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  1. Moths...
  2. Would this bug you???
  3. Does this sound right to you?
  4. Tired of paying the dentist
  5. Open Floor Plan with co-workers every sound = annoying!
  6. I don't know why it makes me feel better, but it does
  7. Got my very first speeding ticket today
  8. Argh!
  9. MIL is either cruel or completely clueless
  10. I want to talk to my husband alone...
  11. Waiting is so damn hard! (update in posts 35,41,49, final 68)
  12. Smoking while Pregnant
  13. No kids receptions!
  14. I hate feeling guilty over MIL issues!
  15. Why doesn't DH see this as a problem???
  16. Scary "road rage" incident this a.m.--could use some reassurance and virtual hugs!
  17. This ticks me off!
  18. the joys of moving..
  19. why is it so [email protected] hard to calculate what a wohm is worth?
  20. What part of "cover your mouth" did you not understand?
  21. UPDATE! Yes it will be hard for the person who never cooks to be without counters!
  22. Emotional and overwhelmed
  23. One step forward, two steps back.
  24. Shopping annoyance
  25. Constant bragging making me crazy!
  26. Kraft mac & cheese - no more fake color/artificial flavors
  27. I am drowning in kids clothes!
  28. Just Sit Still!!!
  29. Can't enjoy Vienna:(
  30. Dear Real Estate Agent
  31. Mammogram
  32. My childhood home is for sale
  33. Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. Stomach virus is making me feel pregnant/in labor
  35. Families with two working parents: Do you ever feel organized or "together"?
  36. Summer Bday
  37. Is this really necessary???
  38. I know I don't intellectually deserve sympathy, but...
  39. Another Birthday Party Complaint!
  40. Movers.
  41. Breaking point
  42. My heart just hurts for some kids in dd1's grade (3).
  43. Third week of severe pain, still no diagnosis
  44. Sigh
  45. Pinterest Ads
  46. Dear Camp Administrator...
  47. Unfriendly friends
  48. I don't get advance notice about when labor will start
  49. Dh is driving me crazy!
  50. I think I am going to cry.
  51. Keep your sick kid home!
  52. i had no idea how stressful.. (update in #8)
  53. Summer- the good and the not-so-good. Just venting a little.
  54. UGH--I AM NOT YOUR CUSTOMER, nor am I your activity planner
  55. Stress eating
  56. My kids are the worst swimmers AND we have the worst luck with lessons
  57. Houseguest ranting again....
  58. Really - NO kids invited???
  59. Feeling Grumpy and Ungenerous
  60. This week should just end already.
  61. I am waiting for next 5 weeks to be over
  62. It's been awhile
  63. i just need to last 25 more days
  64. Dear Family...
  65. annoyed at neighbor lady
  66. Clearly I don't understand tween and teen boys.
  67. Rude Question
  68. It's spelled mAhalo, NOT mOhalo!
  69. Why is it..??
  70. Textbook Narcissism
  71. Puppy blues...
  72. Some people clearly have lower thresholds for what they can tolerate...
  73. I hate medication side effects
  74. UPDATE Job issues & pregnant
  75. Can't You Accept I Don't Want to Go?
  76. Please, PLEASE just STOP!!!
  77. Just a stupid vent. UPDATED in OP
  78. why are girls black dress shoes so hard to find?
  79. Adult politics + kids + sports = bad mixture!
  80. child murder case - I don't want to know the details
  81. Great funeral idea: Offend half the attendees one way or another!
  82. Teacher gifts on the first day??
  83. health insurance gripe
  84. Poor DD (A First World Problem Rant)
  85. Anybody Got Some Cheese to Go With My Whine?
  86. MIL gripe
  87. The Procrastinating Family
  88. Sister...
  89. why can't I find a "normal" halloween costume?
  90. First week at new school = first illness from new school
  91. Genetic Testing at a Knee doctor office?
  92. DH, I was RIGHT!
  93. Guest telling me what they're going to bring
  94. New commute FAR WORSE than I imagined it could be
  95. Why dont the rules apply to you?
  96. Just gotta get it out....FTM "friend"
  97. What is it with Norwex??
  98. WAY too many kids in DD's class!!!
  99. "Would it be okay if I don't come on Saturday?"
  100. Taking Care of an Old Dog
  101. I hate United Airlines and their rudeness to my son -- who's with me?
  102. Ugh! We have to meet with the kinder teacher already!
  103. Overwhelmed
  104. I've used up my urgent care quota (hopefully!!!)
  105. Complaining here because IRL it would be super obnoxious!
  106. Red Robin $2 games - boo!
  107. Used Car Shopping
  108. Ugh, our newborn pictures are horrible.
  109. Cleaning ladies stole $9 from DS wallet
  110. Dumbest B!tch of All Time
  111. Had to be on a Sunday afternoon...
  112. Thanks for NOTHING youtube!! the PAW PATROLLER? Wha??
  113. House inspection woes!
  114. Week 4 of school and we are already having to chat with the K teacher about DD2
  115. I get to play hostess.
  116. Updated: Back to School Night sadness
  117. "Carnitas Is Back"
