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  1. Those darn twistie ties , tape and plastic backing!!!
  2. Colic is driving me CRAZY!!!!!
  3. Is it too much to ask...
  4. I have the flu and DD's beginning a growth spurt...happy freaking new year!
  5. What the? Where's our money?
  6. Dag Nabbit! Insurance Company!!
  7. Not exactly a bitch, just a sadness I guess
  8. Do I really NEED my toenails?
  9. I am so sick of nursing bras!
  10. a rant about daytime meetings for moms (from a PT working mom)
  11. I know someone has to be by the door, but why Ellen?
  12. Sometimes I wish she wouldn't have even asked me...
  13. Ear Infections.... UGH!!
  14. Does she need to sleep?!
  15. Uploading a Picture
  16. THAT'S IT!!!
  17. DH fixed it and converted it to a toddler bed! Darn crib broke already!!!
  18. UNBELIEVABLE mother-in-law AGAIN
  19. DAMN F##### FAO!!! HELP
  20. He's screaming on the floor because he wants to eat donuts for dinner..
  21. My mother has a knack***update***
  22. I need some opinions!!
  23. Just call him Snoopy
  24. 2004 can only get better...
  25. On the subject of mothers...
  26. FAO problems - update
  27. WWYD? Invited to MILs expensive retirement party!
  28. Thrush!
  30. Not a bitch!
  31. OMG!!!!! could dh have made MORE of a mess
  32. why does the grocery store give you so many bags??????
  33. I backed into a fire hydrant with my new car!!!!!
  34. I broke CocoaVision
  35. flu....
  36. Why do I bother to wash my clothes, always get spit up on them !
  37. My doctor just blew me off (argh!)
  38. When will this "grow out" hair actually grow out?
  39. Job as nanny driving me crazy (sorry, it's long)
  40. Annoying how stores w/shopping carts don't have wide enough aisles!!
  41. What's the deal with Target's return policy?
  42. Leave my Nanny alone!!!
  43. Incompetence at Sears!
  44. Grrr the "curse" already!
  45. Daycare Sicknesses--I've had enough!
  46. Hospital bills for Hearing Screening Test!
  47. FIL has topped himself as a big giant jerk!
  48. OB/GYN not washing or using gloves
  49. Argh! I can't sleep!!!
  50. irrationally annoyed with DH
  51. Update
  52. It's a small thing but grrrr
  53. Anyone else not like their disposable diapers to have a lot of color on them?
  54. Reasonably upset or just a total witch?
  55. Waaaahhh I'm so out of touch
  56. Hit by a man running a red light!!
  57. fight with husband again
  58. Terrible Birthday yesterday!!
  59. Nanny Update ~ You're not going to believe this!!!
  60. Britax Customer Service
  61. Whatever happened to customer service?
  62. My kingdom for a BF-friendly doc!
  63. "Well, I guess....don't you have a blanket?"
  64. Can I just get some sleep??
  65. I love my dd, but she has the worst timing... long and crazy...
  66. OT -23 and they still have school!
  67. Complaining and in need of advice
  68. Rant about footed sleepers and stupid seasonal sales
  69. Aaargh...Will I ever get my pre-pregnancy brain back?
  70. A delicate question... when will my sex life return to normal?
  71. Just sickened with what I just watched on TV!
  72. Stupid drug store!
  73. I am tired of defending myself!
  75. Rant on pinworms (an admittedly gross topic)
  76. It's official - I've been banned...
  77. He's going bald!
  78. Anyone else go to the Yeah Baby Expo?
  79. It was inevitable, but it still sucks (long!)
  80. OMG! Countrywide Home Loans aaaaaaaarrrgh! (long long long)
  81. Bad experience at The Picture People!!
  82. Grrr! Pay attention while driving!
  83. Rant: Stroller Frustration
  84. I was traumatized at Wal-Mart yesterday
  85. Jeremiah has a peanut allergy!!!:(
  86. Should I put my foot down?
  87. FURIOUS at my bank!!! What to do??? UPDATE
  88. This has been a horrible, horrible week...
  89. I am not paying freaking $40 for a pair of shoes for Sara!
  90. Picture people - an idea
  91. No more avatars =( -- I'M SO SNEAKY!!
  92. "Sharing the Love" Rant!!!!
