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  1. Dear DH, I am sorry, but I am right and you ae wrong AGAIN
  2. Don't play online Scrabble with your MIL
  3. Clothing size does not NEED to match a child's age
  4. Really shouldn't complain, BUT
  5. "How to talk to little girls..."
  6. Penny wise, pound foolish....
  7. You'd rather have Prego than homemade?
  8. People trying to profit from my loss make me SICK!
  9. Jam is too sweet
  10. Just peed myself
  11. I do not want to share my son's bday party with your child
  12. Sister rant. Lots of yelling.
  13. Dear MIL--what babies are you referring to??!!
  14. I do not want to be told I am LESS pregnant
  15. So hurt and mad at DH!!
  16. what's that saying about good deeds being punished?
  17. Why would I want to friend you on FB??
  18. Just what I needed - NOT
  19. Maria Sharapova: SHUT UP!!!!!
  20. Rough Week
  21. In a funk..add you random b$tch
  22. Ugh. I don't want screen time for my kids so that makes me a BAD mom.
  23. I saw today...
  24. I dont like my neighborhood
  25. Why did I have to email you to get the f*&#Jn address???
  26. Lice
  27. "That's an annoying sound."
  28. why is there so much pain
  29. I just want a job where there are no
  30. Change your outgoing message!
  31. Firecrackers!!!!!!!!!
  32. Ugh... my back
  33. I hate it when...
  34. I'm so frickin BORED!!!
  35. Frustrated
  36. Various Random Bitches
  37. playing whack-a-mole today
  38. already tired, and now this!
  39. Petty bitch
  40. Thanks DH for your continued support
  41. Need to vent--series of minor b#@ches
  42. I need a drink and it's only 10 AM....
  43. Cars don't fit in garage at our new house
  44. Wow that is a lot in 60 mins
  45. Nickel, dime, nickel, dime and oh by the way...
  46. I really don't want to see or know about some things
  47. take. a. nap.
  48. Can't find my shoes!
  49. Are you kidding me DH?
  50. My Picardie Glasses! Fedex )(#*$#)(&*
  51. Weekday full day b-day party?
  52. hit the trifecta today
  53. What? No passports?
  54. My non-bikini body
  55. Toy soup
  56. Stop spraying random stuff!
  57. No gift birthday parties
  58. No AC!
  59. i hate this feeling!
  60. Mom, please mind your own &*^#ing business
  61. How many pillow pets do you actually need?
  62. Jerky Costco employee
  63. my father was a jerk when i was little. he's still a jerk
  64. yogurt spill
  65. What the f*** do you want?!?
  66. I am not your mother or your maid DH--PICK UP YOUR OWN STUFF
  67. Gross! (TMI about a friend of a friend)
  68. why didn't i sign them up for swim class earlier
  69. Giant pimple: thanks for making me feel like a teen again!
  70. I need a kick in the pants...
  71. Kohls...grrr
  72. I lost $20; DH can't leave it alone!!!
  73. Tired of Calling the Doctor to Remind them to do their job!
  74. You've got to be kidding me.
  75. And Mother of the Year award goes to....
  76. Thunder
  77. You put your litter box upstairs and kept the A/C off!?!
  78. Seriously, karma? WTF?!?!?!?!?
  79. My niece
  80. I'll file that meal away under "Will never make again".
  81. Can you just RSVP already?
  82. Lost a diamond from my ring...AGAIN!
  83. UPDATE IN OP Even me having surgery isn't enough for DH to do housework
  84. so mad..one of my A&A blankets ripped!
  85. You Gave Him WHAT?!!!
  86. You're missing the amazing little moments.. and tainting the memory for me, as well
  87. Please please go to sleep
  88. BMI for my 6 yo. Really?
  89. People who talk in movie theaters
  90. Just Fix it
  91. Humidity...you are sucking the life out of me
  92. Why can't I have this baby?
  93. I was done..
  94. I'm a wreck...
  95. I'm sick of this weather!!!
  96. Ugh! I chipped my tooth...
  97. I'm sooo ready to be done!
  98. Toddler escapades
  99. Anyone else feeling selfish and lazy? Add your PITAs here!
  100. Tired of being the sole income
  101. I despise my husband's job!!
  102. Switching doctors stresses me out....
  103. Staw cup that doesn't leak!?!?
  104. It is a wonder we don't have rats!
  105. Show up on time!
  106. Have you ever had a day...
  107. Why is it so hard to find a new job?
  108. He's gone again
  109. DH has been grouching at me all evening for no apparent reason
  110. False labor AGAIN???
  111. Is it too early to start drinking?
  112. So it turns out...
  113. mother f*%#!
  114. I dont' want to do all the cleaning...
  115. I hate, loathe and despise Yahoo! !!!!!!!!!
  116. Really? Am I the only one who can start dinner?!?
  117. I could cry
  118. Are you kidding me?
  119. It's Friday night and I am DONE.
  120. Could use some support...
  121. Its still 99 degrees - oh, and our AC is not working!!!!
  122. How on earth
  123. so not happy with
  124. Our a/c unit died
  125. UPDATE in #5: Finally, a b!tching post about XH
  126. 50$ for diapers?!?!
