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  1. Ugh, 25 minute daycare commute!
  2. Petty...Nordstroms, what ARE you thinking?
  3. Sinus infections stink
  4. ~POUT~ I checked DF's baby registry...
  5. Stop [email protected] on My Car!!!!!
  6. If I see any more politician signs...
  7. Verizon and scripts
  8. Car accident. Today. My fault.
  9. Nothing like waking up at 5AM...
  10. Dear Carters:
  11. The drop-off line is not a double lane.
  12. This Week
  13. You are only entitled to ONE parking space
  14. Real Estate sadness
  15. DH -- step away from the girls' hair with the scissors
  16. My saga with moving
  17. Feel Like Crying
  18. Dear new babysitter,
  19. Pathetic and petty...a whine about cake.
  20. DS PLEASE stop touching yourself
  21. DH. I know you woke up grumpy but
  22. reallly????!!! r u kidding me!!!!!
  23. Grrr 5 year old DW broken AGAIN
  24. Medical Bills!!!
  25. "I'm not a racist, but..."
  26. replacing windows
  27. Ugh. Thanks mom for making me feel worse
  28. More of a whine I guess...
  29. I hate Smart Post
  30. Deleted
  31. The annual thanksgiving negotiation ...
  32. i hate storms
  33. Dear SIL,
  34. BUMMED: The boots don't fit.
  35. Cable Bill
  36. I knew this was a bad day
  37. sickness stinks
  38. Dear week before I go back to work
  39. Is today national proselytizing day?
  40. I am just not THAT kind of mom...
  41. Ugh, I'm trying to help!
  42. Halloween costume too small!
  43. Dear MIL and FIL
  44. Adult Halloween Costume Sizes!!!!!!!
  45. Parent-teacher conference has 10 min limit total for 2 teachers!
  46. It is MY kitchen and I will decorate it how I want!!
  47. Monkey See, Monkey Do & the Bad Examples
  48. Buying, selling, real estate just sucks!
  49. dear yoga studio.........
  50. WAY too much junk food at preschool
  51. I want my iced tea!
  52. I hate Halloween.
  53. *&%$#*& Mama
  54. Enough about you
  55. Spoiled Brat
  56. More a funny than a bitch... nice one, DH
  57. I'm glad that DCs are so well-behaved for DH, but...
  58. Procrastination issues
  59. Are You Kidding Me? Punch Me If I'm Ever THIS Mom
  60. Zero nutrition
  61. Tie me to the stake now, but......
  62. I wish I didn't bite my nails!
  63. If we're complaining about grocery stores can I say something about WF
  64. My big toenail is taking FOREVER to grow back!!!
  65. Stop ringing our doorbell
  66. Some days, I hate being a girl
  67. Someone stole our Halloween candy bowl!
  68. Just spent a week with MIL- pardon the LONG b&tch!
  69. A special Halloween BOO HISS
  70. Denied speech therapy coverage
  71. "imported" trick or treaters!
  72. DH--you owe the pot $4.09
  73. I hate myself and my life
  74. The Post Election Pain
  75. My dryer broke yesterday, AND...
  76. Dear DSS's school and next door neighbor's roofers:
  77. Why did I let MIL get to me this time.
  78. Thanks, DD1's teacher
  79. No, I will NOT drug my 10mo for a car ride! Update!
  80. Grrr. ... more thanksgiving
  81. I'm venting here because I can't say anything IRL.
  82. close friend - no longer talking (long)
  83. It is okay to use formula.....
  84. My mom is the biggest wimp ever
  85. The Anti-Bitch
  86. Dentist
  87. Darn you supply dip!!!
  88. Dear 1st grade teacher-
  89. Dear Dentist:
  90. How fast they out grow their clothes!
  91. my cousin's new cat name...
  92. Puke
  93. So tired of DH being sick
  94. Face time
  95. MIL drove DD home in a backless booster
  96. Carcassonne players will understand
  97. Legendary customer service, eh?
  98. Lego.com VIP balance
  99. Why do I let myself get so worked up about things?
  100. Why ask what DS wants for Christmas if you're going to argue and ignore my ideas?
  101. Would you be annoyed....
  102. Sears repair and cu STINKS
  103. "Dear Devil....er Daughter,
  104. Amazon, what is the point of a pre-order?
  105. In Laws & Thanksgiving... or maybe just in general...
  106. Gah! I hate being sick!
  107. When I call you at 3pm, dh,
  108. If you are selling furniture on Craigslist...
  109. I hate Silly Putty
  110. Overwhelmed
  111. tell me being in debt isn't all that bad......
  112. I wish it were as simple as picking the 'cute' one
  113. "All she ever gives me is a picture"
  114. Second Update:My Very Own Jonses! I'll call them the Smiths, though.
  115. Trying to get Recall Parts from Maclaren-PITA!!!
  116. Discrimination in the workplace
  117. Dear Sophie, (neighbor's yippy dog)
  118. Stop calling me "Mom"!!
  119. Totally Minor Bitch, but I'm Still Grrr....
  120. So sick of my cats
  121. "you'll be overdue again, because you're not skinny to begin with..."