  93. New policy- No free formula from my hospital!
  94. Ahhhh I HATE wind!
  95. On the topic of BFing vs. Formula...
  96. It's raining, it's pouring...
  97. Can we debate the merits of this article politely? :)
  98. Maybe it is just me...but
  99. I am on a roll here.
  100. Old Navy "quality"
  101. Rachel (and all other "older" members I deeply respect!!)
  102. Are all OB/GYN appt scheduling as obnoxious as this?
  103. dogmatic approach to breastfeeding
  104. I don't know- just venting.
  105. How many times do you visit your In-laws?
  106. I'm so sick of snow!!!
  107. My kingdom for barrettes that stay in place
  108. Anyone else still losing hair at 9 mos PP?
  109. Tired of hearing my friends brag about their babies' sleep.....
  110. Must everyone remind me (in a gloom and doom way) of how old my baby is becoming?
  111. Legacy crib recall!!!
  112. Huge husband rant........
  113. "I don't have the eye for it"
  114. Neighbors, the good, the bad and the ugly?
  115. I am sick and tired of not being able to share...
  116. Speaking of Neighbors, what would you do?
  117. Men are such wimps, part ?? UPDATE
  118. Any other parents of newly mobile babies...
  119. insurance will not pay
  120. Failure to thrive - at our wits' end!
  121. DH is so darned touchy (as in overly sensitive) (very LONG)
  122. Am I being unresonable?
  123. Are the planets aligned funny today?
  125. I miss my son...
  126. I have officially lost my mind...
  127. Too much grossness
  128. YUCK!
  129. What FIVE things annoy you about your SO?
  130. Outlandish statistics....and stupid stories..
  131. So sick of Rotavirus I'm going out of my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  132. The first of many frustrations and concerns....
  133. I need a maturity check...
  134. $100? Are you kidding me??
  135. 39 weeks and still nothing
  136. Why does he have to give up his nap *NOW* ?
  137. Kids and all their damn clothing sizes!!
  138. Colors/Gender..OK I am in a bitchy mood this week...but what is up with GENDER??
  139. How LAZY is my husband????
  140. MIL whine
  141. OK I have one...
  142. I am having a continual anxiety attack!
  143. Skinny Baby Survey
  144. Oversized babies in "bucket" carseats!!!!
  145. ARGH! DH damaged my car
  147. Only my DH...
  148. Please tell me this sucky week is finally over!!! (Update)
  149. Mad at Hospital
  150. Why do people comment all the time?
  151. I must be feeling confrontational - or I'm just stupid! A post on LLL.
  152. OK I am going to bitch about myself...
  153. Can't sleep.... I'm going to go insane soon!!!
  154. Why are there no attractive nursing dresses?????!!!!!!!
  155. OT: "Friends" TV show: What's with all the repeats?!!!!!!!!????
  156. 9 months of winter followed by 3 months of very poor sledding...
