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  1. Please DO NOT constantly correct my kid.
  2. Just sleep. Its not that hard!! Aaaargh
  3. Trying hard to be zen about this...
  4. Am I a bad Mom???
  5. It is not ok to change the game the first day....update in 11
  6. Have you ever had sunburned ears?
  7. Don't you hate it when DH...
  8. unpacking..
  9. Still no school supply list....
  10. Earthquake?!
  11. Friend vent...seeking advice
  12. Mothering fail
  13. Mean B*tch. MIL is well meaning but not very capable
  14. Someone shoot me now
  15. Find me hole big enough for a large woman to assume the fetal position...
  16. Pitty Party at My House
  17. Try this line on your MIL!
  18. 5 is the worst yet!!!
  19. Bills, bills, bills - AARGH!
  20. ILs forgot/ignored our anniversary!
  21. ugh.
  22. Poop. Covered. Room.
  23. My parents are moving...
  24. Seriously - are you TRYING induce my Labor?!?
  25. Well, at least she's honest.
  26. F*You, Spiderman, and while we're at it...
  27. Grrr inconsistent sizing
  28. Just tried on some
  29. Can.not.wait.for.school.to.start.
  30. Where are they putting it?
  31. Hives
  32. Um, yeah, whatever you say..................
  33. Sent text to the wrong person...
  34. My dog just brought a...
  35. I'm on a roll tonight: It's a little less than 3 months away and the drama begins
  36. Family drama over vacations.
  37. Temper tantrum about attending school in the day before school starts
  38. The callousness of some people... It's killing me.
  39. Kids and the phone...
  40. One week of school...
  41. Dear keys,
  42. No power...no school...going crazy
  43. This F*cking Heat is Getting OLD!
  44. Stress is making me fat!
  45. I'm a bad DIL (more family vacation drama).
  46. American Airlines & no gate-checking stroller over 20 lbs
  47. GO AWAY Pneumonia!!
  48. You WHAT?
  49. Thanks for nothing Amazon S&S
  50. Another MIL complaint....WWYD UPDATE in #13
  51. Still no power
  52. Irony is...
  53. NEVERMIND---It's not changing afterall! Disney Cruise Line policy change......
  54. Being a single mom is really hard
  55. Photo book killer error
  56. I need to vent about my Mother's phone call
  57. Cool stuff in magazines - not there
  58. Just back from the orthopod....
  59. I just want to sleep....
  60. Today was the last day before school starts...
  61. You touch-a my dipes, I break-a your face!
  62. I have 40 hours of work to do in 2 days
  63. Treating college kids like kids
  64. Update never mind, all better! I f'ed up and dh won't accept my apology
  65. I do believe judgement was passed on me today at the bus stop
  66. Almost a dealbreaker...
  67. And one more thing...
  68. Argh! So aggravated with myself!
  69. I hate it when...
  70. What is it with the Pets obsession at schools?!
  71. I've had enough of camping in my house
  72. another hurricane irene whine
  73. tired of my 3 year old
  74. I'm the ridiculous one? Seriously?
  75. Mr. X does not live here!
  76. We're headed to FL
  77. How many children do I have???
  78. Thanks for nothing!
  79. MIL, please stop buying stuff off TV and sending it to us
  80. Just need to vent
  81. First sinus infection of the season......
  82. F'ing tire
  83. Go home!
  84. this will be the SIXTH week in a row
  85. FB posts...
  86. First day of school and van has a dead battery
  87. everything sucks
  88. Update in 11: It's days like today that make me want to run away and hide
  89. Once again, 7+ hours at the groomer is a little much. No?
  90. I'm D.O.N.E.
  91. I am so f'ing sick of spit up (aka, I hate you, reflux)
  92. The wonderpets
  93. Laundry Mountains, creeping through my house
  94. Just Fix the Schedule!!!!
  95. Kaiser is trying to ruin my birthing experience!
  96. I am not normally a violent person
  97. Venting about my DH (Who I really do love but needs a clue)
  98. Too many cooks in the kitchen
  99. I want another baby
  100. "We've got a green light"
  101. No, no, no, no, no, I really don't have time to be sick...
  102. Spread too thin.
  103. I HATE my period!
  104. Politicians who have left office
  105. Sometimes, I just have to say..
  106. No, I really am 39.
  107. I can't stand the neighborhood kids
  108. Not so "grand"parent
  109. Dear DH: I appreciate that you do this, but...
  110. 9/11 in SS class?
