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  1. Raising the white flag.
  2. FedEx, do you have to take my package on a tour of the USA?
  3. Dear Pet Store and Your Goliath Bird Eater Tarantula...
  4. What a lovely week
  5. Can't I just stay home?
  6. No food!!
  7. When I send you to get balloons for the party...
  8. We are moving, not just me
  9. Fine. Just go eat cereal for dinner.
  10. My kids are well-behaved...for everyone else!
  11. Anti-bitch - neighbor kids
  12. PSA - Never take your new DSLR in a Canoe! - UPDATE in OP
  13. That's what I get for opening my big mouth
  14. Having a hard time functioning today.
  15. I'm A mother, not YOUR mother.
  16. DH or allergist? Who makes me more frustrated??
  17. I just want the weather - ick, I'm squeamish
  18. Am I the only one with any sense around here?
  19. Report cards not available!!!
  20. Thanks Old Office....
  21. We are not outdoorsy people.
  22. I Have My Own Gravitational Force!!!
  23. We don't live in a hair salon
  24. A very selfish and overtired pity-party.
  25. Well, I guess it's time to move on
  26. I hate fireworks.
  27. DH there is not enough space for this!
  28. You aren't paying for the lessons....
  29. Why are my kids the only ones with the white glow!
  30. I can't wait for this party to be over
  31. oh for the love of pete.
  32. DD broke her arm again.
  33. Thanks neighbor for the non-stop pool parties all weekend
  34. Stupid mistake
  35. What the F can I say anymore?!
  36. Century link internet service.
  37. If you don't want a 2yo in your house...
  38. I'm so crabby today I can't even stand myself.
  39. anyone who says teething doesn't affect sleep...
  40. The five words you hate hearing from your 4 year old...
  41. What were they thinking????
  42. Seriously insurance???
  43. I don't know whether to cry or scream!
  44. I Suck!!!!
  45. I swear finding a husband was easier than finding a decent nanny...
  46. It is freezing here!
  47. so so so sick of being the bad cop with DS2 ALL THE TIME
  48. Well, *that* was embarrassing...
  49. Apparently I have failed society.
  50. he left the baby home alone
  51. DH just lost our camera bag at the amusement park
  52. WTF.....$4000 lost in expenses...UGHHH (DH SUCKS)
  53. When the web site doesn't reflect stock .... LEARNING EXPRESS I'm talking to you
  54. S/O So he's my first kid - what of it?!?
  55. Remind me how awful migraines are...
  56. I am such the second rate worker in our house
  57. Stupid Baby Shower
  58. Mil...sigh
  59. When will work stop being the most important thing to you?
  60. 17 Grams of Sugar
  61. Just fix it!
  62. Only 3 kids showed up for DD's b-day party
  63. rural areas
  64. I have cleaned more vomit in this past month....
  65. Completely petty bitch
  66. Grumble grumble
  67. Just want to relax A LITTLE!
  68. Petty BP - thanks secretary for telling me I was an ugly preggo!
  69. Car in shop, DH out of town, babysitter a no-show. *updated*
  70. Beyond annoyed.
  71. Disappointment over cancelled trip
  72. I'm tired of being the flexible one
  73. DH...it's not necessarily the action, but the manner in which you do it
  74. I am so bad at this
  75. No more sarcasm around DD...
  76. Why am I still on FB?
  77. Lost Night
  78. I needed a Tazer App on my iphone 5 today!
  79. Frickin frackin mold. It's everywhere around me. WTH is going on???
  80. Feeling sad and mad about DD2's 1st birthday today.
  81. I have a sick, uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.
  82. Things that should NEVER be announced on FB (sensitive)
  83. just need to vent about EVERYTHING
  84. Anyone go to a chiropractor?
  85. Just need to get this off my chest...
  86. Over a freakin' nightgown!!!
  87. DH, it's YOUR Family! Don't make me waste my time with them!!!!!!!
  88. Last Minute Cancellation
  89. Hit & Run!
  90. The compliment that isn't.
  91. In the scheme of things this isn't important
  92. Super anxious!!!
  93. this morning
  94. That did not just happen.
  95. It's a Bus, People!!
  96. PSA: Use your %(# #!&^ Turn Signal
  97. I hate being allergic to caffiene!
  98. reciprocity
  99. Why can't I just pack for this trip?!
  100. Sunburn
  101. not just a B but also made me a bit sad
  102. Discontinued contact lenses!
  103. Why Company Kids??????????
  104. Dropped my Macbook pro on the floor
  105. MIL b!tch
  106. Thanks for the great birthday...
  107. TCP's website is annoying me
  108. !/#%| olly!
