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  1. feeling like sh*t and want to go home
  2. Dinner!
  3. Missing another party
  4. Candy Land
  5. GAH! I hate being RE trapped.
  6. Do you know ANYTHING about kids??? So angry at consignment sale people...
  7. Feeling really stupid right now
  8. Caught a shrew YUCK
  9. Stop losing your [email protected] wallet!
  10. I think I may be more shallow than I realized
  11. If DH doesn't start pulling his weight around here...
  12. IL's and baby names UPDATE in #18
  13. coworker's iphone quacks when he gets email
  14. Flush the toilet!
  15. Even when I agree with them, it bugs me when people who aren't parents judge parents
  16. Seriously?
  17. New shoes from online sent in plain box
  18. GAH! I hate it when...
  19. Another nap strike.
  20. Getting rid of toys
  21. I hate combined shipping services!!
  22. Very petty gripe
  23. Apples woes
  24. Serenity now!
  25. My 2 yo is a maniac and I don't really like him right now...
  26. Please DON'T put your car seat on the top part of the shopping cart!
  27. Tired of people pushing halloween on us
  28. Mice
  29. How hard is it?
  30. I am not the "Fertility Treatment Goddess"
  31. Yuck. Open enrollment time
  32. Frustrating But Dopey BP
  33. All I wanted...
  34. I should just order take out
  35. Mad and hurt for DS...
  36. Happy Friggin Anniversary!
  37. I don't feel well.
  38. What will happen next?
  39. The downside of having real musical instruments...
  40. Dear MIL,
  41. Stop the whining!!!!!!
  42. Dear DH
  43. 46 minutes a month.
  44. It's not a lark
  45. you hurt my feelings
  46. Dear MIL, I am glad you are excited about the new baby, but.........
  47. DH and DS: 3 hours and nothing done. Me: 30 mins
  48. Sunnyside Day Care & Lotso
  49. So petty...
  50. Stupid Halloween costumes
  51. Argh
  52. Aunt flo
  53. OMG Bedtime has become my WORST NIGHTMARE!
  54. on the first night Dh has to work late in awhile...
  55. Ugh - Happy homecoming DH!
  56. Argh!!!!!!!!!
  57. I am just so tired
  58. Feeling very shallow at the moment...
  59. Open mouth, insert foot. I'm a loser.
  60. an anti-b%itch :)
  61. Maybe I should have raised show cats...
  62. I get it, your time is more important than.....
  63. Feelings sad
  64. Teens.
  65. When I grow up...
  66. Dh, stop being lazy and get on a better schedule
  67. Stop robbing from Peter to pay Paul!
  68. Dear DH: You suck. >Small Update Post 34<
  69. I am just really not enjoying my children right now :(
  70. It is snowing.
  71. It took 10+ weeks to get here...
  72. Super Long B!tch Letter to Pre-School re: organization, PT & nutrition
  73. there is SO much to clean!!
  74. Dear babysitter, What does "reconfirm" mean to you?
  75. MIL please keep your mouth shut
  76. No way MIL
  77. Why are drunk people so [email protected] loud?
  78. I just lost it on DH and the kids now
  79. Wow. What happened to uploading a pdf resume??
  80. I'm hurt.
  81. two sick kiddos :(
  82. Another Facebook...
  83. Really Town, NOW you decide there's no ToTing??
  84. Trivial b!tch about halloween
  85. FA trick or treating
  86. I was just breathing a sigh of relief...
  87. It's November 1st
  88. DH, if you washed the dishes...
  89. So frustrated
  90. I see dead people
  91. Had to happen eventually
  92. That's it! I'm done with hormonal BC.
  93. You said you weren't coming to the party so NO you cant come!
  94. i feel so, so sick
  95. When it rains it pours!!
  96. My boss really, really sucks
  97. How can illness come on so fast?
  98. Am I really the only one who doesn't...
  99. Feeling like an idiot and ticked off at myself
  100. Is there anything worse than dealing with a utility company
  101. Rude Facebook friend
  102. Thanksgiving Woes
  103. DH please stop talking to me about money the minute I walk through the door!
  104. Must lay off the Snickers...
  105. LOUSY date night!
  106. Just venting..
  107. Meningitis ad...
  108. Ugh bad night LONG
  109. Would you find this frustrating?
  110. DH on vacation in our home....
  111. Such a petty bitch
  112. DH, "helping" me just means you make more work for me.
  113. Dear DD, You are SEVEN, NOT twenty-seven!
  114. Can't enjoy weekends - thank you and update #7
  115. Do NOT lie to my kid!
  116. Stop treating me like I am a failure as a reproducer
  117. I just...wow. Update
  118. Another FB b!tch
  119. Is Thanksgiving OVER yet?
  120. Storm Aftermath and Frustration
  121. Why don't things just work!
  122. I hate playdates
  123. We need to replace our furnace. :(
  124. Damn you Viagra!
  125. Thank you for making me feel like a cow
  126. Mother pucker....LICE!
  127. Don't you dare blame lice on me!!!!!
  128. DH are you TRYING to p!ss me off?
  129. You've got to be kidding me! (stupid period)
  130. UPDATE in post # 49...Frustrated and angry....I should just live by myself
  131. I so was NOT expecting that
  132. Do SOMETHING when your kid bites my kid
  133. I'm so sick of cooking for these children
  134. Dear neighbor you are a stupid moron.
  135. My Addict Mother
  136. Cool! I'm a wanna be mom! (Minor Update)
  137. writing 101, and stickers too.