  118. Irritated w/MIL. (How?) would you respond?
  119. Petty *itch about Bloomingdales F & F sale and exclusions
  120. Very petty, but finally found a purse and it's sold out
  121. Soooo mad!
  122. Stupid advice books author gets under my skin.
  123. HATE managing people
  124. School has been in session less than 1 month and already the $$$ is growing
  125. Where Does the Buck Stop?
  126. boss's day
  127. Stupid choices
  128. my poor kids
  129. Unemployed DH
  130. I need a weekend off
  131. Business Travel
  132. Well this is a change
  133. I'm probably a terrible parent to DS3
  134. There's no I in team!
  135. So frustrated with DS's friends mom!
  136. I seriously hate everyone right now
  137. 10 days
  138. I don't know if I can adequately express my displeasure for spirit dress up weeks.
  139. Ooh. I have one! Pick me!
  140. How many additional invoices do they get to send me?!? So p*ss'd
  141. Update in #6: My mom seriously needs to chill out
  142. You know flu season has arrived when....
  143. Ouch!!
  144. "Mental patient" in the haunted house
  145. When it serves your needs....
  146. petty complaint - I hate leftovers.
  147. Ridiculous PE assignments
  148. Teachers who change the rules
  149. Amazon and USPS
  150. DD's BFF's father is a real blankety blank blank!
  151. Would your daughter like to have a playdate with my daughter?
  152. Annoying Amazon affiliate blogger
  153. DH on nightmare flight with drunk vomiting woman!!!
  154. Holdiday Family Vent
  155. 6am meeting cancelled at 5am
  156. MIL, I am not your son's answering service!
  157. No Rainchecks Target?
  158. What's your kiss and ride pet peeve?
  159. What's the point of low-flow toilets if
  160. Dear friend, please don't vent about THAT to me
  161. I hate Cancer!!!
  162. Please bring a side dish?!?!
  163. Weight Watchers New Tracking Interface
  164. Nanny quit
  165. Dear Stores: Thanks, but no thanks
  166. So much for our Thanksgiving.
  167. Dear leapfrog
  168. Sick of being sick
  169. [email protected]#$%^ Cyber Monday
  170. I Will Not Respond on FB. I Will Not Respond on FB.
  171. Who buys furniture as a gift...
  172. Dear School Staff - When I said dd1 would walk home after her school activity alone
  173. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to
  174. The children's choir rehearsal from he**
  175. Why did DS1 have to decide he wanted a RETIRED Lego set from Santa???
  176. Business Casual is an antiquated, unstylish category
  177. No Special Meal Requests on Hawiian Airlines
  178. Really Amazon?
  179. Please tell me why DD's kindy class is having a cookie exchange
  180. Gifts your kids won't like, use, want, wear!!!!
  181. Target's HORRIBLE Customer Service
  182. Disappointed in target
  183. Amazon shipping date "range"
  184. Christmas Shopping Shouldn't Be This Difficult!
  185. Gearing up... we can do this, people!
  186. Petty, petty Bitch
  187. Neighbors - Grow up about dinner choices
  188. playground behavior grr
  189. PSA: Shoebuy.com and Shoes.com no longer has free returns
  190. What is going on with the GAP!!!???
  191. Bah humbug...just sad and needed to get it out
  192. Dishonest hospital policies
  193. SERIOUSLY?? The dog ate my debit card!
  194. How's Everybody Holding Up? I'll Start!
  195. Trying to finish up my last batch of holiday cards only to find...
  196. Sad for my DDs
  197. Save my sanity!
  198. My mom makes me nuts.
  199. Dear middle child, go to sleep.
  200. My ILs.
  201. Get your head out of your a$$!
  202. Websites too bogged down
  203. Need a vacation from my vacation
  204. And this is why viruses spread so quickly...
  205. The worst part of having a broken finger!
  206. My husband never ceases to amaze me.
  207. karma? day 6 of dd2 having 104.6+ fever
  208. So annoyed with myself
  209. Dang iphone!
  210. Frustration with lack of communication from teacher
  211. Short legs
  212. Apparently that friendship is over.
  213. Are You Kidding Me?
  214. Annoying appliances or other products
  215. News crews invading our tiny town
  216. Day 6
  217. Why do people...
  218. Seriously?
  219. Just gotta get it out-- I hate hypocrisy!!!
  220. Stop Commenting on What My Daughter NEEDS
  221. Here's how to deal with things... turn it off!
  222. It sure would be nice...
  223. DS and neighborhood friendship
  224. Need someone to validate my feelings
  225. People who can't handle the truth
  226. School playground wrapped in caution tape.
  227. 2016 has just sucked so far. Dog died, kid got hurt...
  228. IL Gifting Gripe - almost funny
  229. HATE this new trend STAY INSIDE DUE TO WEATHER
  230. When something you've worked hard to plan falls flat....
  231. DD, I know you have ADHD, BUT.....
  232. I want to hire myself a wife...
  233. Counting by 2's up to 100...in Kindergarten?
  234. quitting my adult-ness
  235. Valentine's for kids - bah humbug
  236. Update on The Smiths
  237. Land's End, what happened?
  238. Feeling really lonely
  239. Read your emails!
  240. The too much sleep problem
  241. so mad
  242. Just want morning sickness to go away
  243. Make It Stop!
  244. Vacation - Bad News
  245. Birthday Party drama
  246. Lamest Facebook 'party' ever
  247. Spring Schedule
  248. I hate doing the taxes.
  249. Feeling sorry for myself!
  250. Hate my job