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  1. Fed up..
  2. Lord help my MIL
  3. Kids going door to door...
  4. Kmart
  5. Uh MIL
  6. DH it's been a long day...
  7. *updated* Ups
  8. Stupid Politics...and where are all my highlighters!?!
  9. Thanks for the advance notice
  10. Do some men not know to shave the back of their neck??
  11. DH....I hate your job!
  12. am at my limit!!
  13. I am so done right now
  14. Bitter Sweet
  15. Rudest thing anyone has said to me this pregnancy...
  16. Stupid people shouldn't write reviews!
  17. Small complaint but effectively ruined afternoon
  18. Bitch about "Mom Spark Media" and my quest for real opinions
  19. I hate my family for...
  20. How do I make this Marriage successful?
  21. lice!
  22. Dear DH:
  23. Thanks so much, Gymboree
  24. Grrrr..group that can't organize themselves out of a paperbag
  25. Dearest DD, I'm not clueless....
  26. Reaping what you sow in parenting choices
  27. DH, I swear... what are you thinking?
  28. Thanks for changing the rules!
  29. A good and bad all in one *UPDATE*
  30. Amazon, you keep disappointing
  31. This absolutely DISGUSTS me
  32. breast cancer awareness--really etsy?
  33. I am living on a foreign planet
  34. DH I have been flexible enough..
  35. No, my job is not just shuttling the dc, MIL
  36. Teacher Moms: New routines and DH can't handle it !
  37. Stomach virus +Birthday...
  38. money vent
  39. I just need this wedding to be OVER.
  40. The first lice exposure note
  41. How many cars does one family need?!?
  42. why do I get myself into stuff?
  43. Not really a bitch....
  44. In the grand scheme of things...
  45. Not well played, DH
  46. Don't come home and start getting grumpy, DH!
  47. Quick stop to in the grocery store = 2 children needing an ice pack
  48. I hate the term "playdate"
  49. What does that mean?
  50. And the inevitable has happened
  51. I hate the terms.....
  52. Target.com customer service
  53. Doctors SHOULD NOT
  54. Supervisor, please follow your own protocol
  55. Why oh why do I keep trying BCP? Why?!
  56. Living Overseas Can Really SUCK!
  57. Really dh, you need my help for that?
  58. I hate Halloween.
  59. Would you like to run this party instead?
  60. Sabotage
  61. Make up your mind, DH!
  62. Toys R' Us Rant...
  63. Made a Big Mistake Last Night (Major TMI Warning)
  64. Birthday party anti-b!tch...
  65. Dear DH
  66. I'm on a roll......
  67. Rotten kids...
  68. Stamp Happy Coach
  69. I am just kind of done
  70. feeling overly emotional
  71. Really officer? No need for a report?
  72. The real estate market is truly depressing.
  73. Dear Former Homeowners
  74. It's confirmed. We have bedbugs.
  75. Do NOT turn on the AC
  76. I wish I was
  77. Doctor's appt from h**l . . .
  78. Vacation should not be this hard
  79. Why Do My Family Members Insist on ... ?
  80. When it stinks to be an only....
  81. Etsy Frustration
  82. Happy update- Don't complain to me
  83. My sister's mental illness is driving me nuts (sorry, long and ridiculous post)
  84. Present for DS1 Letter
  85. A zombie knife is not an "essential" DH
  86. Dear FIL...
  87. Dear MIL
  88. I'm so done with you, MIL
  89. Dear DH
  90. Day 3 of new birth control pills... Can I please stop crying over chicken nuggets??
  91. I need to just let it go...
  92. Hey AF!
  93. Don't parents teach manners anymore?
  94. please stop crying
  95. The lights are OFF
  96. Sucks that dh didn't make it home for Halloween again
  97. Halloween
  98. Instead of ToT...
  99. To the punks that stole our smoke bubble machine..
  100. The monsters are gone but they have left me their mess.
  101. Ugh when will the cancer END??!!
  102. Please go to sleep!!
  103. grrrrr, no, you may not watch tv!
  104. Just reschedule the party!
  105. Just reschedule the party!
  106. Not exactly a complaint, but....
  107. I'm so frustrated!!!!
  108. Really, DH? The Candy Fairy?
  109. Just so frustrated!!!! Poop in the potty!!!!!
  110. Not the birthday I was thinking of
  111. Applying to jobs these days--takes too much time
  112. Sibling Rivalry
  113. My kid doesn't need decoration.
  114. 1/2 lb bacon and 1 box of sparkle crayons
  115. I know it's a BP, but I'll take perspectives...
  116. dear daylight savings time
  117. really?? 3 no shows in a week???
  118. MIL, do you need to do this every year?
  119. don't change your pricing after the photo shoot!
  120. a premature, hopefully preventative, b*tch
  121. Who thinks this kind of thing is ok???
  122. Dear DH, it was very thoughtful of you
  123. It's not even Thanksgiving and it has begun...
  124. Seven pair of pants and underwear. Seven!
  125. What is the purpose?
  126. I hate when I sleep in my clothes.
  127. ACK!! My computer restarted and I lost my ebook :(
  128. Very unprofessional of you, TheBabyGuyNYC
  129. No, DH I am NOT over-reacting!
  130. Antibitch
  131. To the lady at the orthopedist's office
  132. of course...
