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  1. I'm sick of hearing about our constitutional rights
  2. The platform I am using for vitual meetings gave no notice....
  3. I just need to vent!
  4. so sick of cleaning!!!!
  5. Stupid things teachers are asking for during remote learning....
  6. You can't expect to still get paid if you refuse to work!!!
  7. Itís not completed until itís turned in!!!
  8. Real Estate During Covid
  9. Neighbor decided now would be a good time to cut down all this trees
  10. But NO Elephants ...!
  11. I just want a thermometer that WORKS!
  12. Amazon, that's just not cool
  13. SD Becoming political
  14. Amazon deliveries
  15. Testing is Worthless without Results!
  16. Are you serious? (unrealistic job)
  17. Stimulus debit cards do NOT work for the elderly!
  18. DH just put on the rash guard!!!
  19. Just because I am not filling my social media feed with protest messages doesnít mean
  20. Medical costs
  21. Being driven crazy in my own home!
  22. Maybe It's Me?
  23. Wear Your Masks!
  24. Pity Party for Myself
  25. Would you please stay home...
  26. Math as Character Building Exercise
  27. Contagious?
  28. You know whatís really annoying on the new iPhone?
  29. So Mad with Covid testing for DH
  30. Ugh... Misread my Calendar
  31. Iím tired of being the only adult in the house.
  32. Sure Dad. By all means break quarantine and good see my brother...
  33. Grocery out of stocks...
  34. I need a vacation
  35. I am so done with Covid!!!
  36. Somebody make me quit buying Fridgidaire!
  37. School complaint
  38. School/Child Care Stress
  39. Family\Covid\Argh!
  40. Eventually, I Will Learn to Prioritize Myself ...
  41. I miss shopping
  42. 2 Bitches in one Day!!
  43. Stupid light!
  44. Technology and MS welcome message
  45. First day of school program and IT HELL
  46. Washer, Dryer and Lawn Mower are broken
  47. Now we need a dry erase board and other school supplies....
  48. Some things you just cant Unsee!
  49. Just when I thought LDL was going splendidly....DD2 has an F in Art.
  50. Come on School...
  51. I'm annoyed!!
  52. Birthday Fun
  53. Mac Mini bites the dust after 15 months...
  54. Got Cheese? 'Cause I Need a Whine Party
  55. just need to vent a little
  56. What were they thinking??
  57. So sad over dead pet fish.
  58. Sad and Mad
  59. ugh
  60. ‹ber Eats promotions that don't work
  61. Living near military base...
  62. Self-absorption is high with this one
  63. School work complaint
  64. Workman and masks
  65. Covid complaint
  66. virtual parent-teacher conferences
  67. DH - why???
  68. I will never get a dresser from IKEA
  69. Bosch customer service total nightmare...
  70. Venting
  71. Hoping for the best.... expecting the worst
  72. X husband gave my son Covid, now DD and I are quarantined, no pay for 14 days!
  73. Small but annoying
  74. School in covid times woes.
  75. Surgery Cancelled
  76. Inept local news
  77. Stop having parties!
  78. frustrated with people's irresponsible actions :(
  79. Did anyone listen the last few weeks?? NO gatherings!
  80. I miss quiet
  81. Selfish whine- Iím tired of being in pain
  82. Like herding cats
  83. THIS is why we can't be normal.
  84. Medical lab screw-up
  85. The school board is not staging a coup....
  86. Iím sorry I just canít
  87. Ugh, this school year.
  88. Shouldn't we be able to figure out a virtual meeting by now?
  89. We have fake covid. (Updated: still fake covid aka sinus infection)
  90. Honing in on my binge watch (very mild annoyance)
  91. neighbors who don't shovel their sidewalks - but do clear their driveway
  92. The mean girls have taken over the PTO
  93. DH neglected to walk DS2 to school today
  94. The organizations that somehow don't seem realize that we're in a pandemic
  95. Slowest Website Ever
  96. Estranged Grandma Threw a Fíin Party
  97. My middle schooler has pinworm [email protected]!
  98. People at work don't care about me :(
  99. Why can't men ask for directions?
  100. So frustrated for our kids (and all kids!)
  101. Decluttering Parents...
  102. And now a never ending period
  103. DH is forgetful
  104. No one is listening!
  105. Keep your anti-vax reasons to yourself
  106. ugh more vaccine woe
  107. Daycare "Urgent Notice"
  108. A "Lacking reasoning skills today" button
  109. Nextdoor petty quarrels...
  110. Annoyed about vaccine scheduling
  111. Do you want to clean the house?
  112. I'm married to an anti-vaxxer
  113. I'm over it
  114. Omg give them the f'ing house!!!
  115. Stay Home If You Are Sick!!!!
  116. Covid Vaccine is kicking my ass....
  117. I give up
  118. WHY did I listen???
  119. Little League - update in #36
  120. Self-doubt
  121. Why is everything my FAULT?
  122. do ANY dads register kids for camp or fill out endless camp forms
  123. no, they shoudn't have a tv in their room!!!
  124. Stop telling my kid he doesn't have to wear a mask..
  125. Donít call at 5!
  126. Dr office reminder to schedule call....
  127. Not a big deal but...
  128. Please calm down and be patient!!!
  129. What Vacation?
  130. As if I wasn't already stressed enough about back to school shopping
  131. I just canít believe peopleÖ
  132. Unbelievable Hospital Letter
  133. Big shirt
  134. Can we PLEASE stop with the gendered kid talk???
  135. I hate my teeth
  136. A School Sports Bitch
  137. Covid contact tracing frustrations
  138. Another teacher gone
  139. Seasonal Items
  140. More life in real estate
  141. Failed IUD insertion
  142. An unexpected new update! Update: Bad Apple in the Bunch- Teacher woes
  143. When are we getting unblinded??
  144. So unfair!
  145. Why can't we just follow the rules?
  146. There is NO SNOW!!!
  147. AITA here? Yankee swap for kids
  148. Of course our paths cross again...
  149. More an observation
  150. The Annual Complaint- kids wish lists
  151. I have TWO students at the high school
  152. Walgreens new phone message
  153. Throat Clearing!!!!
  154. Grades the projects as they come in!!!
  155. Covid home tests "not available" for curbside pickup
  156. Totally missed that Athleta changed their return window
  157. Oops wrong forum
  158. If itís not COVID, itís the weather
  159. Stay home if you're sick
  160. Oh Mom, why did you make my brother the executor of your estate????
  161. Bad weather, ugh
  162. No, he doesn't have an obligation to inform you!
  163. Update in post #5- This is why COVID19 is spreading so quickly!
  164. RVing and parts (supply chain)
  165. Letís be a bit more transparentÖ..
  166. Don't tell my kid she has been exposed?!
  167. New Whine-and-Cheese Party Thread - 2022 Edition