  138. Christmas
  139. Like I didn't have enough on my plate already...
  140. I hate Sunday afternoons
  141. Dear Bank - take my money!
  142. Lady at Goodwill
  143. 1:54
  144. Crap morning
  145. Please do not ask when I am due. The baby is 2 years old.
  146. Forgot niece's birthday
  147. Dear @$$hole at the pool on my vacation...
  148. Cheapskate landlord, if these CO detectors go off, I'm not paying you rent!
  149. It's my fault, really.
  150. Deleted - never mind!
  151. I'm leaving my bank TOMORROW
  152. Well, I could guess...
  153. people who make everything twice as difficult as it needs to be
  154. Argggghhhh
  155. santa sighting
  156. Black widow spiders
  157. boo hoo (beware, self pity contained within)
  158. Sigh, I really thought we were past this sort of thing
  159. Who ever said "there is no use crying over spilled milk"
  160. Will it ever end?
  161. PO'ed at Barnes and Noble
  162. Don't just throw clothes away!
  163. If you live in Seattle
  164. Really!?! You are 7!
  165. Can someone explain the dog rescue/shelter/fostering to me ....
  166. Just a little annoying
  167. They cancelled Christmas!
  168. Could use some mojo
  169. Let him have hair!
  170. Just going to throw it all out there
  171. I will not go to the Mall between now and New Year's
  172. An Ear Infection????
  173. bah humbug - American Girl
  174. "Gee, you run a tight ship"
  175. Clothes
  176. I hate you, mice.
  177. This is totally aimed at my child...
  178. I have so much work to do!
  179. Having a feel like a mommy failure morning
  180. DD, do you have to fight everything?
  181. More an annoyance than a bitch...
  182. Trying hard to feel the love for this dog
  183. Things Just Keep Piling Up
  184. The reality is I can't handle it!
  185. Ugh. order the damn chairs yourself then!
  186. It's only been 24 hours...
  187. i cannot catch a break!!!
  188. I hate being sick
  189. I am a dummy! I am a dummy!
  190. If there was a Bah Humbug for this day...
  191. Botched check
  192. I'm pretty sure I forgot to finish checking out at TRU...
  193. I am an idiot
  194. I hate for the sake of gifts gifts....
  195. I give up (relationship whining while PMS'ing)
  196. Holiday gripe and funny all in one
  197. Lost my library card
  198. DH!
  199. My husband lost our 2yo son in the food court on Black Friday b/c he was napping!
  200. Really toys r us!!
  201. Update in #15 Thanks alot DH, NO frigging Christmas Tree
  202. Holidays with family SUCK
  203. I screwed up signing DD up for a class...
  204. Can't sleep...
  205. You suck, Eddie Bauer
  206. I think I hate our dog.
  207. DH's revisionist history.
  208. I hope SIL doesn't ruin DS's first birthday
  209. Reassurance needed
  210. I just bombed a test.
  211. Rockwell Nutrition- we say we have stuff on our website, but we really don't
  212. Dear Brother, There's a nifty old invention called a condom...
  213. Ugh, What Next? Hand foot and mouth disease
  214. Really Direct TV? Porn 2 channels from Disney?
  215. birthday evite
  216. My Boyfriend Just Got Laid Off
  217. A few minor bitches - common courtesy and long lines!
  218. Dear DH
  219. *updated again page 3* I will NOT text my ex....I will not....
  220. Update- I was wrong!!**Another Dear Dh vent
  221. Dear Dog
  222. Dear MIL
  223. I miss my babies...
  224. Is it bad that I hate decorating our tree?
  225. I don't want to go to UPS
  226. I have to laugh...
  227. Ouch!
  228. somedays i cannot wait for the day..
  229. What's wrong with practical gifts?
  230. I hate looking for a job!!!!
  231. Amazon sucks big time!!...They cancelled another order!! Update Post 12
  232. Getting DH to help around the house
  233. Um...boxes
  234. You're a jacka**, FIL!!!
  235. What the he$$ DH?
  236. I hate you camelcamelcamel!
  237. Sleep
  238. Why can't I bring myself to defriend her?
  239. Is it wrong to wish for Jan. 2?
  240. Dear totally inappropriate kindy teacher:
  241. She has lost bladder function
  242. Dear Airline...
  243. Dear Ass**** at Strbx:
  244. why do these things happen whenever DH goes out of town??
  245. Im lonely...
  246. Like adult acne isn't bad enough, I have now ...
  247. Ridiculous insulting conversation of the day
  248. I told you 3 times....
  249. can kids be in a time out for a day?
  250. My family cannot (add yours!)...