  133. Not sure where to post this, not really a bitch, not really special needs...
  134. Not sure who to be mad at
  135. %$#&*Chik Fil A Playplace!
  136. Another bad day at work--so to whom it may concern
  137. It was your idea DH
  138. Just sad
  139. Amazon, you're worthless as long as you use ONTRAC
  140. Exhausted
  141. Dear friend- go home!!
  142. Dd turned 2
  143. Don't you hate it when...
  144. I wish that all parents would contribute a little to special class days.
  145. Feeling so, so stupid and ridiculous
  146. Thanks for making me kill the snake
  147. I should have just kept my mouth shut, right?
  148. [email protected] you Sandy!
  149. I don't need everyone to remind me....
  150. Should have stayed in bed
  151. LOL- Spin off from classroom parties: UPDATE post 7
  152. AAHHHHHH!!! I HATE Insurance companies!!
  153. Happy Birthday to Me
  154. It's just pink eye people
  155. Are you flippin kidding me?
  156. Oh no, what did I do?
  157. I'm starting to hate the holidays
  158. she is four months old..
  159. Another crap intern
  160. I just spent 2 hours
  161. Really FIL, Really!!
  162. Bummed.
  163. I love Thanksgiving but I HATE the meal
  164. Thanksgiving Holiday Bitch! - Please Join
  165. Thanks for letting us know. Really.
  166. Just found out an hour ago.....Updated in #11
  167. gee thanks for insulting my parenting skills DH
  168. stop sending me test results!
  169. All my mom does is debate.
  170. I guess I am a hateful bitch.
  171. Bad mom confession
  172. First vent, Thanksgiving has hit an all time low
  173. No Thanksgiving for us!
  174. home alone on t day
  175. just a test
  176. Done- please delete
  177. Yes DH I realize that wasn't the best thing to say...
  178. So ready to be done with this volunteer gig
  179. Our entire Black Friday was spent...at the doctor's office and then the ER
  180. Crazy 8, really??
  181. DH's aunt
  182. Let's be a bit more realistic
  183. family annoy
  184. Santa Party in 4 days
  185. will my kids ever learn to be still for pictures?
  186. Buyer's remorse
  187. I'm so angry at my mom!
  188. SAHM identity crisis... not sure if I can keep doing this...
  189. Travel nightmare
  190. deleted
  191. watch your spending!
  192. How do you handle DH'S sarcasm (if any of course)?
  193. Stupid bank personnel
  194. We forgot DS's soccer trophy
  195. Reminder for next year....
  196. Freaking out Update posts 25&27
  197. Ugh
  198. Frickin' frackin' DH...
  199. Since this is really the bitching post and bday etiquette forum, a question!
  200. Do you understand what Volunteer means?!?!?!
  201. Don't know whether to laugh or cry...
  202. what else?
  203. Hand, Foot, Mouth...and me
  204. So bummed...
  205. Guarding someone else's children
  206. Oops, double post. sorry. Guarding someone else's children
  207. not a bitch but a moan and a question
  208. Public Apology
  209. Thanks for nothing, Doc...
  210. So mad at myself!
  211. @(%@($*@#(* Traders Joe's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
  212. What kind of sense does this make?
  213. I am losing my mind...
  214. The Body Shop- really? An hour+ wait?
  215. Today is Kicking My Rear
  216. When a non-problem is a problem...
  217. All I want to do is sleep!
  218. I'm tired of everyone around me getting sick!
  219. Seriously DH?
  220. What's with shoppers tonight?
  221. Just sad today...
  222. Why couldn't the decorations wait...
  223. Tamiflu for Everyone!
  224. I'm just piling on here...
  225. I hate laryngitis.
  226. Boden!
  227. Freedom from religion...with family....
  228. Honestly, just need a tiny bit of commiseration
  229. Dear classmate's parent (nevermind)
  230. Dear California Inlaws,
  231. Sooo, anyone else have kids that try to ride the doggie?
  232. Dilemma?
  233. Ruined dinner...and it was good
  234. anyone else have a SO that is pretty much never home?
  235. Frustrated, trying not to be a PITA....
  236. Horrible head cold
  237. When fighting everything just wears you down
  238. Gee, thanks PBK
  239. I'm not trying to be ungrateful.....
  240. Ugh...flooded by Craigslist porn spam.
  241. Car accident / Banker impropriety
  242. Soooo mad....grrrr
  243. top things you don't want to hear after a drop off party
  244. Our #*[email protected] tree just fell over!!!!!
  245. Dear Coach- "Don't pass to her" Is BS
  246. Work WTF?!?
  247. my inlaws and my kids' food allergies
  248. Another "I can't breathe thru my nose" thread
  249. #*$&(#*&$ mil
  250. DH that is just gross - TMI on weird oral hygiene