anyone else hate the phrase "play date?"
  233. Hey idiot inlaw of my brother, it's 3 hours later here!
  234. I hate hiding in the basement...
  235. Love you mom, but did you really just say that?
  236. Step Up to first grade...
  237. Is PMS a legitimate excuse for cancelling a b-day party? j/k
  238. Am I wrong to be annoyed?
  239. Update- :) Chore inequity
  240. i had a horrible day
  241. Holy sunburn
  242. Sorry DH I haven't planned a whole extravaganza for Father's Day
  243. Oh my. What next?
  244. Apparently mother's day and father's day are the same
  245. Bummed.
  246. 78 degrees downstairs = miserable upstairs
  247. Dear sister
  248. Thanks, DH
  249. I hate Shopping!!
  250. Hey FIL, would you like to borrow one of the baby's blankets to put over your head?