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  1. Birth rate/all boys daycare class
  2. Insurance.
  3. Afterschool attitude
  4. DS2 the destroyer
  5. PMS I hate you
  6. Does anyone happen to know...
  7. 3 yr old going on 16....I don't know if I will survive
  8. I am a LOUSY housekeeper.
  9. DH is going to pitch a fit!!!
  10. Where are my blinds!!??
  11. Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil
  12. Cannot win
  13. Don't feel like pumping today
  14. Traveling with baby/and 5 year old
  15. DH dropped the ball on our 10 yr anniv. trip
  16. And the award for worst bumper sticker ever.....
  17. No, that is not my child tossing her diaper into the air and running commando...
  18. Embarrassed to even post this, but need to ask...
  19. A little privacy, PLEASE!
  20. when did personal thank you's become outdated?
  21. I'm sorry DH
  22. Just a General Run-of-the-Mill Whine
  23. What is up with you DD#2?
  24. If you call my cell phone and it's a wrong number...
  25. Apparently, chivalry is dead
  26. To the person that stole my diapers.com order from my front door
  27. It has become abundantly clear
  28. Its called a carpool, DH
  29. it's Murphy's Law.
  30. I hate speakerphone
  31. Seriously Evenflo???
  32. dear people...
  33. We're just back from Urgent Care
  34. The MESS! Where do all the messes come from?
  35. I'm proud of myself....(antibitch)
  36. Discouraged
  37. Dear craiglist responders
  38. Minor Bi$ch--no lady, my kid's don't need to watch tv
  39. Update: Can I get a do over?
  40. DH, please pay attention
  41. I can't do it all.
  42. Why do men think their grumpy moods are justified?
  43. Dang fire alarm
  44. I hate pumping
  45. So annoyed with my family
  46. Unreliable volunteers
  47. E.R. grrrr
  48. My pedi sucks
  49. Thanks for the nap, dear, but....
  50. Stupid skin lotion
  51. Is anyone else trying to sell a house in this market?
  52. Thanks, Coach.
  53. Crappy CL people!
  54. So bummed I could cry
  55. Pileup at the Bus Stop
  56. Too slow to be a BBBer
  57. I hate my sister
  58. OMG- my children
  59. Yes, MOTHER, I am stupid
  60. Bday Party Bitch. Surprised it took this long.
  61. Yes it helps to stare at tantruming toddler & mom
  62. STOP smelling you as*&$%e, im trying to nest.
  63. Protect yourselves from ignorant Mandated reporters and DCFS
  64. I needed this to go better sooo badly...instead I was THAT mom
  65. This belongs in the "Crying Post" not BP: Wish I wasn't back at work
  66. So overwhelmed with outgrown clothes/shoes
  67. Ok, I have to put a stop to this
  68. Remind me to say no next year (long)
  69. I'm afraid of deer.
  70. DH saw a hit and run!
  71. Dear DH,
  72. More pity for me - great
  73. My washer eats/breaks/shreds all of my clothes...
  74. Seriously son...you're almost 8!
  75. I know my thyroid levels are off..but still justified bitch
  76. Family to Receive $1.5m in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award!
  77. Time to buy toilet locks
  78. Can I catch a break please?!
  79. I just don't get the in laws at all......
  80. why does every thread about being left out always have to go the other way?
  81. Insurance Companies
  82. The crap my mother sends me!
  83. It's really not a race to see how fast you can lose the weight post partum!
  84. That's it...NO presents
  85. Hating you right now soon-to-be XH!
  86. I sure am going miss him....
  87. People are stupid and I have no patience left!
  88. Soooo PO'd right now. Medical form for milk substitute
  89. Why can't my child be less creative?
  90. $384?!?! Never again...
  91. Dang it...I'm getting sick
  92. Coming home from a Girls' Night Out
  93. A 25 oz can of black beans should have. . .
  94. DH you really are dense sometimes
  95. Just a little whining...
  96. Of course it is not a race, but to they have to point it out so painfully!!!
  97. Water restrictions mean no afternoon watering!!
  98. Pardon me while I have a nervous breakdown.
  99. dear geezer
  100. You know your DH travels too much when
  101. so sad, so angry (LONG)
  102. Taking responsibility- it's all my fault!
  103. I know this is irrational...
  104. Darn "So Delicious" bars ...
  105. [email protected]$$ CL seller
  106. I ask for an RSVP for a reason!
  107. Update: Unreal
  108. I don't want to.... (long)
  109. Just a tiny complaint...
  110. first day of parent helping at new preschool...updates (posts 27, 39, 52, 74, 82)
