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  1. Removed: AAARGH! Family business is making me crazy!
  2. I am NOT a control freak
  3. Employer Not Paying for Expenses
  4. UPDATED!! um, why didn't she ever say thanks for my gift???
  5. Darn Olympics! (friendly rant)
  6. DS has been throwing up for the past week
  7. The Wolrd Poker Tour
  8. Mama bear roars! WWYD? (LONG)
  9. So is extreme irritability a sign of impending labor, or am I just in a bad mood? (General whining)
  10. WWYD...www.babyuniverse.com has yet to refund my $$$
  11. Due in 7 Days with Impending Sinus Infection on the way!!
  12. Customer Service at Pottery Barn Kids, HA!
  13. I am so mad at BabyAge, I could spit tacks
  14. DH and the snooze alarm
  15. Every time Sydney is sick it's because of her cousin
  16. Darn it, cat, keep OUT of the nursery!
  17. Babystyle=Poor Quality
  18. Stupid Humana! Stupid Hospital!
  19. What the hell are people thinking?!?
  20. Albee Baby Is HORRIBLE!!!
  21. Jerk tells his daughter MY DH is going to knife her!
  22. Uggghhhh!!! My mother-in-law is an idiot!
  23. There is a bird in Eleanor's room!!
  24. Grrrr! Whose team is DH on?
  25. YOU asked ME to do YOU a favor
  26. Idiot in the park... (long rant)
  27. SAHM Rant: You're a SAHM, so can you watch my kid?
  28. Two very minor things.... makes me feel a little bad (LONG)
  29. I hate packing!!!!
  30. I got questioned about what I do as a SAHM...
  31. YUK Have to move to Queens
  32. Why does Gymboree Play & Music hate working moms?!?
  33. Sometimes it sucks to be in HR (more a whine than a rant)
  34. Any Kaiser members in Orange County CA area???
  35. Inmate calling our house a 12 AM!!!
  36. Advice needed! Furniture company not delivering on paid order.
  37. Queens / update My bunny is on his way to my parents :(
  38. Clerk left the security tag on...
  39. Why, oh why won't he take her to the doctor?
  40. Grrrr Movers! (VERY long rant)
  41. Ugh, I could have really done without the parenting advice. *sigh*
  42. What to do? What to do?
  43. How do you light a fire under your DH to get things DONE?
  44. warning - hormonal pregnant woman on a rampage
  45. A crying infant and screaming toddler!
  46. How do I hate US Cellular? Let me count the ways..................
  47. do NOT want to hear MIL go on and on...
  48. New Yucky Home
  49. Why is it SO freakin' hard...
  50. Very sore pregnant belly - I can't sleep!
  51. I was (am) seething! Leave my baby brother alone!
  52. Not sure whether to laugh or cry!
  53. Two weeks?!? (long)
  54. Oh Why does my baby have to wake up crying every hour and a half?
  55. Is anyone else annoyed by the Gap's constant hawking...
  56. EGH 3 nights out because of the Jewish holiday
  57. good day/bad night
  58. Gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! If one more patient tells me to %#@* off
  59. Is this true everywhere?
  60. i can't sleep. i can't ever sleep.
  61. Is online bill payment worth the hassle?
  62. Waaah! Combi sent me a broken stroller!
  63. Grrr she is pregnant again!
  64. Shoot me before I volunteer again (long)...
  65. Am I the only person in America that still drives a manual transmission?!
  66. Warning about U.S. Cellular!!
  67. Stick to the medical advice!
  68. I am becoming a FATso
  69. Grr...stupid, irresponsible pet owners
  70. Arrgh...DH Is So Irresponsible....
  71. OK, who is at fault here?
  72. Bad things happen in threes, RIGHT?
  73. We've all been there...but take your kid out!
  74. Ebayers...help me out, I'm so irritated!
  75. Screaming baby!! Any advice???
  76. 13 months old, getting 1 hour nap!!!(long)