  122. DH, reign yourself in man!
  123. DH never listens to me
  124. Well, we made it almost two years...
  125. Just do your work!
  126. Dear DD, when will you sleep through the night?
  127. I have no friends.
  128. Just take your F*$&ing time DH!!
  129. It's torture!
  130. I *really* strongly dislike my cat
  131. ummmmmmmmmmmm.................
  132. i feel like a** and i want to get better. now.
  133. The children are trying to kill me
  134. Answer the PHONE!!!!
  135. Creepy 12 y.o.
  136. awful discussion I have to have, pardon me while I whine
  137. Thanks for the rejection, BFF.
  138. Pulled my back out again!!
  139. AGGGGGG! Again with the fabric softener on the cloth dipes?!
  140. I'm busy too
  141. Really DH?!
  142. Can I change our # and not tell ILs?
  143. ugh....yes DH you need to wipe DD2 after changing her diaper.....
  144. grr prank calls on my cell phone
  145. Really disappointed in Red Robin
  146. Tempted to take Greenbean to Target and leave him there....
  147. Dear Body,
  148. Sending a fax to get customer service, is not customer service
  149. Wtf?!!!!
  150. The dog bites DC but I'm the one DC is angry with
  151. Disturbing baby store ad
  152. Really, Hanna? Do you think I'm stupid?
  153. Really?
  154. Poop?!?!?!
  155. Dear DS,
  156. if punctuality is so important......
  157. something in the air/water the past couple of days
  158. Dear 1 of 4 Electricians...
  159. Dear Dad
  160. I seriously HATE...
  161. I think I recycled and unopened J Crew package!!
  162. My husband the slob
  163. Moving is soooo hard!!!!!
  164. Workout does not equal checking out!
  165. Sometimes selling stuff is more hassle than it's worth!
  166. Birthday party gift suggestions - stop hounding me!!
  167. Mom, if you have cancer, you ought to tell me.
  168. Who has parents/in laws in town this weekend? Let's bitch about them here!
  169. So much to do
  170. Mastitis
  171. Germs, I hate you
  172. Sick family coming to dinner for Thanksgiving...
  173. When do I get a break???
  174. stupid dog-and not even mine.
  175. I just want to
  176. Anti-bitch: we love our new nanny!
  177. Vomiting baby and we're hosting Thanksgiving!
  178. Snow snow go away!
  179. No...no...no...
  180. I don't have time for Thanksgiving
  181. Just need to say it out loud..
  182. Dear MIL
  183. It is NEVER OK and it is ALWAYS tacky
  184. Arrgh DH. Just arrgh.
  185. sharing pics via email versus FB
  186. I can't believe my first BP is about WF!!!
  187. Clean up after your dog!
  188. anti-BP
  189. Dear pre-school teachers...
  190. The milk was spoiled?! Didn't you check DH?!
  191. Most dysfunctional Thanksgiving...
  192. I'm not fat; I'm pregnant
  193. Someone please come and restrain me now!
  194. Add a new stove, lose a cutlery drawer!
  195. MIL showed her true colors tonight
  196. Dear SO:
  197. DH - Please turn off the stove!
  198. What do you get when you combine grape soda,...
  199. I cannot wait school starts tomorrow!!!
  200. Weirded out by Ebay!
  201. I don't want to be the CEO/CFO of my house anymore
  202. Why does Verizon always lose out on the best cell phones?
  203. anybody else HATE to travel for thanksgiving?
  204. It's funny now...but sure wasn't at the time!
  205. Thanks for the "help" MIL
  206. Never underestimate the hold a mother has on a child...
  207. ACK! Land's End!!
  208. She'll Be Fine ...
  209. Not Cool Amazon....Not Cool!
  210. Just when you think you have seen everything....
  211. Lost my Legos!
  212. Got excited for nothing
  213. Reallly!!? Dog poop....
  214. WTF Clorox 2???!!!
  215. guess who is the only healthy person in our house...
  216. BDay party rant.
  217. So the disadvantage of putting your kids to bed in their clothes for the next day...
  218. So tired of the sickness!!!!
  219. wrong sizes!
  220. I want a Costco.
  221. DH, please quit buying me chocolate candy...
  222. Uhhhhhhh...WTF MIL?
  223. argh, sitter canceled at the last minute!
  224. Target website
  225. Giving tree complaint...
  226. Inlaw Christmas vent
  227. Doctor Rage
  228. Toddler pajamas
  229. Damn American Girl
  230. DH
  231. Favoritism Stinks
  232. Circus camp
  233. Just make a decision
  234. To the Dog Next Door:
  235. Another online marketplace issue!
  236. Do not buy my kids anything!!!!!!!!!
  237. PSA: "B" list bday invites
  238. What year is this? 1954????!!
  239. annoyed with husband!
  240. Exam writing all day long
  241. Can I sleep at your house tonight?
  242. I am in a dysfunctional relationship...
  243. No, you're right DH, that makes perfect sense. NOT.
  244. Why do men have different priorities?
  245. DH doesn't want a party
  246. Mom, why are you nosy?
  247. MIL, things have changed over the past 30 years
  248. ARGH! DD2 lost her See Kai Run shoe.
  249. Gambling on holiday gift prices
  250. Our Stockings are missing! - UPDATE, found them!