  111. So, so sorry DH
  112. Big fat B!+(H about our state EI services.
  113. Christmas drama...looooooong
  114. losing control
  115. Birthday disappointments
  116. UUGH... AT&T sucks!
  117. DS - why do you insist on riding in the Graco Metrolite!
  118. Eff you elitist cake shop.
  119. I just want to bury my head in the sand.
  120. Oh God, just had to have the talk with my dad...
  121. Girlfriend drama
  122. This is why I can't live without a stroller
  123. Sigh...Army life...:(
  124. Pottery Barn Kids
  125. Go back to your own district!
  126. Thanks a lot DH
  127. I think I should just abstain from looking at FB pictures...
  128. Oh goodwill,how you tease me.
  129. Next door neighbor threatened to sic (sp?) her dogs on DD
  130. Are you freaking kidding me IRS??
  131. Got a Bad Haircut
  132. Mini Rebecca's arm broke off
  133. I hate molars
  134. I walked around the mall...
  135. Why can't you back off!?
  136. REALLY!?! (a nod to Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers)
  137. REALLY MOM... and I unfortunately know what future I'm headed for and it will be hard
  138. I just got stung by a darn scorpion...
  139. Freakin frackin crown
  140. AF is such a tease...and mean on top of it. (prolly TMI)
  141. a comedy of errors ... tmi
  142. a sigh - guess nursing is over for us...
  143. DH, did I ask for your opinion?
  144. Dude!
  145. stupid car!
  146. Dear nasty cold
  147. Not only am I sick
  148. Car seat wars!
  149. Why are you targeting me?
  150. Room Parent, You are out of line!
  151. DH's bro-I CANT WAIT for you to leave!
  152. The SIL story to end all SIL stories!
  153. And I thought I was doing so well...
  154. Why?
  155. Love getting my kids home from MIL's...
  156. Note to people to have yard sales/rummage.
  157. Wow, DH- thanks!
  158. Petty bitch.
  159. Thank you, computer terrorist.
  160. Hyperventilating...
  161. 2 minor complaints
  162. Note to self on substitutions
  163. It's a two-way street, baby...
  164. Dear man in the green Camry....
  165. Agh. I just made a $350 mistake!
  166. I can't shop in the Fall/Winter!!!!
  167. Ugh...neighbor keeps yelling at us.
  168. I'm just not strong enough for all this...
  169. What Not To Do
  170. Family Reunion nightmare begins
  171. I'm pretty livid
  172. This is what you call dental insurance?
  173. What do you mean, you didn't think to ask?!!!!!
  174. I feel like completely unloading on my kids
  175. Utterly flabbergasted by the cluelessness.
  176. She's BAAAAACK!
  177. bleh.
  178. So pissed at my cousin and clueless aunt
  179. Feeling A Bit Overwhelmed--I think I've Schedule To Do Too Much
  180. Just a Petty Grammer Bitch...
  181. DD is missing picture day. :(
  182. What about us?
  183. So Annoyed
  184. DH rant
  185. Totally petty whine
  186. And I thought I was doing well.....
  187. Spell Check Died
  188. So angry and sad
  189. How Not to Change a Poopy Diaper
  190. My nanny just quit.
  191. Thanks for nothing DH
  192. Parenting just gets harder IMO.
  193. Darn you, Seasonal Affective Disorder!
  194. DS2 has a fever of 103
  195. There goes the budget this month.
  196. Wanting another baby
  197. A Brief Jones Funny
  198. Ex-wife rant. Need advice!
  199. So tired...snap out of it!!
  200. Who has separation anxiety?
  201. stupid dog ate dd's lunchbox
  202. Dear Big Truck Drivers
  203. Go to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  204. BBB Bummer!
  205. Don't kill my roses!
  206. I hate Ebay
  207. Dear Santa, please remember to HIDE the toys from the kids until Xmas!
  208. Mirena and spotting. Tell me it gets better.
  209. "Pretty Moms of Orange County"
  210. Dear Dumb Husband,
  211. Dear Home Seller,
  212. A litany....
  213. DC I thought you were done with my body!
  214. A vent
  215. Potty. Training. Twins.
  216. So no motivated to work
  217. A selfish vent.
  218. REI rant!
  219. I lost my groupon
  220. what is my problem?!?!
  221. DH doesn't understand "sick"
  222. Really, DH?
  223. why today?
  224. Dear MIL
  225. why am i crying?
  226. fire alarms!
  227. Do dogs make some people stupid?
  228. Why is DH always such a baby!
  229. We were in a car accident today...
  230. Here's a hint...
  231. I love you DH but honestly
  232. One more about DH....
  233. i thought it was supposed to get better, not worse (update #27)
  234. Swamp People (the History Channel show)
  235. Great timing DS.
  236. Overly Long Emails
  237. I know it's not that big a deal in the whole scheme of things
  238. Super petty
  239. I am a danger to myself
  240. Darn crooks! Quit trying to steal my money!!!
  241. I am NOT a dog person
  242. need a hug...my blogging friend did it again....(loss mentioned)
  243. Political candidates stop calling my house!
  244. Why can't I just be happy?
  245. Here we go again.....
  246. 14 days with a sinus infection before meds?!?!
  247. Dear H
  248. Our new nanny is not Mary Poppins.
  249. Pet Peeve--parent paranoia
  250. Dear ???, add your B*tch here