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  1. Freaking Old School Christmas Specials!!
  2. Well, we changed the lightbulb and no one was hurt
  3. SIL Christmas b!tch/moan/whine
  4. I want my four hours back
  5. C, this is NOT okay!
  6. I have officially lost my mind
  7. What will be wrong with the next package??
  8. Good news...DD pooped in the potty! Bad news...
  9. Idiot mistake! WWYD?
  10. Non-bitch: It pays to be nice. :)
  11. unfeeling friend
  12. Are you KIDDING me???????!!
  13. I hate that I can't bitch to DH...
  14. I can't find anything
  15. My TJ's is OUT of Candy Cane JoJo's!!!!
  16. Too many fashion rules
  17. Holy crap, what happened to my body??
  18. SIL, thanks for ... being reasonable after all.
  19. That darn Elf!
  20. Finally came to the conclusion that...
  21. am feeling so behind with the holidays this year!
  22. How hard is it to RSVP?????
  23. I hate ants!
  24. I am a dope!
  25. I hate California Title 20......
  26. potential stereotype of a larger age gap between kids
  27. Dear Baby Jogger....GET YOUR FREAKING ACT TOGETHER!!!
  28. I'm changing my birthday to a more convenient date
  29. My Horhcow towels came and the cranberry is NOT cranberry!
  30. Not liking my Mirena these days
  31. Neverending laundry...
  32. Ugh. Student Plagiarism.
  33. Sep./ Divorce - bitching & would love advice
  34. It is a big deal Dad!!!
  35. When good will goes too far....
  36. You know, you can't say "let's not do presents" when it is December already
  37. Stupid Black Belt testing!
  38. DH, your lack of responsibility makes me want to scream!
  39. Seriously DH?
  40. Dear Bears:
  41. "I just wanted some nice outfits & photos" pity party
  42. You Did WHAT?
  43. I hate creepy new house noises.
  44. Why do people...
  45. I am so tired of fighting with DD over food
  46. I have a friend who...
  47. DH, why do you procrastinate so much?!
  48. You did WHAT?! Take II, when it's your kid
  49. If I hate it, I did it right
  50. If your child was sick last night with a fever
  51. My 3rd party amazon sale was cancelled and
  52. I don't want to finish Christmas shopping
  53. Why do I keep looking in the same exact places?
  54. And the craptastic parent of the year award goes to...
  55. I am so mad at our mortgage broker
  56. Update: I WAS RIGHT! Where is your common sense DH?
  57. I just want to make plans people
  58. I hate TRU so much so why do I keep torturing myself?
  59. DH ruined Christmas
  60. WRONG response from a co-worker
  61. I can't find my receipt!
  62. Christmas candy is important!
  63. Dear, friends...
  64. At least you have friends...
  65. Maybe I'm out of touch....
  66. Bitch/anti-bitch
  67. Amazon - learn to package, please!
  68. SO PO'ed at DH
  69. Oh Fudge!
  70. Kicking myself!!!!
  71. So glad this week is over, anyone else?
  72. Seriously, Mom....get a freaking clue...
  73. PBK lost my stocking!!
  74. Does it bother you to hear about parties you weren't invited to?
  75. I don't have the inserts I need, I have nothing that fits and I am just tired
  76. Update- Soooo mad....
  77. I knew what I was getting into going to TRU this afternoon but REALLY?..
  78. Please do not translate my Son's name!
  79. YOU broke it, DH. YOU.
  80. Um, DH? Taking DS to meet ILs so I can clean does NOT = "me time" for me!
  81. the drawback of living in an apartment complex...
  82. all i want for christmas...
  83. Why are you complaining abut my Christmas list???
  84. Just Because..
  85. I'm about to go CRAZY.
  86. I have to get over it... (long)
  87. Anti-b*tch: I love my DH
  88. Really outnumbered today
  89. UGH....heater is broken!
  90. Gah! A black eye for Christmas!
  91. I "rasberry" the economy!!!!!!!!
  92. Oh come on with the shipping already!!
  93. Amazon Price Drop
  94. I'm about ready to take a torch to the PS3...
  95. Amazon (Prime) and customer service rant!
  96. Really?
  97. Dec 22nd is still last minute
  98. Get a clue bro.
  99. It has felt 2-3 hours later to me...
  100. I can't find a present I hid for DH (UPDATED)
  101. Silly MIL gripe
  102. Etsy Gripe!
  103. My cards are late
  104. Holiday merchandising creep....
  105. Barnes & Noble is a LIAR!!!
  106. I am in a pissy mood and can't snap out of it :(
  107. No you didn't!!!
  108. so annoyed...DS's xmas present is defective!