  111. Is this going to be a wasted meal?
  112. Dear DH,
  113. It's been in the 90s and I need to clean! MS SUCKS!
  114. C-section in 5 hours or so. I'm SOO thirsty!
  115. Dear PreK Teacher
  116. It's only the 3rd week of school and....
  117. You're leaving after only 4 weeks?
  118. Well, there goes my Saturday morning
  119. Would you post on FB you're pregnant before telling your family?
  120. Nap rant
  121. Definitely NOT the help I was looking for!
  122. Grammar mistakes that are then quoted
  123. The stuff of NIGHTMARES!
  124. Stupid dishwasher
  125. Great... here it comes, ugh.
  126. Bitch About DH's University
  127. Got some news today that I DID NOT want to hear
  128. Mean old man!
  129. Retract-A-Gate demands I take down pix of faulty product before processing my refund
  130. Selfish Birthday party B*tch
  131. To J. Jill management
  132. I sucked it up
  133. Candy cigarettes!
  134. Seriously?
  135. Lost my [email protected] driver's license
  136. hello spiders,
  137. No, I donít want to leave a 2 year old in the house alone.
  138. GDH + WDD + Mw/DL = AHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  139. Mommy Fail
  140. GC to Chuck E Cheese...
  141. I think he lied about a FA
  142. Just because you fell asleep for 5 minutes doesn't mean you don't have to got to bed!
  143. It is NOT your decision
  144. Help me feel less #!&*% about no present party
  145. If you aren't handicapped or toting a bunch of kids use the regular stalls!
  146. you know you're a mom with 3 kids when...
  147. having one of those days.
  148. Don't do head lice checks before bedtime
  149. I DO NOT ship internationally!!!!
  150. No DH, just because it comes packaged, it does not mean it has been washed
  151. No, I Don't Want Help!
  152. I hate whiskey
  153. I just want to go for a WALK without being harrassed by the lady golfers!
  154. Feeling sad
  155. Grr...worlds colliding
  156. I can't stand my neighbors......
  157. OPKs
  158. Holy obnoxious kids, Batman!
  159. UPDATE :) unequal pay between spouses
  160. For the love of Bettybob-Nap
  161. Go the fuzzzzzz to sleep!
  162. The movie Precious.....
  163. Not ready to let go of baby stuff.
  164. Really Stepmom?
  165. Sometimes I hate texting
  166. Hanna Adersson shipping
  167. Grrr..another year traveling at the holidays
  168. Some days I think I shouldn't have had kids...
  169. ugh snow boots
  170. Unfair Burdens
  171. So tired of living with stress
  172. I hate you 1 hr glucose screening
  173. feeling "blah"
  174. refinance is not going to happen
  175. Mother's are TOXIC!
  176. Yet another job rejection
  177. Major Drama about to happen. Don't wanna be there when it happens...
  178. Tragic Cousins
  179. ARGH, PreK Fundraiser!!!
  180. Dear GF, please stop saying "I am in the best shape of my life"...
  181. Awake
  182. Really? REALLY??? (Pets & $$$)
  183. There is no end in sight.
  184. Preschool and potty training. Am I being silly?
  185. What not to do when applying for a job
  186. What stupid things have you done lately?
  187. I really hate socks, or "how my DD pushes my buttons"
  188. So so so tired
  189. So want to gloat
  190. I have strep throat
  191. Grandparents missing birthday
  192. Why does my DH's activities always come before mine????
  193. Me vs. DH
  194. Baby and DH sick on my birthday!
  195. My throat hurts
  196. Exploded soda can in freezer
  197. DH, I'm no longer cooking for you
  198. I hate toy soup!
  199. I want to un-invite you! and I didn't invite them.
  200. DH, I LOVE that you always help with chores, but ...
  201. Is a "thank you" too much to expect?
  202. Birthdays with no help are my personal version of hell
  203. wasted head of lettuce
  204. Something died in my garage
  205. pronounce the word properly please!
  206. why I oh why do I open certain posts?
  207. Waiting for test results...
  208. Stomach flu, go away already!
  209. [email protected] you, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish!
  210. It's my 9 year anniversary...
  211. I'm just venting...
  212. Grr...she's not your dog
  213. Unreal.
  214. My mother
  215. AAA two days in a row
  216. I hate security tags
  217. MIL- We are going to visit FIL-get over it
  218. Why does my husband...
  219. FB and neighbors
  220. I am going to kick DH in the balls.
  221. This is totally TMI
  222. Why you should never do anything nice for your children...
  223. No MIL, we are not going to Ikea for you
  224. 2 covered dish meals in 3 weeks, really?
  225. Recalled toys make such nice gifts!
  226. Completely bothered by this
  227. Why would some people
  228. Mom I don't want your kind of cleaning products!!
  229. UGH! My brain!
  230. homework sucks
  231. the morning
  232. What was I thinking...
  233. Wolf spiders
  234. Pity Party
  235. Seriously. Is it that hard?
  236. No DH I don't think we need to keep a kid home for every cold!
  237. Sad... and mad at myself
  238. Grrr....Hanna
  239. First prenatal appoinment. Not the fun I had hoped for.
  240. Stomach bug I hate you
  241. If it were anyone else in the family...
  242. How many things can happen in such a short time!?! (loss mentioned)
  243. I hate the games Gymboree plays
  244. Quote of the day
  245. waaaaaahhhhh... I hate my eyes
  246. Feel bad and stupid
  247. Hate bullies!!!
  248. I should not go to Trader Joes when I am hungry
  249. I hate breaking the news.....
  250. Why is Target's website so bad?