  77. I absolutely CAN'T take it anymore! HUGE rant
  78. Frusterated with my neighbor
  79. ARGH! Croup AGAIN!
  80. Bad Experience at Joann Store today (Sorry, Long)
  81. Double post.
  83. DD likes Dad better than me :-(
  84. DH is such a baby when he's sick!
  85. Wish those darn loud motor scooters were outlawed!
  86. Never, EVER again, will I order from BabyAge! Never!!
  87. Post-pregnancy weight loss....
  88. Some ebay people irk the snot out of me!
  89. Overwhelmed and stressed and feeling like a bad mother
  90. Stupid Toe. Stupid Kaiser
  91. Grrr, so irritated at DH (and at the dogs!)
  92. Sometimes I'm not very smart
  93. GRRR! Stupid Mortage Company!
  94. Need some advice on how to handle biting
  95. Life is always in a holding pattern!
  96. Flu Shot shortage
  97. Amazon.com Super Saver Shipping
  98. Crappy month from heck.
  99. I will NEVER order from Baby Bedding Town.com again!!!
  100. Why can't people commit to plans?
  101. I've been wanting to say this for YEARS!
  102. Coxsackie (aka Hand,foot, mouth) Bites!
  103. DO NOT presume to tell me how to live my life
  104. DS and I aren't invited to my BILs wedding!
  105. Sometimes I really hate doctors...
  106. outrageous markups on generic medications
  107. Thanks, jerkoff!
  108. I can't wait until the elections are over!
  109. Strangers touching my baby's face!!! I'll smack you...I will!
  110. At Wits End With DS's Violent Tantrums
  111. It is still a surprise when you find out the gender before the birth!!
  112. I'm so tired of being sick!!!!!
  114. Mad at my OB office; just need to vent!
  115. Page for contacting TRU/BRU corporate about B&M CS issues
  116. Education is a GOOD thing!
  117. Look who finally noticed we exist
  118. Left-handed compliment...ouch.
  119. Is it really that hard to back out of a garage?
  120. Why do I only forget my wallet when I REALLY need it?
  121. Yuuuck! Ant Infestation First Thing This Morning...
  122. horrible, horrible nap time (daylights PLUS climbing out)
  123. Tired of being unappreciated! (just a pitty party for me)
  124. Please stop asking how I am feeling...I am pregnant, not dying of some disease!!
  125. DST=nap disaster
  126. How could he not be tired???? Ggrrrrrrrr
  127. How to submit clothing complaints?
  128. Can I just say how much I dislike one of Hanna's policies?
  129. The buyers just backed out of buying our house!
  130. Why does DH get to continue having a life
  131. Opening the floodgates
  132. Ahhgggg! I could have used that sofa earlier!
  133. You are all invited to my pity party!!!
  134. Family doesn't want us to get a cat
  135. Am I just too sensitive? DH post/whine
  136. When when WHEN does the teething stop??
  137. I don't get to go to my weekly knitting group!
  138. ILs driving me crazy!
  139. I have to go back to work in 2 weeks and DON"T WANT TO GO!!!
  140. But we have the same toy...
  141. Would you ever cancel cable if dh's viewing habits were out of line?
  142. I just want this project to be over!
  143. food allergies and my dh- a rant (long)
  144. What is wrong with people? This makes me sick.
  145. I think I'm gonna rip someone's head off!
  146. Sick selfish MIL rant (warning long)
  147. Stupid fight - am I being unreasonable?
  148. I have no water -- but now it's back on (whew!)
  149. Husband has no libido
  150. rant: ILs asking for money - again!
  151. Warning LONG.... O.k. this is what this board is here for right....
  152. I am tired....
  153. Another reason to simplify holiday gift giving......
  154. What Was I Thinking?
  155. What a JERK!
  156. Yup. Bitch I will.
  157. What the HELL is going on and WHEN will it stop???
  158. Anticipating 1st nap? (cross-posted from The Lounge)
  159. I think it's time for my 1st bitch!!!!!
  160. dh is getting the boot because he can't use an alarm
  161. I'm so miserable!
  162. PPD support group
  163. Fuming at DH
  164. Gaylord Texan Reservations!*#$%!
  165. My clothes suck :(
  166. People who bring Sick Kids to Children's parties!!!
  167. A day in hell with the IL's!
  168. Invite says 10 - 12;30. When do you go home?
  169. I need advice...how to help nephew in a bad situation. LONG
  170. you don't get a vote!