  109. DH deleted ELF off the DVR
  110. Xmas whine...
  111. I think I'm perimenopausal
  112. Dear Period,
  113. After ONE day....holes in the knees
  114. DH, is your new year's resolution...
  115. Totally petty of me
  116. Why am I sick during my vacation?
  117. Our family vacation - enough with the fishing! Really
  118. Dear Friend, you think you are funny but you are not
  119. Wth, MIL?!
  120. Bummed at work
  121. Irritated at DS
  122. Dear Lady at Ikea,
  123. God, give me strength
  124. I feel like I got run over by a truck
  125. She WAS a good sleeper...argh!!
  126. DH is having a breakdown
  127. Darn you Time Warner, I just want to pay my bill!
  128. OMG, My Mother
  129. Aaarrgghhh . . . Thank you cards!
  130. DH, Do I have to plan EVERYTHING?
  131. I threw my groupon away
  132. Dear vagina...
  133. Ah family-what a joy....not!
  134. Are you trying to cause a neighborhood feud?
  135. My in-laws are rude
  136. fibromyalgia sucks
  137. Dear Mom and Dad,
  138. Scheduling of sports practices/events
  139. I am sick
  140. My eyebrows are all messed up
  141. Sex and the City 2; puh-LEAZE!!!
  142. Wah! They changed the class schedule!
  143. Why can't nausea just be nausea?!
  144. Being left out sucks...
  145. Stop saying my name!
  146. Classy...NOT!
  147. I am not a pacifier or all night diner
  148. Just a no good very bad mood
  149. I hate taking down holiday decorations
  150. It must be nice
  151. No Pull Ups on Amazon Mom??
  152. DS, we're never going out to lunch again!
  153. I'm struggling.
  154. Why do I stay up too late?
  155. Dear Computers of the World: (Most petty complaint ever)
  156. Darn Amazon!
  157. DH-STOP ordering from endless.com
  158. Annd.. Annoying.
  159. ILs, please learn to MYOB and keep your opinions to yourself!
  160. So ready to be done with the pump!
  161. Dear Disney Photopass Website,
  162. my lovely ex husband.
  163. It sucks
  164. Why can't my baby just be healthy for a few days?
  165. Mixed Bags Stink (Some Serious, Some Petty)
  166. No more work for homeowners!!
  167. Fired From New Job
  168. Thanks for blocking me in.....
  169. Yuck.... GI prep (TMI whining)
  170. I wish my babys poop would be normal again
  171. Couponing FAIL
  172. A whole site about bitching! (offensive but so funny!)
  173. Very, very petty BP... but really, MIL?
  174. UPS makes me want to cry
  175. An incredibly selfish bitching post.
  176. How do you know when you are a housewife?
  177. Classes in 2 weeks and no schedule yet
  178. CORRECTION- Never before have I wished SO BADLY THAT bedtime would come early.
  179. crapdoodles!!!!!
  180. wow! books........
  181. After you spend 2 hours cleaning...
  182. argh - kinder planning is stressing me out!
  183. Exchanges at Target not even equeal without receipt - Booooo!
  184. The dinner I don't want to host (long)
  185. After 9 years, the can opener needs a new home?
  186. I am baffled by some college students
  187. Uuber Man flu and diabetes. Blah.
  188. Teen drivers!!!!
  189. Discontinued lip colors-ARG!
  190. The snow storm is stressing me out!
  191. Just found out I need to have surgery and I am getting nerveous...
  192. I miss my mom (long)
  193. Dear sick DS...
  194. You know it is going to be a long day when...
  195. Slow down DS....
  196. Dear Clomid,
  197. I hate my job today for the first time
  198. I can't post pictures
  199. Dear ultrasound technician
  200. Please keep your sick child HOME
  201. Why is it so hard to find a job?
  202. Update: Refinancing woes...
  203. Grocery Store Self-Checkout
  204. Oh, man, 8 inches and counting today!
  205. Get out of the way for the ambulance!
  206. I hate being sick
  207. DH, you MORON.
  208. Why now DH???
  209. Plumber Woes
  210. So Frusterating!
  211. Things are unraveling...
  212. Wow
  213. DH: If you say you're coming home for lunch, COME HOME FOR LUNCH!
  214. Stupid swim instructor
  215. petty.....
  216. Shipping CANNOT be that high!
  217. internet seller
  218. Go ahead and guilt the postpartum woman
  219. Waited too long and missed out on the discount
  220. So tired of my life right now
  221. Does your DC go to bed later during week-end?
  222. Stupid Gymbucks
  223. Stfudh!
  224. Thanks, FIL
  225. So sad for my sister
  226. Blech - long night ahead
  227. I can't believe that my sister and I came from the same parents.
  228. Vacation problems!
  229. I am sad
  230. Stop pushing for a number of pounds
  231. I've made enemies for myself that I wish I hadn't.
  232. Sobbing. My babies' short videos are GONE!
  233. A minor b!tch
  234. Please don't give me your "fat" clothes
  235. Don't screw this up for me DH!
  236. Dear CL sellers,
  237. Daddy Drive-bys Gah!
  238. Petty but bummed
  239. Please don't encourage them pitting us against each other!
  240. Am I being unreasonable??
  241. Snow pants-where are ds's stupid SNOW PANTS!?
  242. I DON'T want to clean.
  243. if it's thursday
  244. Dear skin
  245. Worried about a family member
  246. Our new nanny just dumped us.
  247. Some of us don't get snow days
  248. That's IT. NO more DS, Wii or movies.....
  249. Dear DD ...
  250. Online dating sucks!!!