  127. Update: Just make up your mind and sign the papers!!
  128. So, this is the type of week it's going to be, huh....
  129. Feeling so BLAH
  130. Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day
  131. I don't like ...
  132. Dear family of freakin' flies that have overtaken my house ...
  133. Today I'm giving myself permission
  134. I Give Up: No More Grocery Shopping With Kids
  135. Can someone please teach young adults...
  136. So NOT happy with DH right now.
  137. "DH, why does he have a lollipop?"
  138. I feel for those that have difficult SILs living nearby
  139. Seriously, you need 2 swim diapers for one child!
  140. We're at the library!
  141. Found the perfect house.
  142. UPDATE in post #8: Oh come on!!!
  143. Insensitive DH
  144. The moodiness is just killing me!
  145. Ugh! Some people are unbelievable!
  146. Dear hospital. Please STOP calling DH at home during the day!
  147. I liked ebay better when it only had auctions
  148. Am I the only one around here who..
  149. IL petty rant
  150. Enough already!
  151. [email protected]#%
  152. Take down the poster if no longer have item
  153. Turn the water off!
  154. UPDATING about hospital stay length in OP
  155. Saturday Rants
  156. Damn Sandals!
  157. Another bitch or two--just one of those days...
  158. G-sales (petty)
  159. May 2012 ...
  160. online ordering from Kohl's
  161. Petty and silly...but annoying
  162. I am so disgusted
  163. hate it when dh has to work/travel so much!
  164. So tired of family/estate drama
  165. Day 13 of this deployment...
  166. Yo, prospective buyers.
  167. Why does school start September 7th?
  168. I can't believe the summer is nearly gone..
  169. I feel like I am just not all there lately
  170. Duplicate post please delete...sorry.
  171. just f***g sleep already and other misc rants!
  172. Little things keep adding up--Update in 6
  173. Feeling green right now
  174. Just Annoyed
  175. Devastated
  176. My bathroom looks like a crime scene!
  177. I hate stairs
  178. Ferber. Night one.
  179. Do you know what A-line maternity dresses do?
  180. I would really love to sell our house already.
  181. Am I being ridiculous?
  182. Makes me never want to mention car seats again....
  183. one word: Comcast
  184. why don't you listen to me?
  185. AHHH - a friend who is a baby concierge posted a picture of her 7 month old FF-ing!
  186. Learning to graph quadratic equations might just kill me
  187. No baby shower should last 4.5 hours.
  188. Who serves roast turkey and stuffing in August?
  189. World's worst movers. Seriously. What would you do?
  190. Argh, FED EX!!!!!
  191. monday vent
  192. monday vent
  193. Vent . . . Friends' kiddo that is very physical
  194. I'm so furious and fed up.
  195. I HATE you Monro Muffler
  196. I think I"m dumping my friend
  197. The Fcking Fours! (ETA: sste, would you? in light of your therapeutic approach?)
  198. I left my makeup bag in my car today
  199. DS just cut off all of DD's hair
  200. Really? A fit over every.little.thing?
  201. It's kinda late to be making major changes to school hours!
  202. Don't call it a sprinkle when it's an all-out shower...
  203. I just don't need this on top of everything else....
  204. my son's caregiver was let go...took his forms & information...New update #22
  205. you are being an ugly ingrate
  206. My children...
  207. dear Sales Manager at XYZ housing office,
  208. What did you say to me?
  209. Speaking of Landscaping... A WWYD Poll
  210. Have you ever gone up to someone to say
  211. Lost DD's iPod Touch!!
  212. Ugh, I heard ds1's new teacher is a yeller
  213. Holy Rampaging Homeschoolers!
  214. Cavities
  215. Completely Messed Up Camp Date
  216. S/O Please don't force me to have a shower when I don't even want a sprinkle
  217. No Nap Day
  218. Stuck in the house and other various bitc#%$
  219. Going to the beach for the day is too much work!!
  220. WTF? Lead? Really?
  221. DH, get out of la la land...
  222. SIL Episode #83742: Mini Update
  223. It's DC's birthday party--- and it's RAINING!!
  224. I need a vacation to recover from vacation....
  225. An Anti-B!tch: DH, you're great!
  226. Procrastinating
  227. Tax assessor is coming
  228. That's my nipple. Not a chew toy.
  229. You put nail polish on an American girl doll?!?!
  230. I should be on vacation right now.
  231. Worst Vacation(s) Ever
  232. Daycare vent... (long sorry!)
  233. Three Bitches in One
  234. Annoyed for no reason
  235. Why'd You Have to Break Up With Her?
  236. Second class, 2nd fiddle...
  237. TWO hours to fall asleep?
  238. Tired of Fighting Over the Volume ...
  239. I don't want to have a BBQ this weekend
  240. Your golf clubs were NOT part of our wedding vows...
  241. Excess in bathrooms (kind of a funny bitch)
  242. Please don't make me feel guilty....
  243. In search of...
  244. ARGH! My photoshoot pictures are all BLACK!
  245. I'm being such a wuss.
  246. Just get me the&%**& Ipad
  247. So tired of DS being let down
  248. This is NOT how I wanted to spend the weekend!
  249. Final Update in 14/ Update in 9/ Insanely angry at DH
  250. Things are falling to pieces