  157. I DO NOT have Mom hair
  158. just having a lousy day
  159. When will this end???
  160. PU on the Diaper Genie
  161. Killing time on a conference call...
  162. need a little help/moral support....Thanks... update LONG
  163. LONG... Selfish daughter in law needs your help...
  164. Breathe in, breathe out, count to ten...
  165. very minor--but very annoyed
  166. 10 Month Old Throwing Fits
  167. Pregnancy . . . I'm losing my mind. (epic length)
  168. Feeling like a horrible mommy
  169. Am I being way to sensitive?
  170. Grammar?
  171. NO...I am NOT 18!!!!
  172. Ranting...If you don't want an opinion other than your own,
  173. Having a rough time getting through these last few weeks. LONG VENT
  174. Telemarketers!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRGH--Rant Ahead
  175. Thank god I have a wonderful hubby BECAUSE
  176. Get your hands away from your butt!!!
  177. The D in DH doesn't always mean Dear...
  178. Offshoot from grammar post
  179. I am a crotchety old lady...
  180. NONONO! Do NOT smush your hands in your hair when you are eating!
  181. Not really a bitch...just wondering if you think I'm being "dumped on"
  182. Daycare frustration (long)
  183. Offshoot from offshoot.
  184. Insert appropriate phrase here...
  185. What, NOW? PPD? How long after birth can it set in?
  186. My mother is mean, insensitive and totally self centered.
  187. Two items are not "a lot" of clothing!
  188. 35 weeks and very itchy!!!!!
  189. What a rude comment by the clerk at Kohl's!!!!
  190. I must have gotten used to living in California
  191. Overstimulation!!!!
  192. My bee-yotch ex-neighbor is at it again...
  193. Damn yard onions are the scourge of my existence!
  194. Not a bitch, really, just feeling frustrated. (LONG)
  195. Stuck in the middle...WWYD?
  196. Summer Infant Bath Shower
  197. My brain! Aack!
  198. Someone just stole the lilacs from our backyard!!!!!!!
  199. My Toddler Whines and Cries Constantly!
  200. I'm on one today
  201. Two bad haircuts in a row!
  202. People who don't have their kids in carseats or seat belts!
  203. Title of this forum
  204. Need advise, my soon to be 2 year old is starting to bite and kick...
  205. Sister-In-Law Screwed Us!
  206. Getting Harassing Calls from Creditors. . .
  207. Girl Scout cookies!!
  208. Greedy Grinches & Little People Easter Toys @ Target
  209. Umm - And why did they invent that????
  210. Friend acting very innappropriate with my baby.....how should I handle this??
  211. I guess my mother will NEVER get to know Lauren...
  212. Stupid time change. As if I have an extra hour of spare time to just "lose".
  213. When is it my turn! (warning, pity party)
  214. Help! New parents, feeding problems, GERD
  215. Need to vent: unsolicited advice (LOOOONGGGG)
  216. Why is sleeping so hard?
  217. Mad at myself for not being able to say NO!!!
  218. Sooo Annoying people who offer what they would do in your shoes when you did not ASK them!!
  219. As God is my witness, I am done with Babies R Us
  220. Grammar dorks!!
  221. Jehovas Witnesses - Go Away!
  222. Its 5 am, why am I posting?
  223. A little upset with my doctor, and myself....A bit long, I'm sorry
  224. called 911 today... so frustrating!
  225. BRU stopped selling my diapers!!
  226. stores that are not near me
  227. Why won't this baby burp?! (LONG)
  228. Ex is taking me to court for custody....What the heck??
  230. An open letter to my mammary glands
  231. My house is going to pieces and I have no idea what's causing it or how to fix it.
  232. Remember my Mother from Hell?? Here's Part II (LONG - REALLY LONG)
  233. Bottle propping...ARGH!
  234. I hate rotavirus!!!
  235. Land's End.....{grumble, grumble}......LT.....{grrrrr}.......
  236. Bad customer service at Baby Universe
  237. Walking into an accident
  238. BIL and family can't attend DD's first birthday party
  239. Why does the volume need to be SOOO loud?
  240. Um, am I still 12 years old????
  241. I'm not interested!
  242. Another Friends Repeat...
  243. I don't want the Grandparents driving the babes around. Help!
  244. Childless Critics
  245. Ugh! I fell down the stairs...again!
  246. Grrr
  247. Why do you have so many (FILL IN THE BLANK) ?
  248. I broke my #$#[email protected]&%! toe today!!
  249. I can't stand how far away I am from everything!!
  250. What are we in Mexico?? Another NIP story...