  171. @#$! Amazon Shipping
  172. I'm nearing my wits end. (long)
  173. Aaarrrgh! Poo EVERYWHERE!
  174. I feel bitchy but this is getting ridiculous!!!
  175. I've been in here too often lately...
  176. Stupid flexible spending accounts...
  177. I am FURIOUS with Picture People!
  178. I'm SOOOO FURIOUS! My DD has the flu!!!!
  179. Update! NASTY NASTY RESPONSE FROM E-Bayer. WWYD?? Long (pics)
  180. Landscaper said *** you to me!
  181. Not sure if this is an official "bitch" but boy are my feelings hurt!
  182. Places that won't let toddlers use their bathrooms!
  183. My mother won't change diapers!
  184. "My husband doesn't feel threatened by you".......
  185. I *****HATE****** writing cover letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  186. I'm sorry- are you the one being cut open and giving birth???
  187. dry clean only??
  188. Jerk doc and now the kids have a cold
  189. Feeling a bit (ok - a lot) overwhelmed right now...
  190. I forgot to send in the darn rebates!!
  191. I am NOT having an affair!!
  192. It's official....he's having an affair
  193. The genius who designed the packaging for FP toys clearly does not have kids.
  194. I hate grading! I hate being a TA, I want to quit grad-school!
  195. CAN'T DEAL! Totally overwhelmed by moving to NY
  196. Biggest bitch I've wanted to make in a loooong time.
  197. WTH was DH's friend thinking?!!! (Long Rant)
  198. Would this make you mad too?
  199. Vent - Bad experience with Santa- with Update
  200. DH is a Scrooge!
  201. ARGH!! So upset with myself and Kidsurplus.com
  202. IGNORE -- Double Post
  203. [email protected]#$ Computer and [email protected]#$ DH
  204. Will my baby ever just want to cuddle??
  205. Stop calling me that!!!
  206. OT- I Just Don't Understand How People Can Be So Cruel!
  207. Stupid Store - DH may getting nothing for Christmas
  208. #$&^()*#[email protected]$)(*%# Car Alarm
  209. It's been a long day and DH is in the hospital
  210. I think I'm done playing my parents little game...
  211. It's 3:30 AM..
  212. Care to share your Holiday Shopping Traumas!!!
  213. "He's having an affair"---the update
  215. What's the deal with baby furniture orders?---Long!
  216. I hate Walmart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  217. He gave us a 4 or a 5
  218. No present from grandparents????
  219. The third child gets gypped....
  220. Let me start by saying that I didn't kill anybody......
  221. The Stalker Drive-By
  222. It doesn't count as helping if...
  223. Sorry...Double Post
  224. Grrr....Brother's Wife Accused DS...
  225. I hate the word:
  226. It is not charity if it is junk!
  227. More Fun With the ILs
  228. Airport vent- What I didn't say but clearly needed to.
  229. Companies whose phone systems send you on a continuous loop
  230. I don't know how much longer I'm willing to put up with this
  231. Aaah -- I am so frustrated with Zooper!!!
  232. Did you think I wouldn't notice?? Arghhhhh
  233. Feeling less stressed with DH out of town
  234. Tank Top *itch
  235. Almost 18 months later....
  236. Update2: DH addicted to WOW
  237. Successful complaining
  238. My Over-functioning, Over Involved Mother
  239. MIL!!
  240. Exp #2 and completely annoyed w/DH over his lack of willingness to step up
  241. Drive by rude twin comments
  242. Gap and Old Navy Customer Service
  243. WHY does my DH ALWAYS decide to napwhen Syd is about to wake up
  244. So I guess we're not interesting because we had another child of the same gender???
  245. I was just trying to be nice.
  246. I hate weekends.
  247. Why do bank and credit people feel the need to be downright nasty?
  248. Non-pregnant moms, How tired are you?
  249. why do i feel like i have 3 kids?????????
  250. Why can't bikers use the sidewalk/bikepath?