  109. It's my Saturday :(
  110. Ya DH lice is no big deal
  111. Thanks Smaland
  112. Just doesn't get "developmentally appropriate".
  113. Don't start traditions that aren't fun for you
  114. Oh my gosh! I SO should not have started this project!
  115. Thanks, now-former 3rd grade teacher
  116. fecal sample
  117. I am fat
  118. Dear Wife
  119. Who needs friends, anyway? :(
  120. no sense
  121. We Are Not Your Therapy Group, Dad!
  122. Sometimes people suck
  123. Oh. Right.
  124. Hubby lost a blank check.
  125. Why is this so hard for DH??
  126. Thanks for nothing, MIL.
  127. Right 3rd grade teachers - the kids don't need spelling anymore
  128. Not excited about school starting
  129. That is all you had to say?????
  130. Heading to pick up the ILs at the airport...
  131. Loud Music Outside in a Dense Neighborhood
  132. I don't get it
  133. I have the worst luck with doctors!
  134. Insult on top of injury
  135. What is wrong with this mom??
  136. Stolen iPhone 5
  137. PE Twice a Month. Really?
  138. DH is tired of me cosleeping with my baby and I'm sad
  139. Diabetes is mean
  140. What part of shift work don't your get???!!
  141. I need a Kate IRL - just a whine....
  142. And twenty minutes later
  143. I hate homework
  144. Where do things GO??!!
  145. Car Pool makes me want to rip my hair out of my head!
  146. DH take car of your own car
  147. Tmi.
  148. Smug people.
  149. I got paid today.
  150. It's true, dad's are treated like rock stars when out with kids...
  151. Why can't you respond??
  152. Seriously irritated.
  153. OMG DD2, I love you but...
  154. the nerve of some people!!
  155. Another what happened to personal responsibility thread
  156. Dear Universe:
  157. Updated post #24 Do not feed my son!!!
  158. My life and my marriage are spiraling downhill
  159. LLBean, how 'bout a water bottle holder?!
  160. Yuck, yuck, yuckity yuck
  161. DH and the 2 hour planning meeting
  162. At my wits end over our dogs
  163. Overpostititus
  164. Just RSVP already
  165. It's 10pm. Do you know where your cat is?
  166. Day 3 of school and sick already
  167. I promise, I'm not a flake...
  168. jealous of halloween supermom.
  169. Mommy wars brought home
  170. Can I dope smack my 10 yo?
  171. Worse houseguest in the world
  172. Why do people on some online forums feel so entitled?
  173. Dh I don't want to hear it
  174. The nerve of some people (sick kid)
  175. Rude comments about food
  176. Hating work right now
  177. I don't know why this still bothers me but want to get it out
  178. (*&#*o&t^*o&$%^@!&@(&#(&$#
  179. Why bother to make an appointment??
  180. For once Mom, can you put my needs first?
  181. Wednesday folder.... on Friday.
  182. Feeling blue--birthday coming up, parts of life in disarray
  183. DS2 broke my iPad
  184. Dear Target coupons: I love you, I hate you, please stop!
  185. Get over it, Mom!
  186. WTH is wrong with my feet??
  187. Kid Glasses...
  188. (Contains spoilers) OMG DH..."Yes...I understand Grey's Anatomy is a DRAMA!!!""
  189. Another birthday party b*tch...
  190. How much rejection can 2 parents take?
  191. Where do I get to vent?!
  192. Is there any way to 'self-heal' bitterness & jealousy towards someone?
  193. "this foam is too hard. this foam is too soft."
  194. Completely unreasonable, selfish rant
  195. My mom can't visit me because she has to watch my sister's son.
  196. Big Ole Fat Pity party...
  197. Why can't I have a standing day and time for house cleaning?
  198. Get out of bed
  199. I'm in middle school all over again
  200. Gah! I can't stand it!
  201. Pregnancy hormones and the stupidest tears
  202. Crappy day at work:(
  203. Really DD1? You're gonna start our Friday with a tantrum? You are 6 right?
  204. Serenity now.
  205. Since when is this experimental Aetna? (possible TMI)
  206. Seriously?!
  207. need to vent.
  208. exhausted!
  209. Why I hate you sometimes, DH
  210. You don't know everything
  211. Lands' End shipping
  212. Dear FB friend
  213. So mad, I could spit.
  214. Bummed, DH SUPER busy all of a sudden!
  215. Please DD learn when to keep your mouth SHUT!
  216. DH sent me a meal plan
  217. All at once? Really?
  218. Oh wretched rainbow loom...
  219. Umm...Just WOW. FB etiquette fail
  220. EX-H and new GF and FB
  221. so mad at DH
  222. Oh, DH...
  223. DD2 screamed for 2 hours tonight...
  224. Things that are really bothering me today !
  225. Just finish my kitchen already!!
  226. OMG, i could scream
  227. What is it with men commenting on my choice for reconstruction?
  228. The new Gangnam Style....
  229. sick FB profile pic
  230. Bummer!
  231. My Sister is Homeless ...
  232. Ommmmmmmmmm.....
  233. 5 months of construction later...
  234. BIL and SIL making me crazy!!!
  235. Santa Present Sabotage
  236. Emails after 6:30 am
  237. Please stop with unsolicited comments on my baby's sleep
  238. What has happened to Ann Taylor?
  239. Grrr, thanks a lot DH..
  240. Update : It gets even better! Umm, did you really just say that??
  241. Can I just be grumpy for a second?
  242. Halloween Scavenger Hunt
  243. I despise the car buying process
  244. It's either write this or start wringing necks.
  245. Outright lies!
  246. You are almost 10. Why did you draw all over yourself?
  247. WTH????? i thought it was DD but no, it was the 36 year old man of the house
  248. The holiday season is approaching....
  249. I ran over a pet dog :( (sensitive)
  250. Lice!!!!!!